51 thoughts on “Bush… Then Trump. Anyone latching on to a candidate yet?”

  1. Valerie Jarrett
    Straight talk , take no prisoners could be are Thatcher .

    1. I’m not that bad it’s” our” switched thoughts in mid stream .

      1. if you’re advocating jarrett, why not double down and go right to the flotus?

  2. Like Rep. Steve Westra, I have committed early and wholeheartedly to Jeb Bush. I think he has the best chance to unite the GOP and win us the White House.

    1. Unlike Westra, I don’t believe the country needs another progressive Republican; rather, the country needs to do a 180, and only an actual conservative can do that. Bush can pretend all he wants, but he is not conservative, and he is not the person to lead the country after the tenure of the inexperienced, narcissistic, socialist, Barack Hussein Obama.

      1. i don’t think you can succeed a left-oriented tyranny by convincing people it’s time for a right-oriented tyranny, which is how the centrists, independents and lefties will see it. so i don’t think that a rock-solid conservative is the answer. most other republicans know it in their gut too. if the media of today had been around in 1980, Reagan would never have come to power, and we’d have had three terms of carter followed by three terms of ted kennedy. with carter, modale and dukakis debacles right in a row, the democrats seem to have vowed to stop telling people what they really plan to do. it’s working well for them, vis a vis clinton and obama. CONVERSLY, we don’t have a single conservative that’s hiding their intention to go hard far right, so they better get set for the trip to carter/mondale/dukakis land. sorry, i’m not backing someone guaranteed to head for loser-land, doctrinally correct though they be.
        to tell the truth, i really miss janklow, and chris christie really resonates with me right now. and trump, oddly enough.

        1. the casual reader might think that i want a candidate who easily lies to everyone. no. not at all. if you compare carter/mondale/dukakis the commonality there is a certain arrogance regarding their DUTY to the history and destiny of our nation. they freely told everyone it was time to take their medicine, while their home crowd cheered and everyone else abandoned them. too many republicans are giving the republican version of the ‘we all must take the medicine’ speech and NOBODY WANTS IT. look at reagan, look at george w. bush – they put a vision for the country front and center at a time when the public at large felt that greatness needed to be restored. the message i’m listening for will always involve the path to renewal of greatness.

  3. Pat,

    First, I am looking at a “gal” (Fiorina).

    Second, I’m in general comfortable with the field and their ability to actually be President. I’m still watching to see who demonstrates the breadth of skills to be good candidates.

    Third, for me it is going to be a process of elimination as the campaign goes along. So far, I have only eliminated Trump.

    1. I’m watching Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

      I’ve almost completely ruled out Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal. If one of these six gets the nomination, I’ll probably end up voting for a minor-party candidate in the general election.

      1. you’re voting hilary instead of bush-christie-trump-perry-graham-jindal. that is breathtakingly treasonous. thanks.

        1. You misspelled Hillary’s name, and no, I’m not likely to vote for her.

          1. you won’t be voting in a way that opposes her. she wants the republican vote split. so decide how much you like her as you make your dares and promises over there. what you do will matter but not in the way you think it will. HILLARY HILLARY HILLARY. happy?

            1. I’m not making dares or promises about an election that’s over 16 months away, but if you believe you can manipulate me into supporting another crappy Republican nominee based on fear and loathing of Hillary Clinton, you’ve probably got the wrong guy.

  4. Troy, why did you eliminate Trump? I liked his speech, like the fact that he can’t be bought by lobbyists etc, especially like that he is NOT a politician. I realize he’s opinionated, has a good view of himself, but he is strong and won’t let the US be pushed around anymore and won’t be pushed around by the political winds. I like him! And he doesn’t need a teleprompter!

    I don’t like Common Core, therefore don’t like Bush. Also wonder what he will do on immigration.

  5. Come on has everyone lost their sense of humor ? Lets help the dems diversify their field of candidates . We have 12 announced & probably not done yet . It will take a lot of research , for me at least , to pick a candidate to support .

