Senator Deb Peters says conduct an anomaly.

President of the NCSL and South Dakota State Senator Deb Peters was interviewed by the Rapid City Journal, and as part of the interview, Peters noted that despite what the media is attempting to portray at times, bad behavior at the State Legislature is actually a rare occurrence:

The woman credited with facilitating an upcoming sexual-harassment training session for legislators, state Sen. Deb Peters, told the Journal that recent sexual misconduct scandals in state government are isolated incidents and are not indicative of a cultural problem.

“It’s not acceptable behavior and never should be acceptable behavior,” said Peters, a Republican from Hartford. “But do I think it’s systematic of the system? No, absolutely not. It’s an anomaly.”

Peters said she has never suffered nor personally heard of any sexual discrimination, harassment or other sexual misconduct during her nearly 14 years in the Legislature.

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8 thoughts on “Senator Deb Peters says conduct an anomaly.”

  1. These “isolated” incidents she refers to may not be as isolated as she’d like us to believe. It’ll all hit the fan in the next few months, for sure. It’s a nonpartisan thing, and it’s not sooo “isolated”.

  2. It’s not a problem but she organized training for everyone, because it’s not a problem? How much are the taxpayers getting soaked for this solution to the problem she doesn’t think exists?

    1. Glass half empty huh? Lets say no training is done, and then something does happen. You’d likely be the first person to rant that “why wasn’t there some form of training for this.” Heaven forbid our government would be proactive. W

  3. Why do people need training to behave? Well after thinking about it, I guess people do need training as to what constitutes actual sexual abuse. Some idiots think simply complementing a person is sexual abuse.

    1. I know, right. Don’t we teach preschoolers to keep their hands to themselves? But, I guess the govt needs to be “proactive” and remind adults to treat others the way you want to be treated. Keep this up ladies and eventually the workforce will consist of mostly men.

      Today’s feminists are sabotaging everything our mothers and grandmothers worked so hard for and destroying lives by changing the definition of sexual harassment, abuse and rape to mean whatever they want it to mean.

  4. Watch for employers as well as legislative bodies to start enacting and enforcing dress codes.
    There was a stunning young black woman on TV this week, (either CNN or MSNBC, I don’t remember,) talking about how awful sexual harassment is, all while she was displaying an awful lot of cleavage.
    If women are going to dress like that and then complain that the men they encounter can’t remember the color of their eyes, expect retaliatory dress codes imposed by superiors who don’t want to hear their complaints.

    1. Good one Anne, thanks ! I wonder who Peters is going to choose to run her class, Matt Wollman maybe ?

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