Childhood disease anti-vaxxer movement part of “medical freedom” rallies in Sioux Falls

Remember the Anti-Vaxxer legislation from 2020?

House Bill 1235 was the bill where former State Representative Lee Qualm intimated that among other things that vaccinations caused autism, and they were trying to make vaccines for polio, measles, rubella, mumps, etcetera, optional, allowing people to opt-out of them, despite decades and decades of medical evidence?

Well, the people behind it haven’t gone away, but rather, they’ve blurred into the crowd, and are re-emerging as part of the COVID objector movement, declaring that it’s all about Health Freedom. And they’re taking part in an anti-vaccination rally next week:

Mya Olson, founder of “Health Freedom South Dakotawas one of the chief proponents of 2020’s House Bill 1235, and is actively participating in anti-vaccination rallies focused on COVID, such as the above event on Tuesday, as well as another event being promoted for September 18th:

Granted, being in an event with State Rep. Jon Hansen is not as fringe as a rally with Lora Hubbel and a pseudo-science practitioner, but the message is pretty clear.

That across the board that the same anti-vaxxers who were lobbying to let those unvaccinated for measles and polio into school environments are also part of the movement against business owners determining health policies for their own workplace.

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  1. With all due respect, Pat, the Patriot Ripple Effect states clearly in their Press Release that they are NOT opposing the vaccine, but rather the mandate(s.) And they are a separate group from the bandshell organization, which it appears you realize. Thank you.

    1. Brad, the point is that the leader of the anti-vax movement is the featured speaker at both events, no matter what the ripple people support.

      1. “Childhood disease anti-vaxxer”, unfortunately it’s labels and reports like this, promulgating the fear of an oppressed two tier class, that’s fueling this fight.

        Reminiscent of Nazi era propaganda calling Jews diseased, these types of needless slurs due nothing to ease concerns, or inspire trust.

        The simple fact is, 1 in 3 healthcare professionals are refusing this shot, and in fact the largest cumulative group of unvaccinated individuals in America is amongst pHDs, Doctors and Scientists. Who are now walking off the job, rather than comply with mandates. Regardless of your personal views, I’m sure you’d rather have qualified care providers available if you get sick and need help, vaccine status aside.

        Does it really matter who’s standing with those care providers? And better question; why aren’t you standing up for them? Their departure has catastrophic implications for the future of our collapsing healthcare infrastructure, that span from economic impacts to our ability to meet this new surge head on.

        Perhaps it’s time to place your own feelings aside, and actually do the job of a journalist, asking why they’ve decided to abstain. After all, these are the smartest people amongst us.

        1. Your hysteric hyperbolae aside, “Childhood disease anti-vaxxer” is not just a label when they actually testified on a bill to make vaccination for polio & measles optional.

          And somehow, I don’t think posting crazy stuff on Facebook counts as being “another journalist.”

    2. Why won’t they get the vaccine then? If they wouldn’t have politicized it in the first place it wouldn’t be a problem and a mandate wouldn’t be needed. They are being anti-vax here, plain and simple.

    1. They will keep this virus circulating and mutating for years. But doesn’t calling it “Medical Freedom” sound nice. Bring your flags!

  2. Why does it not surprise me Sleepy Joe’s basement blogger buddy Fat Pat, still supports vaxx mandates? You may live in fear and lack the ability to access risk, but that doesn’t means everyone does too. A “Republican” blog supporting possibly the largest government overreach in history, falls right in line with the many other posts that continuously pop up on this site and fly in the face of republican values but are in the best interest of one of your advertisers…be better Fat Pat, you are officially on Cory’s level.

    As Republicans from everywhere blast Sleepy Joe for his vaxx mandates, Fat Pat decides it’s a great idea to start some friendly fire and attack other Republicans instead. What a joke.

    1. I’d leave that comment up, Pat. It speaks for itself.

      His “republican values” include obnoxiousness and a total disregard for the health of others.

      1. I’m almost always opposed to removing comments, but comments with this kind of harsh, dehumanizing name-calling are an exception, especially when the name-calling is directed at the very person who provides us with this forum.

      2. Clearly they lack the courage of their convictions.

        And have an issue with reading comprehension, since all I was doing was pointing out that the fringe anti-vaxxers are aligning with those who want to tell business owners what they can and cannot do.

  3. Everyone should attend this rally. And bring… cigarettes, cigars or medical marijuana… to blow in their faces.

    Now that’s FREEDOM.

  4. These people do not understand that by taking the decision making away from businesses, they are turning the power over to the government. Doesn’t that set a scary precedent?

  5. Today’s Argus:

    Sneve: We’ve seen cases go up in South Dakota since July 1, nowhere more so than in the Black Hills. Do you think the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally had a role in that?

    Gov. Noem: Well, from what we’ve been tracking, no, not a significant role… I think quite a few number of cases that we’ve seen in the Hills have been schoolchildren

    OMG. Busting a gut here. Morbidly funny. Any fair reading of the data, which she sees EVERY DAY, will demonstrate the complete fiction of that answer.

    Do you think this is a game, Governor Noem? Do you think we are that stupid? There are real South Dakotans dying because of this garbage.

    Meade County (Sturgis) is up about 25 times the cases since the beginning of rally. The Black Hills up about 10 times. The rest of the state up about 5 times. Of course the rally impacted the whole state to some degree but in the Black Hills, the evidence is crystal clear.

    P.S. The rise in cases was already underway for three weeks when school started. But – nice head fake there, Governor.

  6. little e, if you look at the true science you will find the rally has no bigger infection rate than citys of similar size.
    however the Dem legislatures that left Texas to go on vacation rather than do the job they were sworn to do had an extremely high rate of infection. I think you and a lot of your comrades are just grasping at straws. Kristi is more resilient to attacks from worms like you than you think.

    1. You start with an insult.. and end with one. And I didn’t see any of that “true science” in between.

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