    1. you are one of my favorite lawmakers sir, but seriously, the ONLY way that the democratic field will increase is if some kind of star-trek transporter accident suddenly creates two hillary clintons.

  6. IMO, it’s way too early to pick a favorite candidate. I agree with Troy Jones that Carly Fiorina is interesting and I sincerely doubt I’ll support Donald Trump. Of course, I’m VERY likely to support any GOP nominee over the so-far declared and likely Dem candidates.

    One thing I’m watching for is the almost inevitable “scandal” each candidate will face in the media. The NY Times botched its consultant-aided efforts against March Rubio, but watch for more of the same kind of reporting against all the candidates. At least one of the “scandal” stories will hit pay dirt and at least one viable candidate will become a joke or worse. We just don’t know who yet.

  7. Springer: I don’t think Trump has the skills to be a candidate and I’m not sure he has the skills to be President. Before I even assess views and opinions, I eliminate people by these two tests. because:

    1) A guy who doesn’t have what it takes to win the election is a waste of time.

    2) A guy who won’t be able to run the government is not going to have the political capital to move the public or Congress on issues I agree with. Obama has taught us that lesson.

    Maybe doing it the other way works for you, it doesn’t for me. Santorum is probably the guy who has the values I most aspire to and holds issue positions closest to mine. Despite doing what it took to win Iowa in the last election, I never saw him as a candidate with the skills to win the primary or general. Because I think he is doing better as a candidate this year, I’ve not yet put him in my “rule out” category. In particular, last election he never spoke or did interviews outside his natural base. This time he is doing more outside his base and handling it well.

    Regarding Bush and Common Core, are you trying to talk me into picking him? 🙂

    1. i’m not sure what you’re talking about with obama lacking capital and ability. the dashle-reid senate and the pelosi house used their two years of joint power to virtually cripple the previous social order so that their new template could be welded over it all once obama or clinton were elected. bho’s advent is really illustrative of what a science election-nullification has become. obama’s first two years should be required reading for any future student researching the term “bloodless coup.”

  8. I was thinking of Tacitus when I referred to Bush in my comment; guess I’ll have to read closer!

    Trump has run businesses successfully, and the federal govt is nothing more than a bloated, overly huge bureaucratic business, and I think we need a businessman to run it more than a politician who is tied to his donors and political winds and future career. I like other candidates too for their stances but don’t know if they will have the money to run a successful campaign against Jeb. Trump will. I heard Juan Williams say that he could vote for Jeb Bush; I guess that says it all as to Bush’s true conservative values.

  9. Springer,

    I’m not sure what Williams could say that would influence me. Anyway, the oldest game in town is to damn with faint praise (reverse psychology). If Bush is the candidate the Dem’s most fear, Williams comment served its purpose with you.

    I hear you with regard to Trump’s business acumen and its potential value in running the government (I assume you gave Romney the same consideration). However, as I said above I’m not sure he has the depth of skills to be President because his particular demeanor may not be effective with Congress (a critical component of affecting change).

    Don’t get me wrong. If Trump displays skills I currently think he lacks, I can still change my mind as my elimination of him isn’t absolute. I just don’t expect it.

    1. I did support Romney last time, in large part because of his business acumen. Our country would be in a much better place now if he had won, and even many Dems realize this. I realize that Trump’s demeanor is not what we are used to with politicians, but that is one of the reasons I like him! He says what he thinks, not what is politically expedient at the time. It will be an interesting year to be sure.

  10. It will be hard for this primary to not become a sideshow circus.

    Rubio, Bush, Walker and Kasich are the most serious of candidates. They might want to form a unit that skips debates if it’s full of sideshow actors.

