And it’s looking like a fun June for me….

I found out this week that in addition to going to the Eagles concert (the one with the ridiculously priced tickets) in early June, that it looks like I might get to go to Washington DC.

I had hoped to go a month or two back for CPAC, but a death in the family and other obligations altered those plans. This opportunity kind of popped up out of the blue, so it’s looking like I get to go about June 15th.

Last time I went, I managed to hit Ford’s Theater, The Newseum, the Smithsonian World History and American History Museums, the Washington & Lincoln Memorials, and the Capitol.

What else is worth putting on my bucket list?

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        1. What’s this Popeyes of which you type? I was going to recommend the Perkins not far from the Foggy Bottom metro stop for Mr. PP to do some real chowing, but this Popeyes sounds very interesting.

          1. I’m not sure which one PP went to, the last one was fried chicken, with the spices infused, cooked into the meat, it wasn’t hot, but was full of flavor. The last place I went to baked the chicken and didn’t fry them in a pressure fryer although I have heard of some places do that now.

  1. MC is absolutely right. If I’m in a town or airport with Popeye’s, I eat there.

    Holocaust Museum, Mt. Vernon, a civil war battlefield if you have the time (Manassas is closest), an evening walk through Georgetown and stopping for beers and having Maryland Crab Cakes at the bar which was the inspiration for St. Elmo’s Fire (can’t remember the name but everyone will know if you ask directions), Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, and finally a do not miss is a walk through the campus of The George Washington University and stopping in their bookstore.

    1. If food is part of your experience I highly recommend Old Glory BBQ in Georgetown. Get a full rack of ribs and experiment with all the different sauces on the table.
      Always a must for me when I am in DC.

  2. Haven’t been to Manassas yet, but Antietam isn’t that far out, either and it’s well worth the visit.

    If you’re looking at short trips away from DC, Annapolis is a nice spot (the Naval Academy is there – my son attends). Baltimore Harbor is also very nice with some historic ships. Ft. McHenry is also just outside Baltimore.

    In DC area proper, Arlington is worth a visit and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown is always impressive. The WW2 Memorial is worth a walk-through. If you’re into museums, Troy’s suggestions are good, but I’d also take a gander at the National Art Gallery.

  3. If you’ve never had an Ollie Burger, you should definitely try one with a side of seasoned fries!

    “Over 40,000 viewers voted Ollie’s Trolley of 12th / E St, NW Washington, DC 20004 as the Number One hamburger place in the DC/VA/MD area.”

  4. Jefferson Memorial is my favorite…. National Archive is pretty neat and if you do anything go to Arlington and see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier… very powerful. Enjoy your visit.

  5. Pat

    There is a pub behind the House Office Buildings and also one behind the Senate Office Buildings you would enjoy. These pubs are frequented by many members and the walls have the pictures to show it.

  6. Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the unknown, Ad. Murphy grave site.
    The World War 2 memorial.

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