2-time SOS Candidate Lori Stacey demands revote. And claims HIV is a complete hoax.

Before we start, I’d better present you with the bona fide, ironclad, tinfoil, official Lori Stacey disclaimer that any occurrences of voter fraud are done by people out of state, and are usually done without the participation, knowledge or consent of any of the candidates or local/state election officials. And if you say anything to the contrary, it will be met with official Lori Stacey legal action:

DISCLAIMER: Any findings of probable computer-programmed election fraud presented in this story are not to be assumed, represented or characterized as an accusation against any candidate or local/state public official by this author. In most cases, electronic manipulation of voting results is accomplished by parties outside of the state in which the election took place and are usually done without the participation, knowledge or consent of any of the candidates or local/state election officials. Any attempt to smear, harass, accuse or defame author with claims to the contrary will be met with legal action.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, earlier this month, South Dakota Constitution Party Secretary of State Candidate Lori Stacey wrote a story and put it on-line, partially on the basis that according to the results in her race, the US Senate ticket, as well as the Mike Myers/Lora Hubbel gubernatorial ticket, (if you jumble enough numbers together) it’s proof that they shouldn’t have lost by THAT much.

Of the alternative candidates, the ones that were most actively campaigning throughout the state were the Gubernatorial Independent ticket of Myers/Hubbel, US Senate Independent candidates Larry Pressler and Gordon Howie, Libertarian Attorney General candidate Chad Haber and myself, Lori Stacey, as a CP candidate for Secretary of State. Although Gordon Howie is a registered Republican that ran as an Independent, he was clearly the most conservative US Senate candidate in the race in a historically conservative state. Yet, he was obviously black-listed from so much of the media attention that numerous articles in the press reported the contest to only be a 3-way, rather than a 4-way race. Gordon Howie got a feel for what it is shamefully like for a 3rd Party candidate in America today, without even being one. In numerous speeches, Howie exposed that the Rounds campaign had on more than one occasion tried to pressure him into dropping out of the race. Mind you, all that effort directed toward a candidate that was supposedly only polling at 3%. His final vote count was……….you guessed it, only 3.03%. Not uncommon to have predicted this shocking result and the topic of one of Richard Charnin’s books about forcing vote counts to match fraudulent polls. In fact, the campaigns of Howie, Myers and Stacey all received calls from voters that had participated in a well-publicized poll and had stated that we were not even included in said poll for which we supposedly all got suspiciously low polling numbers.

Read that here.

Huh? What? So, help me understand this – In the most conspiratorial manner possible, Lori Stacey asserts that because Gordon Howie polled at 3%, and his vote count was 3.03%, it’s evidence that the vote count was forced to match a “fraudulent poll?”

Might it be possible – and arguably a more plausible explanation – that Howie polled at 3% and received that same portion of the vote because that’s all that would vote for him?  And this kind of nuttiness gets even better.

Not only is an increasing share of the total a problem but in the raw precinct data for the US Senate, Governor and SOS races, in a majority of cases in which the Republican candidates won the county, we can easily see that most of the other candidates had tremendously higher percentages of the votes in the smaller precincts and then absolutely plummeted in the largest precincts where very frequently only the Republican candidates skyrocketed. To get your head around this problem, imagine a precinct with only 30 votes cast. An alternative candidate that supposedly had a true vote of only 3% statewide somehow often found 6-29% in the smallest precincts but only 1-3% in the largest precincts. In a precinct with only 30 votes cast, a candidate receives a little over 12% or 4 votes. Yet a precinct of 1,000 voters, the same candidate only receives 1.5% or 15 votes leaving a whopping 985 votes up for grabs. This type of pattern seen repeatedly around the state defies logic and is statistically improbable. It is another key red flag in suspected election fraud as votes are usually flipped where there will be the most bang for the buck.

Lori attempts more conspiracy by claiming it’s evidence of election fraud that 3rd party candidates received higher percentages in small precincts, but smaller percentages in larger precinct. Maybe it’s a simple fact that a massive majority didn’t want to vote for candidates who didn’t advertise, or staged suicide reenactments. But there’s always a chance of one voter not paying attention.

And in conclusion…

In conclusion, taking into account all of the information that has been presented regarding various types of voter suppression, under votes, possible dropped/uncounted votes by a computerized, secretive vote count for which there is NO AUDIT of any percentage of votes via hand-counting, the outrageous re-creation of ballots, voters that did not receive their absentee ballots, ballots kept in someone’s home, press reporting results before polls had closed, voters that were not notified of changes in polling locations, statewide would-be candidates wrongfully denied ballot access, the mathematical analysis, etc,etc,etc. CONSIDERING ALL OF THE ABOVE, not even a hand recount could capture the true voice of South Dakota voters!

The only rightful remedy is to hold a new statewide election and hand-count the ballots in public view at the local precincts before the ballots ever leave the buildings which is exactly the only fully transparent and accurate way fair elections were to be conducted. Make sure everyone is properly notified of their correct polling location and that everyone requesting an absentee ballot receives one in a reasonable amount of time.

The only rightful remedy is to hold a new statewide election and hand-count the ballots in public view at the local precincts before the ballots ever leave the buildings.  Three etceteras in a row. She must mean business.

Is there anyone holding their breath until this demanded re-vote happens? Me neither.

But don’t intimate that any of this widespread fraud was done with “the participation, knowledge or consent of any of the candidates or local/state election officials.” Because you may face a Lori Stacey “legal action.”

Bonus Lori Stacey Moment – I saw this today which prompted me to go look at her examiner page. And just as you’ll note above, there’s some stuff you can’t unsee. Here, former Secretary of State Candidate Lori brings us new health care news that “HIV has been proven to be a complete hoax…”

LoriStaceyHoax…and, that while the HIV Virus is a hoax, the AIDS drugs that doctors put patients on is a “way for big Medicine and big Pharma to make a lot of money” and “then eventually reduce the population.”

It kind of makes you want to find the 10,258 people who voted for her in the 2014 Secretary of State elections, and ask them “What in the hell were you thinking?”

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  1. Saw a Hubble-missive shared on FB yesterday where she takes the Governor to task for some bill the Health Department put in about vaccinations, claiming it’s all part of the Obama-care mind control conspiracy.

    One thing intrigued me so I looked it up, the law applied to category 1 diseases like, to name few, smallpox, rubella, plague, anthrax, etc. Somehow she’s blaming the Governor for the biblical plagues of old, that at one time killed off half the people in Europe.

    Glad the Lori-Gordo-Lora brain trust is looking out for us.

  2. According to her posts on Facebook, MLK jr was murdered by the US Government (government employees will stop at nothing to get another paid holiday) and people die (eventually, you know, like 30 years later) after getting flu shots.

  3. Probably at least 90% of the people who died last year had received some kind of vaccination in their lives, so that proves it: vaccinations will kill you!

    1. You’re a goof, Anne. Vaccines kill!!!!

      99.9% of those who died in the US last year were regularly exposed to electrical currents.

      Electricity kills.

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