  11. It’ll be JEB vs Hillary in 2016. Bush (to me) isn’t as extreme as McCain (The Military is the Only Solution) and Romney (The Business Crook) and seems to have a definite chance to be President. *MMSU … my mind’s still undecided

    1. you’re the most bankable rubber stamp for hillary ever to pop hot and fresh out of the mold

    2. Hillary!

      Talks about old, rehashed rock soup in a new pantsuit.

      That’s what the Dems are about: same old hags spouting FDR tripe.

    3. Romney was a crook? That statement implicates all business/men-women as such. Capitalism is taught to be agnostic with capitol. It goes through the path of least resistance and where its appreciated. To call Romney such is to not understand our economy. Wont bother reading your posts as it demonstrates to well your lack of basic economic understandings.

  12. Rand Paul. And even though they’re quite a ways apart on many things, I’d support Romney in a heartbeat if he were to change his mind. I think he has the potential to be a great President at a time we sorely need one. I think he’s too liberal, but I also feel he has the potential to be a great statesman and who am I to object to that.

  13. Walker, maybe Bush. I’ve already dismissed Cruz, Trump, and Rubio (though I think Rubio would be a damn fine VP choice for many candidates). We keep referencing Trump’s business acumen, even putting him in the same class as Romney, which I think is really disingenuous. Romney ran Bain brilliantly and made oodles of cash on leveraged buyouts, while Trump has had to declare corporate bankruptcy on 4 occasions and, as a result, doesn’t even own a controlling interest in the business that bears his name.

  14. The clown car runneth over….. How did the last (R) president work out? Yes I know those that elected Duuubbhhya twice don’t want his name mentioned… What about that half governor y’all tried to put one heartbeat away from being president? What’s she doing today?

    1. you know you’re writing this post on a blog in a state that has voted overwhelmingly for the republican in every election since truman. you know that right?

  15. Conservatives …. “Why do the super-rich steal?”
    – Statement from Neil Young’s longtime manager: “DONALD TRUMP’s use of ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ was not authorized. Mr. Young is a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders.” http://bit.ly/1INIvc6

    1. actually, venues employing the use of music have to pay fees to maintain a license which allows licensed music to be heard in that venue. so trump’s use of any song he feels like was covered under the music license for that venue. he is probably prevented from using it exclusively in his television and radio advertising, and the copyright owner could block that use.

      1. you know who gets the BATCRAP played out of their song with probably not that much payback, is the dropkick-murphys for their song “shipping up to boston.” it’s heard in every sports arena, in sam adams beer commercials, every political rally, just everywhere.

      2. His campaign manager knew they were’t supposed to play it. It’s Neil Young, the most liberal anti-Trump guy in music. Tell it to a judge. YOU’RE FIRED.

      3. the evidence of a broken law is police response / lawsuits – and i dont’ see that evidence porter. a band manager can say “oh he wasn’t authorized,” but my point was that in that instance, he didn’t have to seek permission. if he uses it expressely as an ongoing theme, THEN the door is open for legal sanction. oddly, mother jones didn’t publish an objective story this time. weird isn’t it.

  16. So, are any of you supporting Rafael, the foreign born son of a father who fought with the Castro communists?

    Why doesn’t anybody mention the last (R) prez. as reason to elect another (R)? Why do those that elected Duuubbbya twice not mention his name and whine when it is mentioned?

      1. jaa dee is trying to make some kind of point that claims we’re all ashamed of george w. bush and are keeping silent because of the shame. what a laugh. they WANT us to be ashamed of our support for bush 43 but screw that. i proudly cast my ballots for bush every time his name came along and i’d do it again in a heartbeat every damn time. there isn’t a collective aggregate of democrat leaders who altogether have even a smidgen of the class, wisdom, social grace and temperament displayed at all times by george w. bush. the democrats all wished constantly that bill clinton could be president forever. well, a lot of republicans wish we’d have eight more years of bush 43 than we got. every complaint about his final two years can be better laid at the feet of the treacherous and feckless destruction of congress by harry reid and nancy pelosi and nobody else.

