Bomb materials, AntiFa clothing, police-hate materials seized in Sioux Falls

I’m not sure what more person has to say about this. Person stockpiling scary amounts of bomb making materials & illegal firearms also in possession of radical liberal AntiFa clothing:

Bomb-making materials have been found at the apartment of a burglary suspect in Sioux Falls.

“…identified as ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder mixed together, which that compound, there is no legal purpose for it. It is an explosive.” says Captain Jason Gearman with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department.

Gearman says they also found an ‘Antifa’ coat and indications of extreme hatred for the police, fire and the government, and an improvised explosive device in the suspect’s vehicle. Also, some illegal firearms.

“Pretty safe to say that we stopped something from happening.  Again, we don’t know what that is.”

Read it here.

That should give people pause that violent AntiFa protesters are here in South Dakota.

51 thoughts on “Bomb materials, AntiFa clothing, police-hate materials seized in Sioux Falls”

  1. Just viewed his facebook page and this guy looks like the opposite extreme of Antifa. Not many Antifa watch or like Fox news and have Republican elected officials, Tea Party, 2nd Amendement and all that on their facebook pages. Looks more like the Hard Right Domestic terrorist type.

      1. Antifa are not known to have guns and they work in numbers while being masked and gang up on their targets. One Antifa would get the crap beat out of them. They don’t follow Rush Limbau and have all that hard right stuff on their facebook pages. Whoever came up with this has this all wrong and does not fit the profile. Mark Russo from KELO Radio?

        1. Take it up with Captain Jason Gearman from the Sheriff’s Dept. Per the article:
          “…identified as ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder mixed together, which that compound, there is no legal purpose for it. It is an explosive.” says Captain Jason Gearman with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department.

          Gearman says they also found an ‘Antifa’ coat and indications of extreme hatred for the police, fire and the government, and an improvised explosive device in the suspect’s vehicle. Also, some illegal firearms.”

          1. Hatred for police? That could be pot and other drug users along with other habitual law breakers to again Hard Right Domestic Terrorists which there are different groups of them. They are out there. Antifa are not known to have explosives either. They usually don’t have cars.

            1. 10:28 – One Goggle or YouTube search exposes your lies. You must get your information from CNN (Fake News) so I understand why you are extremely misinformed.

              1. Goggle? Never heard of it. Must be a conspiracy theory search engine. No thanks.

                1. There’s a tremendous difference bw a spelling error and your lies.

                  Antifa has limited requirements listed for you to join: be a coward, hate in your heart and willing to use violence against others you must only disagree with.

                  There’s no age limit or even occupation requirement. You do know about the teachers, in CA, who have joined the Resistance? No, you don’t, bc you’re to concerned with spelling errors and telling lies. Do you know about the SD Democratic candidates who are part of the Resistance? Bet they’re dropping their likes on that FB page and deleting pics of them saluting in support of the Resistance.

                  Antifa is a terrorist organization, and they’re overjoyed you’re supporting them, have you received your acceptance letter?

                  1. I do not like Antifa or Hard Right extremist Domestic terrorists. They are disgusting and have no place in our society but it is always interesting to observe that the same people that attack Antifa never admit there are Right wing extreme homegrown terrorists too. Get a grip!

                    1. Uh-oh, you’ve been called out and are angry. Anger is another principle Antifa likes their members to have and be ready to display at a moments notice.

                      Get a clue!

      2. Anyone can own a coat. See how easy it is to dismiss inconvenient information?

  2. 43 years old? This guy ain’t AntiFa. If there’s anything to this, my money’s on this genius planning a false flag op.

  3. Seems there are a lot of Antifa knowledge floating around that’s a mile wide and an inch deep. Antifa is complicated and has a history in the US for at least around 40 years. We hear more about it now thanks to social media.
    According to the ADL (
    -Antifa made its way to the US in the 70s
    -Antifa is not an organized group
    -“Their presence at a protest is intended to intimidate and dissuade racists, but the use of violent measures by some antifa against their adversaries can create a vicious, self-defeating cycle of attacks, counter-attacks and blame.”
    -“These antifa sometimes use a logo with a double flag, usually in black and red.”
    Please take time to research a topic and educate yourself on it before spouting off that law enforcement is “off the mark” or blaming a KELO radio personality.

  4. Further investigation will prove Einerwold is part of the Anti-Trump Democratic “Resistance” group that uses violence to achieve political ends. Antifa members start riots and fires, have thrown rocks and urine bottles at police officers, beat people with bike locks. There’s undercover video of Antifa members describing weapons they’d be using to shut down a speech Shapiro was giving on the Utah State campus: regular rifle, assault weapon and sawed-off shotgun. Thankfully our officers stopped a potential tragedy from happening to them and/or other SF residents. #BlueLivesMatter.

    Let us not forget which party has embraced and cheers Antifa… Democrats.
    Keith Ellison posed with the Antifa handbook.
    Hillary Clinton’s former spokesman, Brian Fallon, compared Antifa to our soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy.

    1. Investigate for yourself – simply check out his facebook page. This guy’s an ammosexual nutjob and a continual “victim”. Cops got this one wrong (or at least chose to report whatever would trigger folks to call for increased police budgets).

      1. Thank goodness you’re not a police officer, detective or investigative journalist.

        Keep your insults coming, I’m sure our cops appreciate your support. Our officers stopped a potential tragedy from occurring and you talk like you know something. You don’t.

      2. You’re basically saying that if something is posted on Facebook, it must be true.

        1. Go look at his page. Sure, it could be a years-long con, but this clown doesn’t seem bright enough to pull that off. I suppose it could be Russian bots and a Deep State plot to frame the poor guy, but his burned up hands from a gunpowder mishap paint a simpler picture.

