SDGOP House Caucus Elects Leadership

Congratulations to the new Republican leadership team for the SD House of Representatives!

Lee Qualm, Majority Leader
Arch Beal, Assistant Majority Leader
Steve Haugaard, Speaker of the House
Spencer Gosch, Speaker Pro Tempore
Tim Goodwin, Whip
Kevin Jensen, Whip
Jon Hansen, Whip
Chris Karr, Whip
Mike Deadrich, Whip

28 Replies to “SDGOP House Caucus Elects Leadership”

  1. Larry

    Conservative house and Senate leadership and conservative governor and AG

    I think I got some early Christmas presents this year!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, RJ, we know, according to you the GOP is full of racists and homophobes. And what was it again you said about people in the FHA…

      “This foundation promotes “racism, , homophobia, ethnocentrism and misogyny so of course they support Kristi.” -RJ

      Should your “patients” trust you?

  2. grudznick

    I’m not sure Mr. Goodwin could think his way out of a locked bathroom stall without his God there to guide his hand to turn the dial left. This bodes badly for the ones who are not insaner than most.

  3. Anny

    Nice men and talented. In the “oldin days” days about seven years ago their was a checks and balance between east and west river. As well as women being a part of leadership. Will be interesting to watch how Speaker appoints Chair positions.

    My sadness is the loss of traditions examples:
    Wearing jeans on the floor was prohibited.
    No one spoke in caucus unless they were elected.
    Fist day of the week a prayer. Last day a joke. Thanks Gene. That’s Gene Abdalla.

    So many small traditions….poof… gone.

    I know the state will go one and still be ran under conservative caretakers.

    Best regards.

    1. Concerned

      Agreed. I have heard rumors/complaints about the wife of the Majority Leader actively participating in the House caucus and making decisions about how much financial support various Republican House candidates received during the fall campaign. If true, that would be entirely inappropriate and would damage the Leader’s credibility and ability to lead the caucus.

  4. Anonymous

    Wearing jeans is disrespectful to the office. John Thune is a South Dakota boy and is usually in jeans when he’s back, but he’s always in a suit in DC. All lawmakers should look respectable that means NO jeans.

  5. Tim Begalka

    When I was in the House we sometimes had “casual Friday” when the calendar was short early in session, which meant men weren’t required to wear a tie, or they could wear a nice sweater. Never jeans ! Also, no one other than elected members spoke in caucus unless specifically asked, such as an intern or occasional special guest.

  6. Anonymous

    Tim Goodwill exemplifies the the sloppiness of today’s legislators. The lack of experience serving in lower office shows with many of the current members. Term limits has been a disaster in the South Dakota House of Representatives.

    1. grudznick

      grudznick lives in his district and should I survive another 2 years I may, just to get another overgodder out of here. If I am not physically up to it will I bankroll a younger, more photogenic candidate.

  7. Anonymous

    A person doesn’t have to move to the district to know that the legislator is unfit to serve. Ask a lobbyist if he can reason through a complex bill the answer in no. He’s a lapdog for Stace Nelson and awaits his thoughts from his leadership. Tim Goodwin is a puppet for whoever can stick there hand up is tiny brain.

  8. anon

    Goodwin is a member of the self-proclaimed Rapid City wing nuts. Don’t these wing nuts have the same right to be represented as normal, thoughtful South Dakotans? Maybe his participation in leadership will help to reduce the division in the party.

    1. Anonymous

      The hardest part for Kristi will be dealing with the fringe. She needed them in the primary. She needed them in the general but she will grow tired of them in the legislative session when they bring crazy bills that she will need to veto.


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