SF Mayoral Candidate Jolene Loetscher slams business success. Maybe she needs to be more successful to understand.

My wife and I were watching this news story on KELOland news last night, and were a bit surprised by the off-putting tone coming from Jolene Loetscher with regards to successful businesspeople in Sioux Falls:

TenHaken founded Click Rain, a digital marketing firm that has made the list of one of America’s fastest-growing private companies for the past five years.

“You have to be able to step into city hall on day one and have experience with seven figure payrolls,” TenHaken said.

Meanwhile, Loetscher runs two lesser-known companies: Doo Gooders and Mud Mile Communications.

“If we’re going to make this election about who has the bigger budget or company, if that is our barometer for who should be mayor, then we should be asking, ‘Why isn’t Denny Sanford mayor?” Loetscher said.

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Wow. That was a slam on people who succeed in business coming from someone who wants to be their mayor.  While Loetscher might be doing her best to try to draw differences between herself and her opponent, this was not the way to go about it.  It makes her seem petty and small.

Shouldn’t the next mayor of our state’s largest city not be dismissive of the people who build their businesses there?

If Loetscher was more successful in her dog poop collection or marketing businesses, odds are that she would not be running for mayor because she’d find herself too busy. Her opponent has done well for himself, and it took him stepping away from the day to day of his business before he’d even consider running.

There are many people who walk away or don’t even consider public service because their business and providing for their families are too important to divert their attention. They know they have to give it 100% or they fail.  This is why you end up with a lack of businesspeople in office, and sometimes end up having to consider people who should not be running for office.

Why isn’t Denny Sanford mayor? He’s too busy running a international business and donating millions of dollars in service to communities including Sioux Falls. I think I can safely say that Sioux Falls would have probably benefitted from his vision and business acumen if he’d decided to run for office earlier in his career when he might have had time for it.

The American Dream is more tightly interwoven with the story of people who’ve had an idea, taken a risk, and been successful in the pursuit of their passions than they have those who dream of being important and running for office.  The people who built the Sioux Falls business community might be something that Loetscher should take a moment to consider in the midst of trying to wage class warfare and claims that the “City Council is not like us.”

Loetcher should remember that successful people live in Sioux Falls too. People who dream of building their own business live there. And denigrating them for her political ambitions is not likely to earn their support.

They vote too, you know.

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  1. I don’t read that as a slam against “success”. I read it more as reaching out to those who don’t think success is measured by how fat your wallet is. As our Dear Leader has demonstrated, “success” in business does NOT equate to success in government.

    1. I didn’t see it as a slam. She is saying you don’t have to run a big business to be successful in politics. Trump is showing us that since he couldn’t run a business without multiple bankruptcies and then was saved by Russian money and a pimped up reality show. He certainly is doing a lousy job running the country.
      Jolene has multiple experiences and has been successful in her own right. I believe she will be an excellent mayor and it is time a woman has a say in our city government.

      1. No women have had a say in our city government? What about Stehly or Erickson, aren’t they women? How many votes did Erickson win by again? Let me guess, your last comment comes from the DANGERS of toxic masculinity. I can see it now, the men next in-line for SF feminists to try and destroy is our educational representatives; Brain Maher better get prepared.

        Why do feminists (male & female) insist on putting people into categories based on sex, race, religion or whatever else comes to mind? Identity politics is the real toxicity and you Denise have clearly been manipulated.

        How about this concept… equality of opportunity not equality of outcome.

  2. I don’t think that was a slam at all. It sounds like she was directly responding to the notion that TenHaken would automatically be the better Mayor simply because his business has “seven figure payrolls.” Which, of course, is a misplaced notion. We’ve had very popular and successful executives that first ran very successful businesses (Rounds) and those that had zero experience in business (Janklow).

    I’m not a Sioux Falls resident, and don’t know enough about either candidate to have an opinion on the matter. However, I don’t see Loetscher’s comments as being in any way anti-business or in any way “denigrating” them.

  3. Over the next couple of weeks, both candidates will stress their strengths.

    One of TenHaken’s is he built a successful business with a payroll larger than Loesshers. She of course will minimize his strengths and highlight hers.

    That said, I’m not sure taking after Denny Sanford is a net-net win for Loessher. She could have and should have made her point without invoking Sanford.

    1. And, if you spelt Loetscher’s name correctly you may find you might be taken more seriously. I think even your best buddy Powers pointed that out to another lazy poster.

  4. I’m voting for Ten Haken, but if this article reached any harder, Pat would pull a hamstring.

  5. You have to remember Sioux Falls has a business leader mayor, she’s trying to make tenhaken sound like TenHuether.

  6. Jolene knows where to drum up support. She visits the local largest mosque last Friday and campaigns. The leaders of said mosque ask themselves”did she just do That? Some of the older professionals in the bunch go away with “did she just use our community for a photo op for her campaign?”….Duh. well yeah

    Pretty sure

  7. Jolene’s comment was spot on. She’s a fighter! She has proven that she wants to be the mayor of Sioux Falls and not Sanford Falls. Paul?

