Rounds Staffer Josh Haeder announces run for Office of the State Treasurer in 2018

Huron Resident Josh Haeder announces run for Office of the State Treasurer in 2018

Huron, SD – Josh Haeder of Huron has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination to be South Dakota’s next State Treasurer.

“I am blessed to have my wife Amanda and two beautiful daughters, Maggie Mae (3 years old) and Laikyn Rae (10 months old) by my side as we embark on this incredible journey together. My family embodies my desire to serve and help create a better financial future for the next generation of South Dakotan’s.” 

Haeder has a wide-ranging and diverse involvement with the banking and lending industry having served as a personal banker and agriculture and business lending manager. Following his time as a banker Haeder served as the Chief Operating Officer and certified credit counselor for a nationally recognized credit counseling agency. 

Haeder says of his time in credit counseling, “Working in the credit counseling field and hearing thousands of stories about families struggling to meet their financial needs is something I’ll never forget, the impact of mismanaging money is significant. When you look at the Treasurer’s office, an important responsibility is financial education. There is a great need to help our young people in K-12 as well as college students and young families better understand how to take control of their financial future. I will make it a priority in my administration to help educate our young people and guide them on the right path early in life. Those fiscally responsible principles that work in our personal life work the same way in government. We do things right in South Dakota and I want to ensure that continues.”

As of December South Dakota had nearly $345 million in Unclaimed Property assets. In the six months preceding that the state took in in-excess of $70 million in forgotten funds. This is an incredibly important role of the Treasurer’s office. “Returning unclaimed property to the citizens it belongs to will be at the forefront of all my service. This money is not the state’s – It is my duty as a public servant to return this money to the citizens it belongs to as urgently as possible,” said Haeder

In addition the State Treasurer is one of only eight voting members that serves on the South Dakota Investment Council. Those responsibilities include working to develop investment policy, establish asset allocation guidelines and to monitor implementation of the investment process. 

Haeder is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Intelligence and Global Security Studies from Point Park University and has a B.S. in Public Safety (Emergency Management).

“A key priority in the treasurer’s office is daily reconciliation of funds and ensuring we have a system that is resilient to outside hacking. It’s important to understand the risk posed by those who wish to steal our money, we must be diligent on a daily basis to defend this method of threat, as it’s real,” said Haeder

Haeder currently serves as the Northeast Director for U.S. Senator Mike Rounds. The experience working for a US Senator who serves on the influential Banking Committee has only expanded his interaction with the financial industry, community bankers and lenders. “I’ve seen first-hand from my travels and meetings the consequences federal legislation can have on these South Dakota family owned banks,” stated Haeder. 

Having served as the Republican Chairman for Beadle County from 2008-2014 Haeder said, “I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as I meet with delegates and voters face to face in the near future as I travel the state to earn their trust and support.” 

He is a partner in Haeder Organization, LLC which is a property management company that provides affordable housing to residents in the Huron area. Haeder serves as the Vice President of Huron Kiwanis and he and his family attend Huron Christian Church.

The Office of State Treasurer is a Constitutional office and therefore nominated at the Republican State Convention by delegates from representing the 66 counties in June of 2018 in Pierre, SD. Current State Treasurer Rich Sattgast is term limited.

10 Replies to “Rounds Staffer Josh Haeder announces run for Office of the State Treasurer in 2018”

  1. Anonymous

    Josh is a great guy! Nice to see him raising his profile. Best of luck.

    But has he been a treasurer before…the ridiculous comments on here for other offices would probably preclude him running if he is not a career politician. Said sarcastically.

    Go get’em Josh!

  2. Anon2

    Good news! Congrats on the announcement, Josh! He’ll outwork anyone and really gets South Dakota.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    About time Josh! Incredible devotion to the State and you are already well known to those of us who care and vote.

  4. Anon

    Josh is a great guy and hardworker. He’ll be hard to beat.

    A grammatical error in your press release announcing your candidacy is not a good start though…

  5. Rita baszler

    Way to go Josh with your passion, knowledge, and work ethic you will be perfect for this position