          1. You take a fake FB page as the truth over police testimony of evidence found and you insult SF police officers claiming they’re reporting false information. That’s exactly what these Resistance groups do, spread lies and sympathize with scum. Are you a member? There are pics of you inciting violence with fist raised in support of Antifa?

            Crawl back into the hole you came from.


            1. Do you have evidence the page is fake? Occam’s Razor applies here in the absence of further facts from authorities and media.

            2. What was the police “testimony of evidence”? I live in Portland, this place is crawling with Antifa scum and I’ve never seen an Antifa jacket, coat, shirt, whatever. What did he do, write ANTIFA on the back of a denim jacket like METALLICA? You have to think, how many 43 year old white men from South Dakota are likely to be Antifa?

              1. So, then you’re familiar with Joey Gibson. I am, and I’m also familiar with all the peaceful rallies he has held that turned violent once Antifa/BAM showed up with their Antifa shirts and hammer and sickle banners.

                Are you aware there are Antifa members who have been arrested? Within that public information, the ages of these members are included. Stay informed.

                1. Is the (J-School) Justice Department letting you have access to the Internet?

  5. We should just drop off the hard right domestic terrorists and Antifa on an island surrounded by sharks. No weapons or protective gear. Both are consumed with hate and anger and let them beat the crap out of each other.

    1. Agree w/ Anon. The bomb-building, cop-hating terrorists who call themselves antifa and the equally-repulsive terrorists who waive the swastika should all be deposited on some remote, desert island to fight it out. hope every hater = defeated

  6. this man had true problems, big problems. obviously very troubled and desperate. this is more than just political. its very messed up.

  7. And now his brother confirms he is the farthest thing from antifa. This guy is a right wing terrorist. He probably wanted the jacket to get in to harm those he hates.

    1. this guy hated government. antifa loves government, so much that they try to own it, harass opponents who want to access it, and suppress the vote of opponents who want to be elected to it. they are different. this poor fellow had serious personal problems.

  8. “That is what shocks me, ’cause my dad is so right-winged and conservative, pro government,” Sean Einerwold said.

    If it quacks like a duck…

    1. Should the brother and father be held responsible? They should’ve known what Einerwold was up to and reported him? Just because his dad was so right-winged doesn’t mean his adult children are required to be that way too. Don’t we often hear how no one knew what their family member/friend/co-worker was doing behind closed doors whether a shooting, domestic abuse or suicide… “I don’t understand it, they were so nice. Such a great person.” The fake FB page was one way to throw off his family, keep them in the dark. Alcoholics and drug addicts do very similar things.

  9. Waiting on that update that says “Violent right wing gun nuts are in South Dakota.”

    I’d also accept an apology from everyone who said there’s no way the cops could’ve gotten this wrong.

    1. You’re going to be waiting for a long time, maybe long enough for you to finish your copy of the anti-government Antifa manifesto.

    2. It will come out soon enough that he had zero ties to Antifa and was trying to do some false flag operation, as someone else mentioned above.

      1. You’re right, the Antifa paraphernalia and bomb making materials were not his, he was just holding them for a friend or they could’ve been planted in his home while he wasn’t looking.

  10. I hope this is not what they are calling a no legal purpose explosive

    Tannerite brand targets explode when shot by a high-velocity bullet. Low-velocity bullets and shotgun ammunition will not initiate a reaction.[1]

    The reaction occurs at a very high velocity, producing a large vapor cloud and a loud report. It is marketed as a target designation that is useful for long-range target practice: the shooter does not need to walk down-range to see if the target has been hit, as the target will react and serve as a highly visible indicator.

    Tannerite targets are sold in pre-sized quantities. The package includes a first, target container and a second container. An oxidizer composition is contained within one of the containers and a catalyst composition is contained within the other container.

    The product consists of two components: a fuel mixed with a catalyst or sensitizer, and a bulk material or oxidizer. The fuel/catalyst mixture is 90% 600-mesh dark flake aluminum powder, combined with the catalyst that is a mixture of 5% 325-mesh titanium sponge and 5% 200-mesh zirconium hydride[1] (with an earlier patent[7] listing 5% zirconium hydroxide). The oxidizer is a mixture of 85% 200-mesh ammonium nitrate and 15% ammonium perchlorate.[1]

  11. Off topic, but you need to get something out there about Paul Erickson. The guy is a tota con man and is making national news. THE SD political blog should have something out here!

      1. And that is why you will never have the best political blog in SD. Your inability to address such huge developments for fear of casting any shade on “your” party is not only a disservice to your readers, but your country as well. Party politics is for losers.

        1. And what does one say when we find out the so-called Russian spy met with two senior U.S. officials in the Obama administration before the 2016 election? Does that cast shade on “your” party? Party politics is for losers.

          1. If they knew she was a spy, lock them up. Same goes for Dusty. I would guess they didn’t know which is why I haven’t accused Dusty either. Not acknowledging it happened at all is just poor journalism. Then again, bloggers aren’t journalists and don’t have the same protections because they are clearly biased. I guess press releases are the real way to engage readers in logical discussion….lol

  12. In this comment section: right-leaning commenters declare this person an antifa member with some evidence to support it; left-leaning commenters declare this person an alt-righter with some evidence to support it; the truth likely sits ignored somewhere else.

    Dude just seems like a mentally ill person latching onto whatever ideology he can to express his anger.

  13. Anonymous 9:45,

    I totally agree. I’ve never made a comment exploiting the discovered political leanings of a school shooter or other such lone wolf lunatic. They are lunatics and not a reflection on any normal group to which they might affiliate.

    Left-wing Antifa and Right-wing Nazi’s are the same- Lunatics. Let’s quit making them into news stories. We only encourage the lunatic to act instead of imagine.

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      1. Hi, Ike. It will most importantly help to improve your comprehension skills. :p

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