Sioux Falls group blasts message on Facebook that “Lora Hubbel is a dangerous candidate for any office”

This is new to facebook as of a few hours ago. The Sioux Falls based “South Dakota Voices for Justice” has a few choice words regarding the candidacy of Sioux Falls School Board candidate Lora Hubbel who has an election tomorrow:

Descriptors such as Bigotry, hateful, and noting that “Lora Hubbel is a dangerous candidate for any office, especially for Sioux Falls School Boardecho some of the things I’ve been pointing out for years about Lora, a Constitution Party member running for public office.

This might be a rare subject that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

54 thoughts on “Sioux Falls group blasts message on Facebook that “Lora Hubbel is a dangerous candidate for any office””

  1. She is power hungry and has a mental disorder. Why ANYONE would ever vote her into ANYTHING is beyond reason. She lacks character, has no virtue unless convenient to her own advancement, she is dumb as a stump, and worst of all she is a complete loon bag. It’s unfortunate that anyone can get elected in SD. She has no visions or values, she just purely wants to be in a position of power.

      1. She has a lot of guns and I believe most of them are loaded…..very very dangerous. She is also a contractor and has many hammers and dangerous tools and chain saws. Armed and out. Worst of all, she is a Trump lover who happens to be against Sharia law in the US.

          1. There are Sharia law patrols in NYC, the vehicles they use to patrol have the text ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ on them. Ami Horowitz took to the streets of MPLS and the Muslims he spoke with explain how Sharia law is enforced in their community. Guess we could say… coming to a town near you?

            There is no magic dirt.

    1. No wonder you wish to remain anonymous with your outrageous level of hate-speech.

  2. SD Voices For Justice is considered a hate group by many. They are similar to the SPLC making false claims against people, groups and towns who only disagree with their political and social views.

    Lora Hubbel will win one of those seats.

    1. Given her track record, I don’t think that I’d agree that they’re mistaken here.

      As I’ve said before, and I’ll continue to say – Lora should not be elected to anything. Ever.

      1. Lora Hubbel is going to win one of those seats. You’re not changing minds. Much like Tara and Anne said, the other candidates aren’t very convincing. There are four people running and many I’ve spoken with are only voting Hubbel.

        Why didn’t you highlight another candidate and tell us why we should vote for them? I think it’s pretty low to post so much about Lora and not allow her to respond. We often see that strategy used by Dorsey, it’s very childlike.

        1. I’m posting about what the candidate in this race sent out last night, and what a group wrote about the candidate today.

          I can’t help it if a candidate sends out nakedly false statements, and a group on the other side of the aisle finds her as unfit for office as I do.

          If you don’t care to read political news, no one is forcing you.

          1. The fringe left that was instrumental in stopping USD from showing the “Honor Diaries” is the same group that is trying to silence Lora Hubbel. Hubbel will fight to never shut down your first amendment rights. Teachers will be able to speak out again. Make teaching and learning great again.

            1. Mrs. Volesky, I do not think this fringe of the left should try to silence young Ms. Hubbel. We want her to keep speaking and blogging her ideas, no matter how bat-shit-crazy they may be.

              Lora Hubbel, she’ll teach your kids some lessons they’ll never forget.

              1. lol…not going to shut Hubbel up….but that’s a good thing, right Pat??????

            2. Tara the fact that you propose groups are trying to stifle Lora is a self inflicted state of crazy. It is like a boogie man tale. If normal members of the press and politico watchers were so concerned with her destruction they would…. what I don’t know. Write fibs? What they do showcase is her complete lack of touch with reality.

              Now I’m going to pull out your playbook. Call me a RINO, liberal, self serving individual. My suggestion for you is to get petitions, earn your place on the ballot, and most importantly get elected.

              1. Hey Kris, appreciate you comments. Everybody has a right to their opinion. As far as USD goes on the “Honor Diaries”, you might want to get all the facts first. To bad SD Voices for Justice didn’t sponsor a debate. Now that would have been interesting. I don’t thin I have called you any names Kris. I try to be civil and fair, always looking at both sides. By the way, hows your golf game?

                1. Are you familiar with who the “normal members of the press and politico watchers” are, Tara? NPR? SDPBS? Local teleprompter readers? The Argus activists? I don’t think Kristin knows who is manipulating her?!

                    1. Is that a response you’d use in the many debates you’ve participated in?

                      Thanks for your prayers. I’ll pray for you too, for you to know the truth.

                2. Tara appreciate your civility and I must write you have good observations. I looked at the website you suggested awhile ago. In my observation the site is completely drives to perpetuate false statements. The claims are unfounded and based on a tabloid policy. SD Voices for Justice should sponsor a debate. As I have participated in a lot of debates I know they would end up just like Liberals with no physical evidence. It would be rumors.

                  Now with the statement about your playbook, no you have never attacked me physically or verbally. But I do, know that this blog has defended true Republicans. Where you and Stacey’s minions have attacked thousands of people. By stating we are RHINOs , my goodness for posting anonymous, not agreeing with you and have pointed out the monumental failure to provide valid information to back up your comments.

                  I occasionally golf with family and friends. But not enough to complain. I do drive a cart well. What sport do you enjoy?

                  1. I finally broke down and bought a golf cart. I guess I will try and get back into tournament golf. I played college at BYU and some pro golf on the west coast and Japan tour but have been out of it a few years. My old BYU teammates are getting me fired up to get back out there and start competing again.

