Stolen from Facebook: Branded, Jackley Style

Attorney General Marty Jackley and family were branding this weekend.


12 Replies to “Stolen from Facebook: Branded, Jackley Style”

  1. Kevin W. Nelson

    I really liked this picture. I grew up doing this, and into my twenties, North and South of Hamill, SD for us and neighbors. Not any pretty girls in attendance though. Marty Jackley for Governor.

    1. Anonymous

      I can’t picture Huether in a cowboy hat. He’s probably show up to have a photo op doing branding, helping with calving or field work with lizard skin boots. That guy is clueless except being a pure opportunist.

  2. The Guy from Guernsey

    Is that footwear which Jackley is sporting [ Skechers? Keen? ] proper for working cattle ? I would think it might be a West River hangin’ offense for a ranch hand to show up to work cattle without boots.

    1. bret clanton

      At my place they can wear whatever the hell they want as long as I don’t have to wrestle anymore……

  3. Troy Jones

    What I noticed is the close proximity of the grill. Are they grilling up the rocky mountain oysters as they go? That seems to be the sacrilegious part as then there is no beer concurrently with the RMO’s.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Notice though most importantly the smart cowboy always pulls the front end of a brandee upwind.