Citizens for Liberty bringing pressure on Sheriffs who have endorsed Ravnsborg

This is interesting.

Citizens for Liberty via their representative Tonchi Weaver are weirdly trying to interject themselves into the Attorney General contest by writing Sheriffs who have endorsed AG Candidate Jason Ravnsborg:

Of course, it doesn’t help Weaver’s credibility that there actually isn’t a primary in the Attorney General’s race, so right off the bat, she’s providing these sheriffs with erroneous information.

It’s a GOP convention race among delegates, so there’s really no information for them to gather for a mailer. Much less people to mail it to, other than republican delegates.

That might be an important piece of information for her offer to the sheriffs up front. (Never works out well to lie to law enforcement.)

Moving on….

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  1. I’d assume they are supporting Russel? This will be an exciting convention to see how it all plays out. My prediction is that there will be 3 ballots. With either Fitzgerald or Ravnsborg coming out on top.

    1. No assumption required. They are definitely pushing Russell. They are doing everything they can to get their members in precinct positions, so they can attend the GOP Convention and influence the outcome. Same people who attacked Jackie Sly when she ran against Phil Jensen. Same people that attacked Rep. Dave Johnson when he ran against Phil Jensen.

    1. My memory is that all the AG candidates have been running for almost a year (with the exception of Russell who threw his hat near the ring later in 2017). It seems to me if you are running for the office then people in a position that work with that office should know of your candidacy, if not then the candidate didn’t do a very good job.

    2. Where does it say that the Sheriffs who endorsed want to back out of the endorsement? All I see is a group who wants to know why they endorsed Ravnsborg, nothing more. If this group supports a specific candidate they should say it.

  2. I’m from East River and am one of the Delegates that will be voting at the convention. I’m not voting based on lobbying or popularity; rather, whom I sincerely believe is best qualified to serve the Great State of South Dakota- Mr. John Fitzgerald.

    1. @anon. Surely you Jest. How is Fitzgerald the most qualified, because he tried a few court cases? Where is his leadership experience, where is his management experience, where is his experience making decisions?? His office is like 3 people, that is small time compared to the attorney generals office personal. Just because someone is an attorney, does not make that person qualified.
      Its the total package that is needed, if i were a delegate I would not vote for Fitzgerald.

      1. First of all Fitzgerald has done Capital murder cases. He has tried over 250 jury trials. Interstate 90 goes through his county. No other lawyer in South Dakota has done that many trials. Fitzgerald has earned the respect that many have toward him. He actually goes to court. He doesn’t drive around the state telling everyone what he’s going to do, he’s done it for over 30 years. What has Ravnsborg done? Ravnsborg told an audience that people go to prison for misdemeanor charges. Do you want an experienced doctor operating on your family member or someone that has never had a surgery, but claims he thinks he knows how to do it. I’ll take Fitzgerald, after 250 trials. I have heard other attorneys say he is a killer in the courtroom.

        1. You sound very angry Anonymous 8:08pm, in fact, you sound like the same Anonymous who always posts about how Ravnsborg goes across the state to campaign and that must be some evil thing because campaigning isn’t, uh, what…important? Sorry…I can’t follow your logic…

        2. I have been following this thread of comments and find the exchange interesting. Reading the comment regarding Attorney Fitzgerald lengthy experience as a prosecutor reminds me a little of Bob Dole. Senator Dole was deservedly honored with the Medal of Freedom today. He was the longest serving Republican in Congress, a great statesman and a hero of our great Country. However, he will go down as one of the worst Republican presidential candidate in modern history. The sentiment during that election appeared to be he is our candidate because its Bob Dole’s time. Well the election was not even close and he was beat resoundingly (and painfully) by an impeached President.

          It is great that Fitzgerald has a breadth of litigation experience but what in the heck does that tell anyone about how he will serve the needs of South Dakotans as the Attorney General. If he wants to be Attorney General, maybe he should show enough respect to the delegates and potential general election voters to articulate how he is the best candidate. If he does not have enough energy and motivation now when he is interviewing for the job, how can South Dakotans expect him to have enough energy to be their Attorney General (which by the way extends far beyond trying cases). I don’t think it is helpful to continue to point out that John doesn’t have the time and energy to reach out to the South Dakota electorate because he is too busy. This is not a coronation – if you want the job, make the effort!

        3. I don’t like the letter–looks like they are trying to intimidate the Sheriffs after not caring abut them prior to this at all. Plus why would a sheriff care what this group thinks anyway, most probably never heard of them and if I was a Sheriff I wouldn’t respond.

          Then to Anon

          What arrogance–Ravnsborg goes around and tells people what he is going to do as AG. A candidate telling us what he will do if we elect him, a novel little idea. The heck you say, I like him even more and more because of that fact!

          He is the only AG candidate I have heard actually talking about solutions and ideas; which to me shows LEADERSHIP and that is what we need in an AG.

          Now that you have me riled up that reminds me of another slogan coming out of the Fitzgerald campaign…MOST QUALIFIED PERSON TO EVER RUN FOR AG….that sounds like Obama and Hillary praising her as the most qualified candidate ever. I thinkt hat is insulting to prior Presidents and prior AGs. Have they researched every one that has ever been AG for our state and wouldn’t our current AG be more qualified when he was appointed and then ran for election…actually having had the job prior to his own election? I would think so and any AG that ever ran for re-election would be more qualified in my mind. I find that offensive to Marty, but not surprising as the Fitzgeralds seem to be for Noem. Makes me wonder if there is tension there. Just arrogant.

