Shantel Krebs for Congress files 2nd Quarter FEC report: $48.8k Raised, $187.4k Spent, $85.7k left in account over after loss

Shantel Krebs for Congress files her after-primary report in the abbreviated reporting 2nd quarter reporting period for 5/17/18 through 6/30/18.

Shantel Krebs 2018 Q2 FEC Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

What are we seeing? Numbers both telling and interesting. During this period, while her opponent raised over $122,000, Shantel raised $48,835, which at least on the surface shows that during the last month of the primary, Dusty had the wind in his sails, and her support had waned.

Krebs spent $187,442 in comparison to Dusty Johnson’s $275,000 during the same period. Krebs’ balance of $85,727 left in the campaign account after her loss to Johnson seems to indicate some of what I’d been noting, and had pointed out to me in terms of her donations; that her high dollar donors were maxing out for both the primary and the general.

What does that mean? That the general election donations couldn’t be spent on the primary. And with the loss, over eighty-five thousand dollars remain in her account.

It will be interesting to see what that big pot of cash eventually goes towards.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m guessing not to Dusty…

    What are her options? Can she return it? Charity? Can she take it as personal income somehow?

  2. Troy Jones

    I think we should also give credit where credit is due. Shantel raised almost $700K in this election from individuals which is within $200K of Dusty’s total and $650K more than Tapio.

    Dusty is a political force of nature. He works tirelessly, is upbeat and friendly on the campaign trail, and has a firm grasp of the issues as he does the hard studying. While her only chance was Dusty messing up, but for her bad political strategic decisions* and the fiasco on election day, she’d have gotten in the ’30’s which is pretty good in a three person race when one of them is Dusty.

    *If Dusty had messed up instead of running a flawless campaign, going negative might have made a difference but her charges were basically “made up” stuff that was never going to stick to Dusty.

    1. Anonymous

      Dusty was masterful at running the race he ran. He clearly knew what he wanted to do and had the supporters to get there. Krebs probably made Johnson a better candidate by running.

      If I could say Dusty has one strength better than almost anyone it is that he is a coalitions builder. Jackley is equally as good at it.

  3. grown ups figure it out

    Also she may have shifted focus away from fundraising, she thought she had enough money and put her efforts in other areas…. just another thought

  4. Anonymous

    She lost big due to a) she tried to outflank Tapio instead of Dusty b) she treats her office staff like dirt and everyone knows it c) she could never let go of Jason Gant as her straw man. D) the election day mess was so bad you wonder if someone in the SOS office wanted to make her look bad.

    And now to the issue at hand, what will she do with the leftover funds and will she attempt to convert to personal use? Also has she ever called Dusty and offered him her support?

    1. Lincoln County Delegate

      Looks like she paid a pretty penny to Ax Media for media buys… Where have I heard that company before? Oh yeah, they made the media buys for anti-Dusty ads right after the debate for the SuperPAC run by non-other than the COO of Axiom Strategies, her campaign consultant. She’s towing that collusion pretty close…

        1. Anonymous

          The attacks on Marty were not honest either but they were effective.

          The attacks on Dusty were really in poorly done and even though dishonest were not nearly as dishonest or negative as the ads Jackley was hit with.

          The attacks Dusty and the out of state super pac did to Krebs were well done and are what ultimately decided that House race. He defined Krebs before she defined him.

          By all accounts from the campaigns I’ve talked to this was a 50/50 race leaning one way or the other prior to the negative out of state pac.

          Kristi defined Jackley before he defined himself. Jackley was too late in the game trying to say that Kristi hadn’t delivered in DC. That message needed a lot of time if it was going to change the way people thought of her.

          We learned from this campaign that it is crucial to define your opponent before they define you or endear themselves to the voters.

          In both instances Jackley and Krebs’ ads were poorly constructed but well filmed. They lacked any depth or emotional connection. We never really learned anything about them.

          The filmmakers were poor storytellers. Noem’s people were masters.

          I’m not sure Dusty’s team really sold him well in ads but I can say that his much maligned stage ad did tell the voters who he was and what he had done in his life.

          Never saw any of that from Krebs or Jackley. To this day I have not seen an ad from Krebs telling us who she was, what she did in the SOS office, in life or why she is qualified. Same with Tapio. Jackley was the same.

          Incredibly weak filmmakers working for both Krebs and Jackley.

          1. A

            Dusty’s team had two legit internal polls showing him up 14 and 15 points before any negative ads ran.

            By March Dusty had already opened up a big lead. He was everywhere in 2017, and it showed.

            The negative ads didn’t change the fundamentals of the race. He was a better candidate.

    2. Anonymous

      The SOS office has screwed up a lot in the elections division. Too me the answer is simple. 3 deputies are too many and changes need to be made.

      I also believe none of these problems would have happened if Teresa Bray was put in charge of the entire office. She would have made sure the elections division was thorough and not slacking.

      You never saw these kind of fiascos under Chris Nelson when Bray was in charge and honestly you never saw this stuff under Gant when Sue Roust was in charge.

      1. Anonymous

        I question the internal knowledge of the elections office. How can Kea Warne think provisional ballots shouldn’t have been used in the 2018 election kerfuffle?

    3. Anonymous


      You hit the nail on the head. Why did she choose to outflank Tapio? He was a non factor until the undecideds decided not to vote for Krebs or Johnson.

      I also don’t think I saw many of her ads on TV. I saw a ton of tv for Dusty. The out of state big brother PAC is what did her in though.

  5. Troy Jones

    Lincoln County Delegate:

    Yep a lot of South Dakota donors to a Super PAC to spend money against Dusty. Gives the appearance of impropriety from the person sworn to uphold election law in our state doesn’t it?


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