8 thoughts on “A double shot of Haugaard..”

  1. That violates the platform.

    We believe SD voters should be informed of the origin of political ads.

  2. It takes a real dense person to think that 75% of the party should unite behind his 25% of crazies.

  3. I thought you only needed that disclaimer for federal office (FEC)?

    I guess statewide offices might have the same requirement ..

    Hey Anon: you think you’re rid of Haugaard, Howard, et al?

    That’s cute.


    Lastly, I think a more mature approach is to recognize that nearly half of SD’s GOP has serious problems with the state’s party leadership. The dysfunction will increase until the grievances are redressed or we change leadership.

    Important note: the trend is NOT that “whackadoodles” are decreasing in number.

    1. Haugaard, Howard and Gosch will never get elected to another office. Howard embarrassed herself acting like a fool at the convention. The GOP needs to clean house and get rid of the libertarians.

    2. Your paragraph starting with ‘Lastly’ is spot on in my opinion. I don’t know who ALL the ‘players’ are in the Republican Party, but I have witnessed the discourse in print and in presence of members. The complaints I’ve heard is that the leader of the party is a former Democrat. So am I, but once I realized the true differences between the parties, I left it officially when Clinton was elected the first time and joined the American Independent Party. I DID join the Republican Party after I escaped from CA because of some really fine folks I’ve met. However, because of the fractious environment in the party in South Dakota, I did not renew my membership. I support many elected officials in several counties, but until the party coalesces around a true unifier, I’m on my own party-wise.
      I also agree with your assessment of the “Whackadoodles”. WE are wearing that ‘handle’ with pride and more are joining us. No, I’m not an elected official, but I’ve been one elsewhere! Thank you Senator Schoenbeck!

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