Republican Joshua Sopko announces for District 6 House of Representatives

From facebook, self-described Libertarian and registered Republican Joshua Sopko has posted a website and a facebook page announcing his run for the State Legislature in District 6 today:

Not so sure how Joshua will run in a primary, as he seems to have a philosophy which runs more towards the Libertarian than the Republican.

But, it’s a free country. The question is whether he can make a case at the ballot box for being sent to Pierre.

39 Replies to “Republican Joshua Sopko announces for District 6 House of Representatives”

  1. Are you kidding me


    We don’t need guy pushing marijuana products in the legislature

    We need some good candidates and this guy is not one of them

    1. Anonymous

      So are a lot of Republicans. I guess they should be more like the older Republicans and down scotch on a Friday evening instead of smoking a joint.

  2. ObviousMinnehaha

    He will have a good chance of winning if he works hard at it.
    Devoted Christian, Small business owner and strong family.

    a lot of you will disagree with him on Hemp and CDB, But you have to remember it did have a majority in the legislator.

  3. JD

    So, Republican Joshua Sopko, in part self-described as “Web design is my job”, has announced his candidacy for SD District 6 House. Interesting to note that as of this announcement, his web site remains unfinished. If you go to his web site at, the first page is ok. However, when you click on any of the 5 additional tabs top of page, you get the casual message, “Hey there…So it turns out, this page isn’t quite ready to go.” Now, just a few weeks ago your 8/17/19 blog post noted, “SDDP’s newest congressional candidate might want to flesh out that website”, as the second page of Democratic candidate Whitney Raver’s web site was unfinished as of her announcement date. Whitney is self-described as “a successful small business owner and entrepreneur coach”, not a web designer. So, when a new Republican candidate – a web designer at that – commits a comparable internet transgression . . . .will you devote a blog post to similar derision?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Not really. Someone running for the State Legislature is hardly comparable to someone running for statewide office. Especially considering the State Rep’s placeholder material isn’t advertising fruity drinks.

      1. Noem Voter

        If Sopko’s page featured colorful ads for bongs, black lights, & rasta gear, that would have been amusing. opportunity missed.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Sopko appears to be more Libertarian then anything else. There was a Libertarian candidate in the next state over that was campaigning to legalize prostitution among many things. Is Mr. Sopko for this also?

    1. Joshua Sopko

      If you’re asking if I support voluntarily, consensual transactions between two adults, the answer is yes. If you are asking if I will campaign or even propose legislation to legalize prostitution, the answer is no.

      1. Anonymous

        Other things that are voluntary, consensual transactions between adults:

        Hard drug sales (meth, heroine, cocaine, etc)
        Assisted suicide
        Abortion? (Many libertarians argue so)

        Do you support these transactions too?

        1. Joshua Sopko

          Do I support people making decisions for themselves as opposed to the government telling them how they should live their life and caging them for making the wrong decision, yes. Do I personally like or agree with any of the things you listed above, absolutely not. These are social issues and should be addressed as such. Not with legislation and force.

          Basically, anything that’s not harming anyone else or harming their stuff should not be regulated, or at the very least, regulated with extreme prejudice.

    1. tara volesky

      What difference does it make? Vote person, not party. How’s that 2 party system working in DC? lol

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    All I really want to know is what does Abdallah think of this guy…….?
    Abby I made the call buddy!

  6. Anonymous

    Here’s where South Dakota politics goes wrong: the prevalence of the idea that libertarianism is somehow contrary to being a conservative Republican.

    Libertarianism is the FOUNDATION of being a conservative Republican.

    1. talk about something else

      I can tell you already their single issue and only issue they talk about is legalizing marijuana…until they shut the hell up about that, they have no credibility with me

      1. Anonymous

        The pro-legalization of recreational marijuana groups post on their facebook pages of infiltrating the DFL and MNGOP to get their drugs legalized. The MNGOP caught on and kept them in the fringe so they would not gain any power. The DFL has seen far more infiltration and once they get what they want they vanish.

        Last cycle a greater MN DFL party unit endorsed a single issue recreational MJ candidate for house. This guy came out of no where and on his campaign website said he got into a little trouble in the past. All this guy talked about was weed and had no interest in anything else. A DFLer did a criminal background check on him and found out he was a former drug dealer, convicted of two felonies one in MN, SD, and weapons charge in Colorado. He ended up suffering one of the worst defeats in MN history with the well liked, respected and long serving MNGOP house representative winning by just shy of 70%. That DFL candidate insulted him by saying he was old so the MNGOP had even more desire to crush this DFLr. Btw! That MNGOP candidate was a teacher and coached 3 MN state championships cross country teams.

  7. Troy

    Libertarian is not the same as conservatism. Both are strains of political thought which often coincide with general Republican positions. However, their rationals and values are often at odds which also on occasion to differing positions.

  8. tara volesky

    Libertarians are probably for less government intrusion and smaller government and less tax and spend.

    1. South Dakota

      Tara, of all the people that contribute to the many blogs I read, I don’t think there is anyone more arrogant than you. Is there any topic you are not an expert in?

      1. Pondering

        She has all kinds of advice for Republicans. I really appreciate her concern – no doubt with the highest motivations and genuine benign interest.

      2. tara volesky

        I think it is very cowardly not using your name. Identity politics….because don’t agree with my opinion you revert to name calling……..Nice.

        1. Anonymous

          Tara after 2020 why do I get the feeling you will then leave the Libertarian Party and then re-join the Democrat Party and be praising all the talking points. Lora Hubbel I’m not so sure.

          1. tara volesky

            I haven’t been a Democrat for years. I think I was registered Republican more years than everything combined. When you grow up in big Red country….Mobridge, what else is there?

  9. Anonymous

    [REDACTED.] The guy has some seriously freaky skeletons in his closet.

    If you can show this, please link to it. Otherwise, I can’t really allow it. Thanks. -the editor.

    Update... never mind. The comment was correct. – also the editor.

  10. tara volesky

    Hey Anonymous………let’s here about your skeletons. I guess you remain to stay in the closet by not stating your name.

    1. Anonymous

      Since I am not running for an kind of office my skeletons are of no concern to you. Just wanted to point out that he had a warrant.