Amber Hulse meet & greet Tuesday night in Hermosa, Daryl Christensen meet & greet in Sioux Falls on Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posting – as Early/Absentee Voting approaches, it’s has been kind of nuts around here. It was good, in that I got to race across the state to see my bride on Saturday… where she got to watch me promptly fall asleep after we went to the Steerfish Steak & Smoke in Spearfish, SD.  Seriously. The 20oz ribeye was just crazy good. I ate about half of it at the meal, and had to abandon the rest for my wife to use on a steak salad, as I had to wake up the next morning and head back across to the east side of the river.

But, now that I’m back, wanted to point out a couple of events for great candidates.

First up, Amber Hulse, candidate for District 30 State Senate against the flawed post-natal counselor Julie Frye-Awful, is having a meet & greet Tuesday evening in Hermosa. Check it out, and please give Amber your support. You owe it to District 30, as well as new mothers everywhere.

Next up District 9 House Candidate Daryl Christensen is having a meet & greet event of his own on the Eastern half of the state for his race at Shenanigans in Sioux Falls:

Daryl is one of the four candidates running for two seats in the District 9 House race, and well worth supporting. Stop on by, say hi, and find out what the campaign is all about.

Keep watching the races!

8 thoughts on “Amber Hulse meet & greet Tuesday night in Hermosa, Daryl Christensen meet & greet in Sioux Falls on Thursday”

      1. Julie will be lucky if she gets 10% of the vote, and those will be people who have their heads up their rears. Amber gave some very brilliant answers at the Meet & Greet. She is very knowledgeable. JFM can’t get her bills passed because she doesn’t know what she is doing and is not liked by many people. Amber talks to the people as an equal. JFM thinks she is superior to her constituents.

  1. Yes Amber is rocking it !! Went to this meet and great and she is sincere, honest and knowledgeable!

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