Chad Haber trying to raise 100k for Annette’s appeal to the Supreme Court.

If you haven’t reached your BS quota today, it soon will be overflowing after you’ve read the latest fundraising appeal from Chad Haber, who is apparently trying to raise $100,000 for Annette’s appeal to the Supreme Court.

Annette Bosworth Legal Defense Fund Letter 9/15

“The smell of danger lurked in the air from the first day of jury selection. The extremes to which the State went to collude against my wife left me speechless…. But the state had what they wanted– a jury trial in the backyard of the corrupt Attorney General, Marty Jackley as well as the home town for Senator Mike Rounds.”

The letter is so overly dramatic, I’ve seen less ham at a Catholic funeral!  Seriously. It’s such a ridiculous distortion as well as being full of complete and utter BS, I’m not sure how someone could actually put it on paper.

But, then again, I forget who we’re talking about.

Chad will soon have his own day in court.  And he’ll have an opportunity to figure out which version of the truth the jury will believe.

8 thoughts on “Chad Haber trying to raise 100k for Annette’s appeal to the Supreme Court.”

  1. These two are parasites like human wood ticks. Take responsibility for your actions, move on and get good honest jobs!

  2. If his appeal had started out: ” It was a dark and stormy night…” I would have thrown $10 his way.

  3. “The local media touted, ‘If Marty Jackley loses this trial against Annette Bosworth, he will lose his election when he runs for Governor in 2018.'”

    I’m having trouble finding that quote in any local media. Can anyone locate that alleged quote?

  4. “getting as many hours of community service as possible before the September medical board hearing”

    —and before her expensive family fishing trip to Alaska. Ah, priorities.

  5. I thought “That” court trial was in Hughes Co. Huh it must have been out in Meade Co. ; AG’s backyard……

  6. The good thing is after Marty gets chad the state can sell all those black vans and pocket the cash.

  7. He references “the experts” several times in the letter, and each time “the experts” were wrong. He needs to listen to real experts, not just the ones that tell him what he wants to hear. This is worse than a train wreck.

  8. Sadly, they’re likely sent to the same national donors they received from during the election. Those people reading and sending (likely the elderly) have no clue about the falsehoods you all mention above. As if having it in an opponent’s hometown makes a difference but he doesn’t mention it’s where the capitol of our state is. And had to bring up the RV… Simply wow.

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