Release: Lisa Gennaro to run for District 30 House

Lisa Gennaro to run for District 30 House

HOPE – Hope isn’t just something you may dream about, it is REAL anticipation and vision for something better, something you believe is coming and strive for.

That is what I want for the people of South Dakota. I want our youth to have the same hopes and dreams I grew up with.

I am Lisa Gennaro and I have been married for thirty years, we have two beautiful daughters and two new grandchildren, I have been blessed!  I came from humble beginnings, but it taught me to work hard to achieve my goals and dreams.

I own a Home Health Agency and have owned three other businesses

My husband and I were foster parents for teenage girls for several years.   We were also youth leaders at our church when our girls were growing up. My husband is a veteran and served our country for years. He has also been blessed to own his own business.

I sit on the West River Sex Trafficking Task Force for Public Awareness. I am a legislative lobbyist for Concerned Woman for America.  They are the largest woman’s organization whose core issues are, defense of family, education, religious liberty, national sovereignty and more.

I see what is happening to our nation and our freedoms, I know you do also. Freedom isn’t free. We Have to Fight for It.

I believe we have to start with our State and remember why people want to live here.  It’s because of our values, we don’t allow lawlessness, we help our neighbors and take care of our elderly. I remember as a child growing up the freedom we had and how they are slowing being taken.   I am going to stand strong for all of us, especially our elderly and our youth.

Lockdowns, mandatory masks, vaccine passports, critical race theory, may not be happening in our state like it is in other states, but it can if we don’t have the right people in office.

I will leave with quotes.

“Hope is the last thing ever lost” (we won’t let this happen)

Italian Proverb

“Carve a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Lisa Gennaro

We Stand Together, We Win Together,

14 thoughts on “Release: Lisa Gennaro to run for District 30 House”

  1. “Vote for me or the state is going to hell!” is an odd campaign strategy. I thought we already Made America Great Again?

    1. If you have something better to offer, then do so and run for the seat that Goodwin has chosen to abandon. Name-calling does not prove or accomplish anything.

  2. Have you seen the state of our country?
    It sounds to me like we have somebody that’s ready to stand up and actually make a change for good
    Thank you Lisa, you will get my vote

      1. Goodwin’s history is not good— ask Micki Higgins

        Willing to hear what this lady says on the issues

      2. Same here on agreements/disagreements with Mr. Goodwin, but if you’re going to make derogatory comments about his senate opponent, your input might be respected if you had specific examples.

  3. It’s surprising a candidate from District 30 would quote a Black Civil Rights Leader Democrat.

    1. Ms. Gennaro’s quotes are an Italian proverb and from Martin Luther King, Jr. I have read articles stating that MLK Jr. was a Democrat and a Republican AND was APOLITICAL! I will agree with you that he was a Civil Rights LEADER.
      Your comment about being surprised that a District 30 candidate would quote a Black Civil Rights Leader sounds racist, elitist and ignorant. Motivational quotes have been made (and used) by many people of all races and political parties.
      Many people quote Sun Tzu, but despise the policies of Xi Xing Ping and his communist Chinese party.

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