South Dakota Dems place “imported labor organizer” on their Executive Board

From Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally (10/13):

In South Dakota: The South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) is so screwed up that the Minnehaha County Democratic Party (the largest county in the state with over 20% of the Democratic vote) just choose an imported labor organizer from Texas with less than one year of experience here and little knowledge or connections in Sioux Falls to represent it on the SDDP’s state Executive Board. The vote was close but a small and determined group of Democrats, concerned about the hurricane destruction in Houston, Texas, forced their will on the group.

Read that here.

And yes, I notice a few people are crabbing about the recent controversy with the SDGOP chair in comparison.. but a person who has been around a few months, versus someone who has well over a decade & 1/2 of residency, as well as elected experience at several levels, is not even remotely the same thing.

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  1. Anonymous

    Seems consistent to me……fake Republicans and Democrat sympathizers like Stace Nelson and Lora Hubbel don’t like out of Staters moving to SD like Chairman Lederman, why should the real Democrat party of SD?


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