        1. and the democrats aren’t done ripping the guts out of what is left of congress and the representative governmental processes. witness harry reid’s declaration one week that ‘democrats must shut down the government if republicans won’t accept the president’s social spending plan’ THEN a few days later the occupy democrats national ad campaign declaring “REPUBLICANS WILL SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT IF DEMOCRATS DON’T SIGN ON TO THEIR PLAN TO DESTROY SOCIAL PROGRAMS’ or somesuch. lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie it just can’t stop can it because it’s the only pony trick the democrats have left

          1. What did we get from the invasion of Iraq that was worth one American life? Do you want a list of the lies told by Duuhhhbya and Co.? You were a fan of the worst recession ever? Why don’t you compare the state of the union today with Jan. 2009…..” every complaint about his final two years” etc.? So, the buck only stops at the prez. when the prez. is a (D)? Did Bush want the Iraq war? did he want tax cuts for the rich? Did he want Medicare -D? ALL on credit… If Duhhbbya wasn’t responsable for hie term as prez. then tell us how it “can be laid at the feet of the”–etc.–(name calling)… Let us not forget that the worst attack on this country ever happened with Bush in office…after he ignored the warnings….etc. etc. etc.

            ” or somesuch.”? Really? Sir, you either know what you are talking about or you don’t..Lie—List them… Do you actually have any facts that can be confirmed?

            1. “worst recession ever” is such an overblown term – – using it for anything that happened after the 1940’s really is an incredible rewriting of the horror of the great depression. you should be ashamed. every so-called “worst recession ever” has been a bunch of rhetorical crap put forth by congressional democrats for political leverage, nothing more. there has been a longer period of low/no growth under this president than any previous republican ever, regardless of what the cbo cheerleaders say.
              regarding Iraq, and what you call “bush lies,” i plainly and fully disagree with how you define “lies.” and i plainly and fully apply the classic definition of “lies” to 1. the clinton presidency and clinton and gore too, 2. the senate stewardship of george mitchell, tom daschle, and harry reid, and 3. the brief house leadership of nancy pelosi. her four years as 3rd in line to the presidency were breathtakingly deceptive and destructive, like the public-policy version of a tornado in a trailer park. all of these democrat fiefdoms were so lie-filled they’re beyond comprehension.
              i stand by my every vote for george w. bush and this state’s republicans without any doubt or question whatsoever, and do so gladly in support of the greatness of this country.

              1. re: “somesuch” i was 90 percent correct in relaying the “occupy democrats” promotional headline. ‘somesuch’ was to indicate that i was correctly relaying the essential message, but not the precise wording. i listed in full what i was listing, you didn’t read it closely. what a shock.

                1. Sir, I won’t waste my time researching what you claimed but, I don’t think you can corroborate anything you say except maybe that the Repugs did shut down the government because they can’t get their way and have threatened it again….How did that shutdown work out for your babies?
                  Sir, you have posted nothing factual nor even serious given your convenient necessity to create your personal meanings for words to deflect from having a rational discourse. If you actually made a sensible statement as fact that could be referenced it could be refuted in seconds You have cliche childish -name calling, but you refused to answer several questions I asked— I suppose you are used to preaching such blather to the choir, huh?

              2. “worst recession ever” is such an overblown term – No sir, it is not, facts are facts–Just an example-

                You are entitled to your personal def. of “lie” for convenience no matter how senseless it is.. Your list of “lies” is senseless, sir.




                As I asked–Do you actually have any facts that can be confirmed? Do you only deny facts that are proven?

      2. It might be “incoherent” because you have no idea which (R) prez. wannabee I am referring to.

  17. Stephanopilis is a Journalist.Rachel Dolezal is Black. Bruce Jenner is a woman. Al Sharpton is a Reverend. Al Gore is a scientist. Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. Hillary Clinton is honest. See how it works in Liberal America.

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