Sounds like the discounted Clinton is coming to town.

As opposed to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who costs $200,000 a pop for speaking fees, Sioux Falls is getting the discounted Clinton, Chelsea:

Chelsea Clinton is set to stump for her mother, Hillary Clinton, at a pair of events Wednesday in Sioux Falls.

Clinton will focus on the Democratic presidential nominee’s platform on building the economy at a public event and will speak at a private fundraiser Wednesday evening at the home of former U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson and his wife Dr. Jana Johnson.

Details for the public event were not immediately available Monday morning.

Brendan Johnson said Monday that they expect to host nearly 100 attendees with entry donations ranging from $250 to $5,000 for  couples interested in co-hosting.

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7 Replies to “Sounds like the discounted Clinton is coming to town.”

  1. Springer

    I heard that Chelsea only charges $60,000 per speaking engagement. Guess that’s a bargain by Clinton standards.

    1. Anonymous

      She doesn’t need so much. Gets $900,000 a year to run the Clinton Foundation, you know, the foundation that gets millions from the Arab countries. And she lives in a $10,000,000 apartment. But I see that her parents have over $110,000,000 and, as Hillary claimed, were penniless when they left the Whitehouse. Speaking must really pay well, or something does.

  2. Anonymous

    A chip off the old crock, is Chelsea. She is fair game now, right Democrats?

    Keep this speaking engagement in mind if Brendan Johnson runs for something again. See who he supports and who he thinks is worth listening to?

    Does Chelsea really think Mommy Dearest will have a ghost of a chance of winning in South Dakota? Talk about peeinig money down your leg! But then, the Clintons have money to burn through their donations from foreign governments and outrageous speaking fees to hear mama Clinton cough a lung out for an hour in her hideously unappealing style.