Sioux Falls blogger attacking GOP chair for his religion

We’re all used to Scott Ehrisman’s repulsive attacks on people, such as when he referred to Sioux Falls police as ‘piggies,’ who stuff their faces, but when he lashed out tonight at the SDGOP chair, specifically citing his religion, it really took the cake:

You can catch the anti-semitism here.

Never mind the fact his claim about any “involvement” of Maria Butina in the State Republican Party is a weird fantasy that not even state Democrats entertain, but to derisively bring the chair’s religion into it just underlines the image that Scott has cultivated for himself.

Amateurish, and crudely drawn.

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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know the SDGOP chair was a Jew. Is he a practicing Jew? The Talmud (a Jewish holy book) says, among other things, Jesus is burning in hell in his own excrement. Isn’t the SDGOP a Christian based organization?

      1. This is no longer the party of Lincoln and Reagan, that’s not obvious to you? Have you noticed what TPUSA, a Rep organization, is pushing onto our young people to accept into the party? Not traditional, Christian values. The Conservatives in the party aren’t conserving much: women’s sports, the library, the bathrooms, pronouns.

        Jesus burning in hell is not what Christians believe and the SDGOP is based in Christian values. It’s strange, contradicting one might say, to have Jew as their chair. I don’t care, doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m not a member of the SDGOP and I don’t donate my money to them, so I’m free of the internal conflict.

  2. That posting by Scott is really bad and dumb. He should apologize!
    Antisemitism is on the rise and its postings from Scott Ehrisman and especially the environment over at Cory Heidelberger’s blog that just fuel this dangerous type of bigotry. Porter Lansing the name this poster uses over at Dakota Free Press has repeatedly been making highly offensive antisemitic remarks about “3 Balls” besides the usual anti-Catholic and anti-religion comments. It is as if there is a disgusting contest of which blog can be the most bigoted.

    1. Do you also believe the New Testament is anti-Semitic? You are aware of what is said about Jews in several of these books? St. Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2 says the Jews are the people who killed Christ. Do you consider this anti-Semitic? Where do you draw your line? Christians who support antisemitism laws may be digging themselves a deep hole.

      1. Is this the level of “intolerance” Lee Schoenbeck thinks this should be taken to? Attempting to get a man fired because he says something that may hurt your feelings? Is this the party of Lincoln and Reagan?

  3. Freedom of Religion is another part of the First Amendment these rabid liberals don’t like. The beauty of the Free Speech part is that it allows a window into their souls – which is proving to be a scary intolerant place to look into

  4. Presentation College should be called and again about Heidelberger. Ask to speak to the President. That highly offensive bigoted environment on that blog goes against what the Presentation Nuns and College are about and can be a liability for those institutions.

  5. Hypothetically, what would you have said if he identified the individual as an Iowa Christian, or Hindu, or atheist? Most wouldn’t have batted an eye on the first…

    Sorry but I didn’t take it as being anti-semetic. Using a broad brush to paint him or anyone based on that…sorry I don’t concur, but then I think for myself.

    I admire Scott’s (and anyone’s) tenacity in taking on our corrupt government…at all levels but, using your broad brush to paint him or anyone based on that comment…that’s wrong.

    1. His religion has nothing to do with it at all, except to be used to smear him.

      Ironic that this takes place at the same time that someone is arrested for plotting to shoot up a synagogue in Pittsburg. Because this is the stuff that fans those flames.

      1. Many disagree with your statement. E. Michael Jones makes a great point…

        Dr. Jones recently released an e-book “Is Christian Anti-Semitism Responsible for the Poway Synagogue Shooting,” outlining how the term “anti-Semite” is used to shut down discussion, which leads to a repression of speech, which leads to acts of violence.

  6. Business liabilities that not only kill business but do not represent the values of that business. They made a choice and can always work somewhere they better reflects their values. South Dakota is a Right to Work State.

  7. what a hilarious party splitting attempt. parties exist to apply great power to shared political goals, regardless of individual religious creeds. don’t be distracted.

  8. The rumors I heard were that God himself planned the whole thing. This John guy lays it all out as kind of a sacrifice thing to save our souls. If the Jews were involved, they were just pawns and part of God’s plan. It just as easily could have been the Irish, Italians or Russians. Besides, who’s going to start a religion based on Jesus died of old age in Boca Raton for you sins? It had to be done that way and Jesus was cool with it. He offered up forgiveness even in the Mel Gibson version.

  9. History’s most famous incidence of capital punishment was executed by Italians.
    Funny thing, capital punishment is The first thing Italians think of when they hear the word “America.”
    I learned that factoid from my Italian sister-in-law.

  10. I think the reference to Iowa is the real insult. 🙂

    Anyway, this is how we deal with “hate speech” according to the US Constitution.

    We allow it to be said. We make the person own what they said. We “market” their words so their views are known. And we expend efforts to thrwart their views as we best can.

    We don’t lynch them, we don’t tar and feather them, we don’t harass their family, we don’t call their house at all times of the day and night.

  11. Only in America can a couple kids whose great grandparents immigrated to from totally different religious minded countries become Legislative partners and great friends working great things in the same political party and same State.

    That Jewish kid from South Dakota with family living in Iowa is one great friend of mine who I would take a bullet for.
    Love what Troy and Lee said above BTW.

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