State Rep. Sue Peterson hosting Senator Thune for Fundraiser

State Representative Sue Peterson is hosting Senator Thune for a big fundraiser for her State Legislative Campaign on August 28th:

(Wow. Looks like something for a Statewide election, as opposed to a State Rep Campaign.)

4 Replies to “State Rep. Sue Peterson hosting Senator Thune for Fundraiser”

  1. Anon

    Noem, Jackley, Johnson, and Krebs would all LOVE to have that list of co-hosts! Quite impressive.

    Do I sense a leadership run in Sue’s future? Her district isn’t that competitive to need that kind of resources.

    1. Minnehaha County Observer

      It’s obvious Sen. Thune cares about down ballot Party strength. And Rep. Peterson’s decades of involvement with the Party in leadership roles is probably another reason he’s doing it. Kudos to the Senator for helping the Party at all levels!


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