                  2. Kris, I try not to attack people. Yes I do throw out the RINO word but I treat the Democrats the same way. I also think the Democratic has gotten weak. Example Gear-up, EB-5, The death of Brady Folkens at the hands of the state. Remember Gena Score? We had Legislators like Pat Haley fighting for people that didn’t have a voice. Now it seems like they cover every thing up. Democrats are just as much to blame. The Indian Affairs committee voted not to investigate Gear-up. Shame on the Indian Legislators who voted against their own people.

      2. Pat with all due respect, you are mistaken to support the false allegations these organization is making as it is unrelated to the allegations you have made in regard to Lora. These organization has called a former Muslim an Islamophobe for simply converting to Christianity.
        Sincerely, I say this out of concern for you Pat, and for what is going on in South Dakota regarding the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood which is being now considered a terrorist organization by the current President of the United States, and has been implicated in the Holyland Foundation proceedings of years gone by.

    2. “They are similar to the SPLC making false claims against people, groups and towns who only disagree with their political and social views.”—- Give examples — If you cannot, you have no idea what you are talking about–as in baaa baaaaa

      1. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reached a settlement with liberal Islamic reformer Maajid Nawaz and his organization, the Quilliam Foundation, for wrongly including them on its now-defunct list of “anti-Muslim extremists.”

        The co-founder and chief litigator Morris Dees was fired. Dees was investigated on two separate occasions for “inappropriate conduct” and was disciplined each time. He also appears to have a reputation for sexual harassment in the organization. The SPLC’s President, Richard Cohen and legal director, Rhonda Brownstein have resigned.

        Two dozen SPLC employees reportedly signed a letter to management and the center’s board of directors detailing “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism.”

        Twitter has dropped far-left SPLC as a ‘Safety Partner’.

        Baaa, Baaa, Baaa….

        1. The SPLC listed Amana Colonies, Iowa on their ‘hate map’. After local officials pushed back, the town was eventually removed. You need some more examples? Here’s one: Ayaan Hirsi Ali. There are many Christian groups and individuals currently suing the SPLC for defamation, and because of this discoveries are exposing them to be the actual hate group.

          ReasonTV’s John Stossel also exposes the SPLC.

          1. “– You need some more examples? “– Da– right— That was a screw up—– ” There are many Christian groups and individuals currently suing the SPLC for defamation, and because of this discoveries are exposing them to be the actual hate group.”– So friggin what? —- You tell me one group that is listed that doesn’t belong on their list—You made the blanket statement — ““They are similar to the SPLC making false claims against people, groups and towns who only disagree with their political and social views.”—– You have not given one—-

        2. “They are similar to the SPLC making false claims against people, groups and towns who only disagree with their political and social views.”—- Give examples — If you cannot, you have no idea what you are talking about– Are you 8 years old?— You just made my point– You are spewing crap you hear and cannot explain..

    1. Radical Left? Tara I have seen you at the Davison County Democrat meetings. Hahaha

      1. So. Republicans attend Democrat meetings all the time. It’s called know thy enemy. Democrats register as Republicans so to manipulate primaries and will put signs in their yard to persuade people to vote the least likely to beat the Democrat candidate… strategy.

      2. I love to come and listen to anybody no matter what their party affiliation is. George McGovern and I were great friends. I also attended the Hanson and Davison County Lincoln day dinners. Tomorrow, I will probably go visit my friend Jim Abourezk if he is at Sana’s. I don’t judge a person by their party affiliation because, when it comes right down to it we all want the best for our families and state. People are people no matter what your label is.

          1. SD Democrats are very good people. So are Republicans, and Independents as long as they don’t get corrupted.

  3. THey say she is an “islamophobe—- Can’t understand why you people aren’t supporting her.

  4. I feel sorry for the school board members and district if Lora somehow gets elected. They will not get hardly anything done with her antics, conspiracy theories and taking them down rabbit holes. More than likely after she is defeated once again she can find another office to run for but what party? What office this time?

    1. You know of anything the current school board has recently accomplished? Maybe giving the administrators a pay raise or increasing our property taxes or contemplating taking out the Arts, Music and PE from the curriculum? Oh, I know, deciding where the new high school will be located, wow, they’re so effective.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for them…..they will love her if they love education.

  5. Hubbel will bring some politically incorrect excitement and transparency to the school board.

    1. Hear hear! Vote Hubbel! If it wasn’t too late already, grudznick would post some signs about the town of Sioux Falls on some of my friends hoity-toity properties with her admirable visage gleaming out at the traffic.

  6. Aren’t they required to place “paid for by” on their electioneering posts? Aren’t you?

  7. “…many I’ve spoken with are only voting Hubble.” Many can be 2 or 3.

    1. Indeed, there are many who are part of the movement to vote only Hubbel, and these many be wise and insaner than most. Both of them.

  8. While I agree with you on Lora’s crazy ideas (that they are crazy), I definitely wouldn’t put alot of stock into SD Voices For Justice. They need to publicity whatsoever. Bad, bad, bad.

  9. I cant STAND Loraa Hubbel, but Islamaphobia is far more rational than actually being Muslim.

  10. So is the Sioux Falls organization that posted the Islamophobe allegation against Lora Hubbel in favor of establishing Islamic Supremacy in the Sioux Falls public schools? That danger was found to be occurring in a Washington state school:

    Note that the head of the Sioux Falls organization is Taneeza Islam, who worked for CAIR Minnesota before coming to Sioux Falls.

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