After initial defiance, SDDP’s Slaight-Hansen appears to be softening towards resignation

In a story this last week on August 3, embattled South Dakota Democrat Party Chair Jennifer Slaight-Hansen was fairly defiant with regards to the demands for her to resign:

Annie Bachand, chair of the Pennington County Democrats, told KELOLAND News she met with Slaight-Hansen this week. Bachand said Slaight-Hansen told her she won’t resign unless she’s voted out.


Slaight-Hansen confirmed to KELOLAND News she does not plan to resign her position.


Slaight-Hansen said she was reluctant to share her side of the story but she is now reaching out to people inside the South Dakota Democratic Party to combat the recall effort.

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But, in a story a short time later, it sounds as if Slaight-Hansen may be seeing the handwriting on the wall:

Jennifer Slaight-Hansen said she is taking some time to think about calls for her to resign as chairwoman of the South Dakota Democratic Party. The former member of the Aberdeen City Council said she wants to have more individual conversations and work through the process before she makes a decision.

Read that here at Aberdeen Insider (Subscription required).

It looks like it took Slaight-Hansen a day to move off of “won’t resign” and “does not plan to resign” to “think about calls for her to resign.”

Wondering if we’ll see that happen this week or the next.

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