    1. How many people does Sanford employee? Have many of those employees are women? Yes, lets dig on the white man who provides those high paying jobs you’re always bitching about. Jolene is not a fighter for white men, unborn babies or women who are oppressed by Islam. Aren’t you a white man, genius? She does not care about you, you do not hold enough of a victim status for her.

      1. How was the rally last night? Did they hand out white pointed hoods with the eye holes or was it BYH?

        1. How disgusting of you. Anni Cyrus was beaten by her father and husband (who was chosen for her), raped and forced to watch her best friend sodomized. Oh, and this all happened by the time she was 14y/o. Do the Women’s March supporters stand with Anni? Nope. I didn’t see Jolene there supporting her, listening to her story, asking how she could help. Sounds like Jo’s too busy with photo opts?

          Anni’s grandmother paid a smuggler to save her life. She came to America legally, passed FBI and UN background checks. She saves other young girls from this same oppression and torture, what do you do? I know what you do, you say idiotic things like this^^^. Again, you are a disgusting loser.

        2. Probably with the tin foil option on top off the pointed hoods for better reception.

        1. Why? She’s a pro-abort, right? That’s not fighting for unborn babies or mothers who are 6times more likely to commit suicide after their abortion. She spoke at the Women’s March, right? A movement fighting for rights women are neglected, but men (white men to be specific) get to relish in only b/c of their skin color…white privilege, right? Do you know about the founders of this racist, bigoted movement? Jolene supports this movement, am I wrong?

          Last I check Denny Sanford employees many, many SDakotans? All the nurses and doctors I encountered for two births were graduates from SD state schools. Couple of my girlfriends are making $26hr as counselors for Sanford. You tell me how ignorant my statement is again. Please, educate me.

          How many more times is she going to tell us about how much she cares for the LGBTQ community and how important diversity of color is? Identity politics is a problem, she is part of the problem. Can you, B, tell me more about the diversity expert she is going to hire b/c SF residents are so racist they’re not capable of coexisting? You tell me, B, how is Jolene going to be a productive mayor for SF? I think she would create problems, ones that don’t even exist.

          1. Well said.. I was raised in SF.dont live there any longer but watching this election closely. This woman is a Progressive with a capital P..nd would be disastrous for the city that I miss and love!

            1. You think she’s a Progressive, look into the people who are a part of her campaign. Jo’s been manipulated, it’s sad some women can be so easily taken advantage of. Who would want votes based only on one’s gender, it’s pathetic.

  8. I don’t think you understood Jolene’s comment, maybe you should just ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.

  9. I don’t think you understood Jolene’s comment, maybe you should just ask for clarification instead of making assumptions.

  10. This is a nonpartisan position. Why bring your crazy left and crazy right beliefs? This is local city government that has no jurisdiction over anything you are spouting! I blame the Argus for leading voters in this direction! Please meet with each candidate and ask your nonpartisan questions on how to make our City better.

    1. Do you think it’s crazy the city of Deerfield, IL has banned guns? Any resident still holding their firearms after June 13th will be fined $1,000 a day. Crazy, right? How about Libby Schaaf tipping off illegal aliens about ICE raids? Crazy, right? Do you know how many criminals were able to avoid arrest b/c of what she did?

      Didn’t the SF city council recently pass a resolution… “That this City Council of democratically elected representatives represent and support all members of the community and condemn acts of hate, violence, or discrimination.”… So, Randy, who gets to decide what “acts of hate” are. You? Me? Your 1A rights are now going to be stripped away b/c you offended me. Is that hate, being offended? Is the SD Voices For Justice conducting “acts of hate” by claiming Amy Wilson and Act for America is a hate group? I think it is, should I contact the council?

      Why don’t you tell me how crazy these ^^^ ideas really are. I think it’s crazy you are clueless as to what could happen if Loetscher is elected. Feminists are bound and determined to destroy men, white men in particular. I’ve met with Jo and Paul and attended/listened to the forums. Jo is a feminist with a SJW attitude, breaking people in to groups based on victim status and you Randy are not a victim… don’t forget you have white privilege. You are ignorant to think Jo’s attitude and ideology has no jurisdiction over SF’s future progress.

  11. My opinion my view shouldn’t be considered a slam it’s an opinion as her statement is being dissected if you have any sense at all she was using an example SIOUX FALLS is growing faster than it can keep up you shouldn’t be elected cause your a woman or a man but sadly some just can’t get pass that

  12. I say it’s a slam fro TenHaken…trying to show how much more money he has than Jolene. I’m shocked that a Republican would need to prove how big his wallet (or whatever else) might be. Just shocked. Wonder how big Paul’s hands are?

    1. Does he make more money than Jolene because he has worked harder? Probably;)

      I bet Paul earns more money b/c of the gender pay gap Jolene thinks exists. Or, is it white privilege, toxic masculinity or maybe the patriarchy? Which one do you want to go with?

        1. Always willing to address the issues. Stay Bronze:)

          JO will be a refreshing change? Tell us why, you won’t, or better yet, you can’t. So… vote for Jo b/c she’s a woman and will be a refreshing change. Well, you’ve certainly convinced me; I will be forever grateful.

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