Senator Mike Rounds $1000 a couple Rapid City fundraiser boasts over 100 people in attendance

This is interesting:

Posted yesterday, these are photos from the Rounds Campaign’s recent fundraiser in Rapid City, if you recall…

With over 100 in attendance, it’s not a bad haul for a campaign event.

8 thoughts on “Senator Mike Rounds $1000 a couple Rapid City fundraiser boasts over 100 people in attendance”

  1. Impressive. Has Borglum even had a fundraiser yet? Has anyone received or seen any invites? It would be very interesting to see who is supporting her- if anyone.

  2. Ms. Borglum doesn’t have to worry about fundraising. When she switches her party to D or I she will have $$$ rolling in

  3. Yeah but glodt is notorious for inviting many and comping them to get a crowd

    The question is how much did they raise?

    1. Well- based on campaign finance reports Team Rounds has been raising about $200,000 every month for the past 6 months. I don’t think you hit numbers like that comping people. I can’t wait to see Bourglum’s first finance report. It will reveal whether or not she has any real support.

      1. The only thing more important than raising money from events is to assure having a full room at the events. Comping *some* attendees assures a full room without sacrificing all the revenue. Moreover, it makes it easier to recruit paying donors to attend other events.

        When I was in volunteer leadership in the GOP, I would sometimes get last-minute calls to attend events without having to make the “suggested” contribution.” I did pay to attend other events and I was a Governor’s Club member for several years, which also put me on some lists.

  4. Dear “looks can be decieving”, that is a serious charge against Jason Glodt and in my 20 years of knowing him I am not aware he has ever done that. Back up your claim with examples please.

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