SDDP Executive Director finally apologizes for inappropriate tweet about 4th of July.

Looks like South Dakota Democrat Party Executive Director Sam Parkinson finally realized that dismissing our country’s founders as merely a bunch of “slave-owning aristocratic white males” who wanted to avoid paying taxes might not have been the thing to do on Independence Day:

Coming after the SDGOP sent a press release out on Parkinson’s tweet calling for the Sutton for Governor campaign to weigh in….

“With Mr Parkinson, the leader of the Democrat party, mocking those values on the very day we celebrate our Independence, it does not bode well for the kind of people that Billie Sutton would bring to Pierre with him. The South Dakota Republican Party and the people of South Dakota reject that kind of liberal revisionism that Democrats continually try to inject into our state.”

Lederman added, “it is further evident that Billie Sutton & liberal Democrats are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of South Dakotans by the fact they still have failed to release the party platform they passed last month at their convention. They’re hiding what they stand for at the same time their director is bashing Independence Day.”

… the withdrawal of Parkinson’s liberal revisionist version of our country’s founding comes with the continued silence of Billie Sutton on the SDDP gaffe, as well as a weird avoidance when it comes to the release of the South Dakota Democrat’s heretofore missing 2018 Party Platform.

Stay tuned.

17 Replies to “SDDP Executive Director finally apologizes for inappropriate tweet about 4th of July.”

  1. Anonymous

    This redaction is doesn’t cut it for ne. How many days did it take to realize your tweet is anti-American and offensive to a lot of people who are a while lot braver an d have more integrity than you? He bowed to pressure; he didn’t change his opinion.

  2. Michael L. Wyland

    “Redact” isn’t an apology or an admission of error, though his subsequent statement may be inferred to be an apology of sorts. “Redact” means “edited especially in order to obscure or remove sensitive information,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

  3. Pat Powers Post author

    In my mind, I was just thinking he was trying to put a black box over it like redacted government documents. As if he wanted to obfuscate, but not admit he was wrong.

  4. Anonymous

    You can’t unring the bell, bud. Funny that the dems, who constantly complain about Trump’s twitter posts, are now having to “redact” their own. Do you think it would satisfy the dems if Trump “redacted” his twitter posts… I think not. Hey BTW did they redact their platform and resolutions too?

  5. Anonymous

    I think usually someone’s initial tweet, post, email reflects their true feelings and beliefs. Parkinson’s attempt to make himself seem less like an anti-American Socialist ring hollow, and I don’t take his redaction/apology seriously. If America is so bad, Parky, move out and leave it alone!

      1. S


        An even NASTIER truth, the Democrat slave owners from “during that time” are dead (anyone else know a 180 year old Democrat slave owner?) so they can’t be Republicans today and wouldn’t be favored Republicans today because good people, good Republicans reject racism in all forms.

        Are there still racists around today? Of course, in both parties. But both parties reject racism. Dems have a nasty, racist party history that they try to shove under the table by throwing down the “blame the GOP” card. But, the KKK was founded by Democrats to attack Republican policies to establish equality for African-Americans.

        Unstable grassroots, unstable leadership, unstable party.

  6. Anonymous

    Too little, too late. The Democrat Party is being ran by a bunch of snowflakes and Sutton doesn’t have the balls to reel them in.

  7. Ben Pistol

    The Repub party has embraced racists (and their votes) since Vietnam.
    Not all Republicans are racist but all racists vote Republican.

    1. Anonymous

      You could spend a whole day debating what party is more racist (or any -ist) than the other till your face turns blue. You have no way of proving that all racists vote republican. Bottom line: decent republicans do not align with racists individuals. You can’t control what box a person checks in the voting booth. All eligible American voters, even racists ones, have the right to vote. Your comment is just not correct in any way.

  8. Ben Pistol

    The comment is true. The President wants racists in his base. Trumps have been white supremacists since The Yukon gold rush.

  9. Anonymous

    If im not mistaken, his initial tweet was just a quote from the Movie Dazed and Confused. When school lets out for summer the archetypal lefty feminist teacher says the quote to the students. I think its obviously supposed to be a joke. Also, the movie is set in 1976, hence the bicentennial talk


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