What’s the latest in the Sioux Falls Mayor’s race?

We’re down to counting the hours before the Sioux Falls Mayoral Runoff election, and there’s been a flurry of activity taking place this weekend as the campaigns try to wrap up their support and turn out their voters on May 1st.

Paul TenHaken’s campaign is quite the flurry of activity.

Friday Night, an advocacy call went out from Congresswoman Kristi Noem endorsing and supporting Paul in the Mayoral race among all of the campaign’s other activity.

Saturday was a big day, with door knocking, calls, and signs. Lots and lots of signs.  The TenHaken campaign was asking volunteers to come in between 10-4 for door knocking, etcetera.  I was in Sioux Falls, and popped in just to be nosy.  It was a constant stream of people coming in asking for TenHaken signs to put in their yard.

The campaign wasn’t recruiting these people – they were coming and asking for signs!

This morning, while the newspaper seemed to be silent with advertising from TenHaken’s opponent Jolene Loetscher (or at least it wasn’t noticeable) Paul TenHaken had a massive ad on the back of the Voices Section with businesswomen, elected officials, wives, mothers, and other community leaders who all support Paul:

While TenHaken was showing his support on Saturday, his opponent Jolene Loetscher spent her evening doing something else at the Democrat Patry’s big McGovern Dinner:

5. Mayoral candidate embraces party affiliation

In a surprise appearance, mayoral candidate Jolene Loetscher spoke to attendees and said that while her race is nonpartisan, she felt she could embrace her Democratic party affiliation since the state Republican Party has campaigned for her opponent.

Read that here.

So, the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor is now deciding to embrace the fact that she’s a liberal Democrat? …..Because we somehow didn’t know before…?

Hang on for Tuesday!

17 thoughts on “What’s the latest in the Sioux Falls Mayor’s race?”

  1. Impressive list of prominent women, RepSue Peterson, Cynthia Mickelson, to name justa couple among many that jumped out at me

    1. Its the same women who did it for Noem in 2010.

      Noem doesn’t live in SF. Thune’s endorsement would make more sense.

        1. Well, according to some, Thune offered up an endorsement to Jo, but she refused? That could be why he hasn’t said much? I’m curious too, but often Thune doesn’t acknowledge his constituents so we probably won’t hear anything:(

            1. I know. You noticed the claim as well then? Seems to be more fake news from Team Jo. Maybe Jo can set the record straight?

  2. Liberal Democrat? Jo’s far from liberal, she didn’t hesitate to jump right off the cliff. Progressive Democrat would be a more suitable summary of her beliefs and more govt control ideas. Who was it that said this was a nonpartisan race? Randy Dobberpuhl. How did that go again, Randy?

  3. The Tenhaken campaign office is in the former Z’Marik’s space. I live a half block east from his campaign office, I can see it from my back patio. I did not witness a steady stream of people going in or out of said office. I did see a steady stream of traffic using Carribou Coffee’s drive through though.

    1. I don’t think he needs a ton of traffic at this point…just turn out the vote…I would be surprised to see much support for JO after last week…it appeared some of her signs had been taken down already….

    2. Please, please, next time get footage and upload it to YouTube then copy and paste the link here. I would take great pleasure in watching you display Team Jo’s fascination with TenHaken’s campaign. Oh, wait, I think you’ve already accomplished that;) Seriously, did you really sit and watch his office from 10am-4pm? You really can’t make this stuff up… well, Jo made some things up so it wouldn’t surprise me if her supporters do too.

      1. We’re you here on Saturday? The weather was relatively nice. Great conditions for yard work. And I do have a prime view of that whole area. Say, what has Jolene allegedly “made up”?

        1. I’m not saying you didn’t scope out TenHaken’s HQ, clearly your obsession is deep. Next time get footage, you’d be more convincing since there’s a front and back to the location. And, when I do yard work I’m usually focused on the work, not what’s happening a half block east of me.

          Pay attention and you’ll educate yourself as to what Jo has made up. You’re here, there’s other related stories to Jo’s campaign, read them. Anything thing else I can help with?

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