Why does Monae Johnson for SOS want my thoughts on vaccination and abortion?

As delegates (or at least my wife is, and I have a race),  we’re starting to see things from the candidates who are running at the Republican Convention. I recently received notes from Steve Barnett for Secretary of State, and Marty Jackley, candidate for Attorney General.

And today, I received a letter from Monae Johnson. Among the spelling and grammatical errors (voter rolls nor voter roles), it includes a survey asking my opinion on “voter fraud.”

But it’s also asking about abortion and vaccine mandates. That seems a little far ranging for the SOS.

I don’t seem to recall that the Secretary of State is doing many abortion and vaccination procedures. Unless things have really gotten crazy in Pierre.

Monae Johnson for SOS Letter and survey by Pat Powers on Scribd

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Why does Monae Johnson for SOS want my thoughts on vaccination and abortion?”

  1. I received the same letter/survey in the mail and have no delegates or convention goers in my household. Unless she was trying to get a donation of sorts (lost in the multiple page document), I don’t know why it came to my house.

  2. I don’t understand what the need for this information is for the SoS office! I have not received that mailer….yet so I cannot respond further.
    I WILL say that Secretary Barnett has some serious answers go give regarding a report from Judicial Watch regarding the ‘overage’ in votes/voters in several counties. For examples: Hanson County had 171% voter turnout and Pennington had 106%. In my book anything over 100% must be challenged! I addressed this query in AUGUST asking for an answer from both Secretary Barnett and PennCo’s auditor regarding this. In addition, I told them that if these figures are incorrect, they should demand a retraction/correction from Judicial Watch. Since I sent the letter, ZERO response…NADA…Middle-of-a-Doughnut!

    1. Pennington County had 71.79% turnout in the 2020 election not 171%.

      Stop spreading falsehoods.

      1. Read what I wrote again. As you can see, I wrote HANSON COUNTY had 171% turnout…Pennington 106% according to a Judicial Watch article. The fact that neither Barnett nor Mohler responded has not proved otherwise as yet.

        1. You mean, like JW did in California and Iowa (which both turned out to be bs)?

          If you make repeated claims proven to be false and then make the same claims here, I’d ignore you too.

  3. What’s up with the 5-page letters this year?! These candidates clearly don’t understand campaigns. Short and sweet. That’s what wins elections. Short and sweet. Not long and bitter…..

  4. This must have been written by the same consultant as that lady running for school board. This is a political consultant type letter. The consultants will tell you that 5 page ‘red meat’ letters will raise you more money than a one page letter. While that might be true mailing to a ‘cold’ list, I think in SD we know our candidates, it’s not true at all. The people I know are more turned off by this type of drivel.

    Monae is nice but she got conned into running by the same people pushing Haugaard and Taffy. She need to lose just like they need to lose.

    1. Everything you said is 100% correct until the last paragraph. Roetman is the one who recruited Monae to run because he has a personal vendetta against Barnett. The “rationale” behind her run is window dressing.

      1. Monae and barnett are good people just like Roetman is. Roetmans problem is he is under Ravnaborgs spell. Natvig is also. These are bottom of the barrel candidates who are insane. Natvig and JR are awful candidates. Haugaard is a decent guy also but his campaign manager is denny fusaro and he is a kook. most of these people like Natvig, JR and Fusaro are weirdos but in politics they find 20% who like them and they create a wierd cult. It’s a bunch of nuts.

      2. Roetman seems to think Noem should be impeached. This is what those folks are up to. Ravnsborg wants revenge. Roetman and Natvig want to give it to him.

        These endorsements by Noem are just the fire he is looking for to take Rhoden out. He wants a bunch of very bitter people showing up to convention.

        Tapio for Lt gov is their latest idea.

        1. Noem isn’t endorsing anyone or involving herself in the primaries. I read that so it’s got to be true.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 Is anonymous really that popular of a name in SD, or are people afraid for voice their opinions as themselves?
    If incumbents won’t ANSWER, not double talk or sidestep questions, then they need to go.

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