Release: South Dakota State Fraternal Order of Police endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General


The SD Fraternal Order of Police is made up of more than 1,200 law enforcement officers from 12 lodges from around the state and is the largest law enforcement group in the state. The FOP has members who are a few months into their career, to Chiefs and Sheriffs with decades of service. We look at issues important to public safety and law enforcement when we discuss who to endorse in political races.

The SD FOP is proud to endorse Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General. The FOP does not make decisions lightly as the members are from across the political spectrum. Party affiliation means less to the FOP than the issues of public safety and law enforcement support.

Lodges have met with the candidates and the state lodge asked them to complete a questionnaire regarding the issues that we most focus on. After reviewing the responses, the membership voted to support Jason for some of the following reasons:

  • Commitment to work with local law enforcement on the issues of narcotics and the juvenile criminal justice system
  • An understanding of the costs involved with recent changes in legislation and how it affects local government
  • Intent to assess Senate Bills 70 and 73 to determine ways to amend and improve it
  • Proposal to address the mental health and meth crises with treatment programs
  • Commitment to being accessible to all law enforcement

President Mike Walsh: “After reviewing the questionnaire responses and discussing the candidates with the membership, the SD FOP feels that Jason Ravnsborg is the right person for the office of Attorney General. Our members work daily to protect citizens and their rights, and are confident that Jason will support them. We therefore encourage support of his campaign.”

19 Replies to “Release: South Dakota State Fraternal Order of Police endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General”

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations Ravnsborg, HUGE endorsement!! One more confirmation that law is behind Ravnsborg and he is the right choice for AG.

  2. Larry

    I’m Randy Seiler…nothing wrong with SB70 we don’t have enough data after 5 years…….

    I’m Randy Seiler…let us have a discussion about making ingestion of meth a misdemeanor….

    It is no wonder law enforcement is supporting Jason

  3. Anonymous

    How does someone get Ravnsborg signs in Pierre? Their are Seiler signs all over town but no one seems to know how to get them for Ravnsborg.

    Why aren’t the campaigns all coordinating with each other with GOP signs at one office like in years past?

    The Kristi office only has Kristi signs. It would help if we could pick up everyone’s sign in the same place.

    1. Anonymous

      Mike Mehlaff is the county chair and should have some for Kristi, Dusty and Jason or know how to get them.

      Other questions I don’t know but I know the 3 campaigns have been helping with signs…Dems seem to have given up on signs a while back

      1. Brian

        Cops, states attorneys, the NRA and SD right to Life along with the majority of convention Republicans seem to like him…did I miss someone?

        PS I like and voted for him also!

    1. Brian

      No doubt in my mind–Jason is going to win.

      The drama is in the governor’s race….no way that enough republicans pull the lever twice for 2 democrats and Seiler is more liberal than Sutton and/or is not hiding it…decriminalizing METH –that’s just plain insane!

  4. Anonymous

    This clown wants to build more prisons and fill them up with drug users? As if that’s a conservative thing to do? As if more government is the solution to this problem? As if judges even send drug users to prison?

    It’s no surprise he doesn’t know that they don’t, considering the closest he’s been to a real prosecutor is when he dressed up as one for Halloween … and this election of course.

    1. Anonymous

      Wow Anonymous 3:39 pm, such hate and lies. That lie about Jason is old, come up with some new stuff. Stacie and Marry tried that one when they were pushing their two candidates at the convention and didn’t work at all.

    2. ed

      FFraternal order of police is a freemason aka luciferian aka socialist organization. Would NEVER support anyone who is connected to freemasonry ever period #NeverJasonRavnsborg. George Bush 1 & 2 Skull & Bones freemasons look at the crimes of which they are guilty (911, wars, patriot act @not). Obama Jesuit freemason traitor, Truman Shriner & Scottish Right freemason (National Security Act & UN Charter both high treason) , Clinton de Molay & York Right & freemason Cecil Rhodes scholar (slaughtered church full of innocent people @WACO &NAFTA & wars), We need to get ALL of these freemasons OUT of local & state & federal government !

  5. Anonymous

    I think Ravnsborg has done a great job educating the public on himself and how he will handle the AG position. I don’t remember a candidate with as much experience in leadership, legal, and management as he does. To me he is a well rounded candidate.


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