SDDP March FEC Report. Fundraising $8k down, Spending is up, and they only had $7762 cash left.

Good Gosh, the Democrats are spending it faster than it can come in! Last month, they took in $24,270.18, and spent $20,895.95, leaving $14,736.77 cash on hand. This month? It was far, far worse.

Sddp March Fec

Starting at that $14,376.77 figure, they added only $16,231.69 to the total, down a full $8000 from the month before. But that didn’t slow down their spending, as it was up over the previous month’s burn rate by around $2500 – at $23,205.60, leaving them an anemic $7762 cash on hand.

In other words, their cash is so far in the dumps going into a major election cycle, they’re in Jay Williams territory.

No wonder South Dakota Democrats are bemoaning money in politics. They don’t have any!

Not that it’s keeping them warm at night.

8 thoughts on “SDDP March FEC Report. Fundraising $8k down, Spending is up, and they only had $7762 cash left.”

  1. Many longtime Dems and what remains of the registered Dems will having nothing to do with the current lot in SD that are running for office or most vocal in the party. Two or 3 elections cycles should hopefully give the nuts a clue what they are selling no one wants.

  2. Suzie is a failed lawyer who couldn’t get a job so she got stuck working at the Democratic Party, which she’s destroying.

    1. She has plenty of company that are destroying the party including Mark “Weed” Winegar.

      1. I see this Mark Winegar is running for the State House in Clay and Turner… what are you saying he smokes weed? promotes it? please explain

  3. The Democratic party doesn’t “raise” any money at all. These are all just cash transfers from the national Democratic Party, which will come to an end soon.

  4. Wow, two seemingly different threads that demand the same comment (see my response in the Hawks thread).

    The SDDP doesn’t present to its constituency a clear reason/vision for existing and thus an inability to raise money. The distraction to races which have no chance (Hawks & Williams) and ballot measures reinforces the perception they have no reason to exist.

    Tragically for democracy and the concept of two parties, it is wholly possible for the SDDP to implode both figuratively and literally during this election cycle.

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