After declaring in 2018 that the Constitution Party would be “the Tea Party on steroids” CP member Gordon Howie back trying to dictate who real Republicans are.

After running as a Republican Candidate for Governor, Gordon Howie abandoned the GOP to run as an Independent candidate for US Senate in 2014, and later declared that the Constitution Party (CP) is where he thought people should be in July of 2018:

If you thought the Tea Party produced change in American politics, hold on to your hats.  In South Dakota, the Constitution Party is going to be the Tea Party on steroids.


The Constitution Party offers voters the opportunity to belong to a party that actually believes and practices the principles of our Founding Fathers.

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Well, we all know how that went for them, as Gordon along with goofball Lora Hubbel changed parties and showed up at the Constitution Party convention, contributing to that party’s demise in South Dakota.  And after he helped to break it, and after the Constitution Party is no longer certified in the state, this morning Gordon indicates he wants to start Republicans who the REAL Republicans are:

I have had some personal experience with third party efforts. There are some very good people in that stream. There are also some serious nut cases. When some progress might be possible, the nut cases manage to created enough disturbance to destroy any real hope.


The Party faithful do not pay close enough attention to the departures from Republican principles, so these “unfaithful” elected leaders get a pass and continue to control the Party.


Those ‘leaders’ who do not follow Republican Party Platform Principles have to be replaced with people who will support those principles. The best chance to accomplish that objective lies within the Republican Party.

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We all saw how Gordon’s efforts to help create the “Tea Party on steroids” worked.  Instead of bulking up, the South Dakota CP is now the kind of entity that has parents who don’t want to let them back in the house until they get serious.

Gordon has been working against the GOP and her candidates for a while now.  And as (still) a member of the Constitution Party, he wants to declare who the real Republicans are, and who the GOP should elect as their leaders?

After breaking his own party, he wants to throw rocks from the outside and tell the GOP what to do?

That’s a hard nope.

11 thoughts on “After declaring in 2018 that the Constitution Party would be “the Tea Party on steroids” CP member Gordon Howie back trying to dictate who real Republicans are.”

  1. Soros’s minion has an opinion. Does any Republican take him seriously anymore?

  2. First of all, there is no longer a Constitution Party in SD, and second Gordon and the 7 other Conservative Republicans in the Legislature will never change the modern day Republican Party of SD. They have been trying for several years, and how’s it working for them. If you can’t beat them, join them or start another party.

  3. Will Gordon be back on the Sunday morning airwaves doing his talk show? Those were entertaining.

  4. All these factions are arguing about who the Constitution party is when Tara is correct there no longer is a constitution party.

  5. the freedom envisioned by the founders is a twisty thing to define. why? because freedom implies the widest range of choice and behavior. we are bound by the frontiers of our culture and nurture, which is always in flux, but which also (like the stock market) shows expansion and growth over time. the parties which reject the nation’s political center ground in favor of the founders original intent come at it two ways: we are either too restrictive and collectivist and we need a libertarian awakening, or we are a nation of profligate wastrels and need the firm reassertion of the founders hand on the nape of our neck. it is in keeping with the founders to reject both of these notions and keep living in the free nation they founded. how much better would it be if republicans and democrats were to rediscover their real common ground, and stopped the beltway scorched earth warfare which never seems to stop? enough.

    1. my point: the sd gop is just fine thanks. gordon and the whiners club should go play somewhere else.

  6. Without Federal term limits I’m afraid that soon after Trump is gone and another lifer Pol has become POTUS all formidable action attempting to drain the Swamp in DC will come to an end and the Federal pond scum once again flourish.
    I do agree wholeheartedly with enquirer that the SD GOP is just fine. Numbers speak for themselves.

    Tara you should really stick to posting smoothie videos. LOL

  7. I think I will do a Tara Tango drink next. That Lake Mitchell Algae smoothie could be hazardous to your health.

  8. Mr. Howie is the original overgodder.

    He finally paid me back the money he owed me, but he is still insaner than most.

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