SDDP’s worsening financial condition. From 14k cash on hand to a little over 7k.

The South Dakota Democrat’s latest FEC filing (for 2/16) is in. And it continues to show a deteriorating financial condition for the opposition party. But don’t take my word for it. You can read:

SDDP Feb 2016 FEC Report

While South Dakota Democrats started the month with $14,736.77 in their bank account, they ended it with $7762.86, after taking in $16,231.69 in receipts.  The problem is that they spent over $23k in the process.

And it gets worse. Of the  $16,231.69 in receipts, Just shy of $10,000 of it came from the Democrat National Committee. Yes, the national Democrat party continues to have the State Democrat party on life support, having sent them $9526.00 to keep the lights on, and a whole lot of people hired.

I’d say they were bleeding out, but that would downplay it. They’re bleeding so badly, the closest comparison would be an Ebola triggered hemorrhagic fever.

They can’t continue to take in $16k, and spend $23, especially when the national Dems pay $10k of it – an amount they could shut off at any time.  The rumor has been they’ve been getting ready to cut the cord for years, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Yet, being the operative word.

For candidates thinking about running under the Democrat party’s banner, this should be a cautionary anecdote.

So, when they say they’ll help you raise money for your campaign, consider how well they do for themselves.

And run.

7 Replies to “SDDP’s worsening financial condition. From 14k cash on hand to a little over 7k.”

  1. Anonymous

    The GOP doesn’t really have anything in SD. 1 staff person. Yes that saves money but it doesn’t build organization.

    The SDDP has staff but they obviously don’t do a good job.

    1. Anon

      Well the GOP also has 4 officeholders with political operations. Rounds and Duagaard are obviously more dormant while Thune and Noem are gearing up for reelections. But if you compare the entirety of the political organizations on each side the GOP has a significant leg up on both professional staff and money.

      And with supermajorities in the legislature and every statewide office in the GOP column I’d say the SDGOP is doing just fine

    2. Anonymous

      Seems to reflect the conservative view that the administration shouldn’t be top-heavy and the liberal view that administration should be overbearing.

  2. Anonymous

    So many of their problems are self inflicted. It will take a few cycles to get rid of the “liabilities”.

  3. Anonymous

    Speaking of SDDP liabilities. Hi Larry. It looks like all kinds of conspiracy theories over at one of the SDDP stoner blogs today.

  4. The Guy from Guernsey

    These cretins must be kept down and kept from elected office and political appointment of any significant kind. Imagine how they would fill their coffers with political donations the product of government grant dollars misappropriated to the pockets of cronies and money laundered through legal, but illicit methods such as no-bid state contracts. /sarc