Senator Rounds’ statement on the Biden mandate

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  1. The only way we defeat the virus is through herd immunity. To do that at least 250 million Americans must be immune. They get immunity by getting the disease or by vaccinations. Waiting for another 100 million to get the disease will overwhelm our medical system preventing people with appendicitis, heart failure or car accident access to ICU units. It also means another million deaths.
    Biden had to do that. If he didn’t he should be impeached.

    1. All you need to do is look at the South Dakota DOH’s pie charts showing hospital capacity, and you can see they aren’t being overwhelmed.
      The virus is transitioning to endemic status, meaning that somebody, somewhere, is always going to have it. Because it is an RNA virus it will mutate forever, into different strains, and it will never go away..It’s time to learn to live with it.

    2. Do a little checking and you will see that there is more than just Covid patients that are contributing to heavier burdens at hospitals. There were mass layoffs of hospital staff when hospitals decided to forego elective surgeries. Also, the dictatorial mandating of the vaccine to keep your job has caused many health care workers to quit.

  2. Would someone please tell me why this is called a “War College?” The war we are fighting is the war against Covid-19

          1. You do realize you are living out a stereotype, right? Use your head. Reasonable people can disagree and that doesn’t make them evil. It doesn’t mean they “hate women” or “hate America.” Your brain is so balkanized that you can’t see you do the same thing to others that get upset about when they do to you.

  3. Have you all seen the current trend? This isn’t political, the vaccines are not perfect, but the reality is there are less severe cases and less deaths if you are vaccinated. The vast majority in the hospital and on ventilators are unvaxed. ICU beds in Rapid City are full and they are now expanding to regular hospital beds, this isn’t where we want to go back to…..

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