SD’s Pot Queen Dropping out of Legislative race before she starts. Apparently it’s our fault.

Well, that was quick. South Dakota’s self-styled mistress of ditch weed, the state’s lone “Pro-Life Pro-Euthanisia” Democrat Melissa Mentele has officially ended her race for District 19 State House before she even started.

And according to her, it’s SDWC’s fault:

So, yadda, yadda, yadda, no one wants to support my pot legislation, she wants to “help key candidates move into office instead of painting a target on my back for the Republican brown noser and his band of hateful trolls over at DWC to rip to shreds…” and then some stuff about the incident she personally posted to social media, which made extensive and repeated state media appearances, etcetera.

I’m sure it wasn’t me pointing out that her candidacy made utterly no sense, her positions were contradictory as she tried the impossible task of manufacturing a palatable image to the public, and that her conservative Republican district isn’t going to elect the state’s matron of marijuana.

Must have been you all in the comment section.  You guys shouldn’t be so mean.

28 Replies to “SD’s Pot Queen Dropping out of Legislative race before she starts. Apparently it’s our fault.”

  1. Anonymous

    Melissa Mentele aka Professional Victim and drama queen coming to a business or campus near you. Always looking for an opportunity to be in the news, threaten a lawsuit & make some coin because it will never be her fault. She used one broken political party, burned bridges and is now taking her snake oil traveling road show elsewhere. Start a hippie commune out west? Who knows or cares! Zero credibility!

  2. Anonymous

    Mentele would rather help key candidates? Unless they are fringe candidates I cannot imagine candidates wanting any association with her or she would be a political boat anchor for their campaigns given her conduct and history.

  3. KM

    The comment on your word choice, PP, it’s vanished? I was hoping to ask them about their thoughts on Mentele’s word choice. Too bad.

    Also, are you deleting comments from pieces posted months ago? I was looking back and have a feeling other comments are performing a disappearing act as well. Could you confirm that with me?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      KM –

      I wouldn’t pay any attention to the Dutchess of Doobie. Comments that don’t follow the rules don’t stick around when I catch them.

      But otherwise, I’m not sure what comments would have disappeared. There might have been a few (as in 3? 4?) that were being posted using a proxy server that I didn’t catch until later. I really don’t spend my days combing old comments.

      1. KM

        I was looking back for discussions I had with Miranda Gohn about transgender bills and thought maybe some comments had been removed. I don’t care, just curious.

        Again, I respect this is your site and you make final decisions. I’d prefer to see all comments so to challenge some and expose just how hateful leftists are. Remember the Charles Cooke debate I mentioned, have faith the audience can decide what is right or wrong. Wrong is usually easy to spot.

        As for Mentele, I’m sad for her. Imagine Googling yourself and having such controversial situations listed as options for a description of your character. We are who we are and she is certainly not a sheep or something like that;)

  4. Mel

    He is deleting them. Makes you wonder why doesn’t it? No worries Pat we got the screenshots we needed.

    I’m still waiting for those links to all the media we “supposedly” did regarding my daughter and for confirmation of the lawsuits I filed against numerous entities.

    No really I am. Please post the articles, media appearances and comments made directly to the media about what happened to my kids. Kinda hard when they don’t exist isn’t it?

    Targeting my children was a mistake. One that you will regret. I took this election cycle off because I have some unfinished business to attend to.

    When I called you and asked you to remove all identifying information regarding my minor child you should have listened.

      1. Anonymous

        She threatens many accusing them of attempting to kidnap and all kinds of over the top paranoid garbage to get sympathy and perpetuate being a victim. The drugs she is pushing for others to use just make it worse.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      You mean when you called me to demand I remove the information that I had excerpted from a report made by a tv station, which was reporting information that you had publicly posted on line which was far more extensive than the information that appeared in the news in the first place?

      Please explain exactly how reporting on a news story about a public political figure involved in a ballot measure who is making an accusation of police brutality is not newsworthy? And whether you called every news outlet demanding they remove the information they published… which was far, far more extensive than what I posted?

      Which again, was not as extensive as the information you publicly posted in the first place.

  5. Mel

    Anyone else notice the edit in the original post?

    I may be a lot of things but a liar isn’t one of them.

  6. KM

    Mentele – Do you think that maybe YOUR actions and choices have helped or hurt your children? Maybe you should take some personal responsibility for your role in some of this drama? Or, just be quiet. Though I know that’s very difficult for you.

    I wonder, do you consider Facebook, Twitter or Instagram part of the media? I do. I think you’ve spoken directly to the media through your social media account.

      1. KM

        What’s unfortunate is that acknowledging her own actions may be the cause of such heartache is not going to be possible. How does one get stuck on insisting they are always the victim?

    1. Anonymous

      KM, Doubt Mentele will answer you either or she will throw another distraction as usual. Highly dysfunctional she is.

      1. KM

        Yes, doubtful. I think something about “unfinished business to attend to”;)

        I certainly would not want to have her on any of my campaigns or attempts to push an agenda, but then again I’m not a leftist or a feminist.

        1. 2 cents

          Just wait until the medical marijuana does not make the ballot…which I predict it will not with only 1100 extra signatures…I thought the open primaries would make it ad it did not and it had a lot larger margin.

          she will really spin out of control then

          1. KM

            Yes, spinning out of control, that’s another good analysis.

            Concerning medical mj, it’s also unfortunate because I think there’s a case to be made for medical marijuana. When you run petitions for both recreational and medical, people walk away which can cause panic and forgeries. Kind of like what we saw happen.

            Maybe the next time attempts are made to get medical on the ballot, she won’t be involved in the writing of the bill or awareness that petitions are being passed around. I thought it was hilarious they went to an ICP concert to try and get younger people to sign the ballot when so many aren’t even registered to vote.

            1. Anonymous

              KM if you look at NASD old videos while getting petitions signed west river the one who headed up the assisted suicide wore these very revealing and unprofessional outfits to get signatures for both. Very trashy and showed what their real intentions were. It was really about recreational weed.

              1. KM

                Yes, that’s why if it does get on the ballot we will be voting no. Next time someone with experience and focus on patients should be writing the bill.

                Yes, it was really about getting rec mj on the ballot. I think their thought process was if people sign medical, they’ll sign recreational.

  7. Troy Jones

    Anonymous 2:16,

    Exactly. They get to avoid Pharmacy School AND make more money. Winning!!!