SD College Republicans disavow SDSU event with Indy Candidate

From my mailbox:

South Dakota College Republicans Stands With Chairman Wiik and All REPUBLICAN Candidates

A couple days ago, I was informed about South Dakota State University College Republican’s decision to host an independent candidate for U.S. Congress. South Dakota College Republicans in no way endorses or supports this candidate in their run for U.S House.

South Dakota College Republicans will not endorse nor support any candidate that runs as an independent—even if they hold conservative values. As an auxiliary of the South Dakota Republican Party, we exist to support candidates who meet the requirements set forth by the bylaws of the SDGOP. If a candidate does not meet these requirements, they will not make it on the primary ballot nor garnish the support of South Dakota College Republicans.

Further, South Dakota College Republicans exists to encourage students to increase civic engagement and become more involved within the political processes of our state. Part of this includes encouraging involvement with and supporting candidates that best match their individual conservative ideology within primary elections. That being said, South Dakota College Republicans, as an organization, will remain neutral in all primary elections and will support whoever the eventual Republican nominee is.

We stand with SDGOP Chairman Wiik in enforcing bylaw 6A and supporting REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES for office. South Dakota College Republicans recognizes that Congressman Dusty Johnson is the only official U.S. House candidate for the SDGOP and fully supports his reelection effort.

As the newly elected state chair of South Dakota College Republicans, I look forward to the opportunity to work with our campus chapters to further conservative values and the mission of the SDGOP on our college campuses.


Taylor Van Emmerik
State Chair
South Dakota College Republicans

32 thoughts on “SD College Republicans disavow SDSU event with Indy Candidate”

      1. nah. McNeal was welcome to run as a Republican as long as he got enough signatures, but he didn’t. If he is serious about a political career, he needs to sit this year out, and run for the state legislature or Senate in ’26, let voters get to know him better.
        If he does that, he’ll be fine. But if he persists in running as an independent this year, his political career will be over in a flash
        Other people have tried this. It does not work. Maybe it works in Texas, Hawaii, or California but it doesn’t work here.

        1. Mc Neal shot himself in the foot when he decided to change his party to independent. Lost my respect as a true Republican.

              1. good recall, Gordon Howie also ran as an independent that year (2014) and he was done, too. In fact, the two of them couldn’t garner enough votes between them to be considered spoilers.

      2. It is good when these very young people reject the insanerism of fellows like the Messrs. Whalen, Tapio, Ravnsborg, Natvig, and even Haugaard the inanest of that group.

  1. The Freedom Caucus group should just create a different party. They don’t support the Republican Party, Republicans, or traditional Republican values. They are trying to rewrite the platform to make it a different party. They should just start their own and stop pretending to be Republicans.

    1. since the freedom caucus and trump have made the “R” party into a big dumpster fire, i think smart “R’s” who get put down as rinos should band together and start a RINO party and out- politick and out-fundraise the “R” party, in the manner of republicans of old. just a thought. being a good old-style “R” and faithfully hanging onto the dumpster fire prevents the FAFO fire department from putting out the blaze.

    2. While we are making new parties, lets create a fiscally conservative party too! We have both parties spending at record levels working for their donors, and nobody working for the people. If we stop giving government so much money, the “donors” should dry up some since there will be less money to give to them.

  2. The party of Thune, Rounds, Daugaard, Johnson, Noem, Janklow, Mickelson(s) is the real Republican Party in South Dakota. End of story.

  3. NOEM is full tilt Trump Party/MAGA Why do you think all these fringe conspiracists moved and are continuing to move to South Dakota?

      1. Our beloved shill/blog owner is now trying to prevent any mention of Coree Leewundawski. So many filters, Pat! Maybe she just shouldnt cheat on her husband?

          1. Or paying attention to the blatant hypocrisy of a “family values” Governor who cheats on her husband. Pitiful deflection attempt on your part.

    1. She decided to adapt to the moment and it’s putting our state in a great position. Her political views are still locked in with the Republican group listed. It makes no sense that folks suggest the establishment Republican are somehow supposed to walk away from the party when we are still controlling the party holding all of the big seats of office and both majorities within the legislative caucuses. One group is winning, and it’s us.

  4. Do you fellows know who thinks this is funnier even than grudznick thinks it is?

    Mr. Haugaard’s best friend, Mr. Nesiba. And anything Mr. Nesiba is for, Real Republicans are against.

  5. When a church congregation declared itself free of ecclesiastical control, it was described as “free.”
    They became “Free Lutherans,” “Free Methodists,” “Free Baptists,” etc. They became autonomous, and went their own ways.

    These county and auxiliary parties can be called “Free Republicans” and do whatever they want, and the (old) Republicans can form new organizations without them. The Free Republicans can hardly object to the new nomenclature, it sounds so much nicer than wackadoodles, and the (old) Republicans will be free of them.

    1. But the “Free” = Authoritarian Total Control using the government to control everything in our private lives from patient doctor relationships to what happens in the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.

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