Release: Noem Attacks Jackley in Negative TV and Radio Ads

Noem Attacks Jackley in Negative TV and Radio Ads

PIERRE, SD: Congresswoman Kristi Noem is bringing the swamp back to South Dakota.

Today, the Noem for Governor campaign made a major statewide media buy that includes negative TV and radio ads attacking Marty Jackley.

“South Dakota is going to see the true character of Congresswoman Noem when her negative ads hit the airwaves,” said Jackley for Governor campaign manager Jason Glodt. “Her poll numbers are in a freefall and she’s convinced the only path to the nomination is to throw mud at South Dakota’s trusted attorney general.”

Noem’s choice to go negative is not surprising given the state of her faltering campaign:

  • Noem chose DC management. Instead of choosing a South Dakota campaign manager, Noem hired a Mitch McConnell operative and DC insider with a history of running negative campaigns and attacking the family of his opposition.
  • Noem chose DC money. When she announced her run for governor, Noem transferred over $1 million in DC PAC money to her warchest. During the pre-primary period, Noem accepted more than $100,000 additional contributions from outside South Dakota. Florida has contributed more money to her campaign than 61 of South Dakota’s 66 counties.
  • Noem chose DC tactics. Funded by out-of-state special interests, the Congresswoman rejected Marty Jackley’s clean campaign pledge in preparation to go negative.

29 Replies to “Release: Noem Attacks Jackley in Negative TV and Radio Ads”

  1. Anonymous

    Kristi’s campaign manager has repeatedly stated that this campaign will be “a knife fight in a ditch.” Now he’s making it happen.

    1. Ano

      I don’t see it either.

      Never seen anything quite like this. Jackley cries quick and loud at any truth being told about him that he doesn’t like.

  2. enquirer

    i think this is a head fake. if noem is in competitive range, jackley’s only choice is to go hard negative. he’s ready to go, but salting the battlefield means presenting the impression that he wasn’t the one who went negative first, even if he is.

  3. KM

    I think the ads will feature Ms. Laura Zylstra Kaiser. If you listen to her press release someone asks if Noem’s campaign spoke with her and there’s another question about when/and if we’ll see her in the near future.

  4. anon1

    The ad is about Kaiser, and tells a pretty bad story about the way Jackley has been jerking her around. Yes, it’s got a negative tone, but I notice this press release doesn’t deny any of it.

    If it’s the truth, it’s not a negative ad.

  5. Anonymous

    Noem’s people have been working with Kaiser behind the scenes for months. The press ought to be asking more questions about that.

    1. Anonymous

      Why should the press be asking more questions?

      She hasn’t done anything publicly against Jackley or for Noem, has she?

      Doesn’t Laura not have the right to support whomever she wants?

      Plus a large risk for Kaisers going after Jackley while male Kaiser runs for Sheriff himself

  6. Annon

    It’s about time! I think Kristi would have done the Republican Party a great disservice if the campaign didn’t bring these issues to the surface. You can bet if Marty won the primary, Sutton would ride the same issues all the way to the Governors mansion. Billy has been setting himself up for months to take advantage of just such a campaign. His favorite buzz term, “end the culture of corruption”.
    Like it or not , the fact is Marty was involved in every every major scandal that has plagued the state and Sutton will hang them around his neck like a noose.

  7. Anonymous

    Anyone else think Jackley is handling this all wrong?

    He’s coming off as such a whiney baby-

    Sutton has my vote either way

  8. Anonymous

    Jackley has been trying to create the victim narrative this whole campaign. He knew scandals, cover-ups, lawsuits, etc. would come up. It’s too bad he can’t refute them or take responsibility like a man.

  9. Anonymous

    Kristi is a lightweight and always has been. Hasn’t had a single accomplishment either in Pierre or DC. She is desperate and it’s beginning to show.

  10. Anonymous

    Ouch this is a bad look for Kristi and her team. Winning campaigns don’t go negative. She’s losing the race and it shows. Shame on her and her entire team.

  11. Anonymous

    Did she change teams? Her ads have been of poor quality lately. Too jumpy and all over the place.

  12. Anonymous

    Maxim of politics. He or She who attacks first is losing. This is a big deal. I don’t think anyone thought this race would be close 16 months ago and now the nomination is u questionably Marty Jackley’s to lose. This could be the greatest upset since Rounds

  13. Anon

    Saw the ad. It’s about EB-5, and the missing millions of dollars. Paid for by Kristi for Congress.
    Sutton will run ads like this if Noem doesn’t.

  14. Anonymous

    I too finally saw the ad on TV…it is about Eb5 and powerful

    It definitely makes the case to clean Pierre…which I do think will be Sutton’s theme.

    If Noem wins primary she coasts …If Jackley wins we see a lot more of these type ads

    Voting Noem…time to clean our own house before the Dems do

  15. Anon

    The only negative campaigning I’ve see so far is from Jackley. The only scandalous involvement I’ve seen is also about Jackley. If negative comes out on Jackley, 1. republicans deserve to know
    2. he started the negative campaigning. So much for his negative campaign pledge. Why try to deny it now and let a democrat with no experience be elected as governor in November?

  16. William Beal

    As much as I dislike primary infighting during campaigns, the truth is that anything considered “negative advertising” will certainly be used by the Democrat candidates during the general elections.

    How the candidates handle attack ads and criticism during the primary is going to determine how well they’ll perform in the general when most voters are actually engaged in the campaigns.

    Ultimately, it’s an important part of vetting the candidates.


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