          He has done it for 30 years…so it must be John Fitzgeralds turn…I’ll finish as I began…..what arrogance.

    2. Old guard again. How about some new ideas and energy? I’m sick of the establishment from local on up to federal.

  3. Clyde Saukerson, former Janklow General Counsel and Convention genius told me something about conventions I’ve never forgotten- Winning a nomination at a convention is not for amateurs. You can go into a convention a a shoo-in and lose in a landslide or you can be a black hole dark horse and win. However, this isn’t about it being about chance or everything is up in the air. He said such things happen (rarely) because of the unforeseen and a fortuitous or bad reaction.

    When asked how one insures against the unforeseen and optimal reaction, Clyde talked how it takes a small cadre of people who know how to count votes, listen to what is driving decisions, and knowing where loyalties and relationships lie. IN addition to the stories on Janklow getting the AG nomination which I enjoyed, he told me the story on how Jim Abdnor went the convention as a Lt. Governor candidate in opposition to the choice of Governor-nominee Frank Farrar. Such “gadfly” candidates like Abdnor never win such contests at conventions. Never. But Abdnor did in a landslide.

    He told me of how Abdnor had a strategy in each Constitutional Office race while the Farrar people were just concentrating on the Lt. Governor race. In fact, to an outside observer, you’d have guessed Abdnor had conceded defeat and was trying to be of influence in the down ballot races. But Abdnor knew how to build coalitions from his legislature days and the operative word was coalitions plural. Clyde told me by the time the nominations for Lt. Governor came up it was so anti-climatic Farrar people were asking his choice to drop out.

    My point is if this groups goal is to help Russell they have failed. Winning a contested race at the convention isn’t for amateurs. Besides not knowing this is not a primary (which is actually pretty funny), the worst part is this looks like some type of intimidation of the Sheriffs (whether it is actually an intimidation is not as important as its perception).

    1) Who in their right mind would try to intimidate sheriffs? The chase bad guys every day. Sheesh. Amateur hour.

    2) More importantly, the horse is out of the barn. If any change their mind, it will be too few to make a difference and the impact of the Sheriff endorsement has happened. Spend effort moving forward not trying to look backwards. Amateur hour.

    1. Troy,
      Ravnsborg and Mcquigan. As a company commander and Battalion commander Ravnsborg has managed 100s and managed managers, not just individuals. Not sure how many people are in the current attorney general office but I imagine its dozens so Mcquigan would have managed a couple dozen individuals as number 2. Either way both have managed a lot more people than Fitzgerald.

  4. Ravnsborg took the time and effort to go out and actually talk to these sheriffs. He is well rounded with his criminal law and military experience. If you look at the guys facebook page he is never home, his schedule is one that I wouldn’t want to tackle.

    1. I agree Anonymous, I think the other candidates got caught with their pants down and think that they don’t have to put any effort into the election.

      1. No they don’t Anonymous, or is this Mrs. Fitzgerald again. The way I look at it, each Sheriff signed a piece of paper, they new what they were doing. To say otherwise implies they have no honor. I for one don’t think our Sheriffs have no honor especially as they are elected and their job is to uphold the law.

      2. Have you? If so, name the sheriffs and their reason for wanting off? Back it up or don’t say it.

    2. Koodos to Jason for taking the time to travel the state. That means he’s an experienced schmoozer and probably a good guy to have a beer with. When you say Jason is “well rounded in criminal law” I don’t know what that means. Exactly how is he well rounded? Give me specifics of his experience. I agree with 3:35 and 8:08 – Fitzgerald is the leading candidate simply based on his experience.

      1. Frank,
        Please refer back to the comments above, the statement of Fitzgerald being the leading candidate based on his experience has been proven both false and unsupported.

        January 18, 2018 at 11:28 pm
        John (not Fitzgerald)
        January 19, 2018 at 12:14 amd

        1. Pat, it’s not false or unsupported. He’s the guy I’m voting for because I think he’s the best qualified. If the other commenters you reference are voting for someone else, well, that’s why we have a convention. And if they’re not going to the convention then their opinion is just that, opinion.

      2. Does the attorney general try the cases or manage the office of attorney general? Fitzgerald is part of the old guard. I know that some people are afraid of people younger than them and everybody who is would obviously be “wet behind the ears”, but that’s their problem. We’re in the 21st century now.

  5. Mrs. Weaver,

    Maybe what made Ravnsborg actually outshine the field was that he actually cared what they thought and he talked to them and listened to their concerns. I have talked to a number of Sheriffs and they are very supportive of Ravnsborg as I am. Some even put quotes in his press release talking about his experience and leadership. Jason (going with that, I will admit Ravnsborg is too hard to spell! and I have to look each time) has been talking abut solutions, and seems more in line with Marty on how to fix SB 70 and SB 73 while Russell and Fitzgerald want to repeal it. Well that is not going to happen, we are not going to spend millions building more prisons. Jason and Marty both support treatment programs as well as other reforms to fix SB 70/73.

    Jason is the only leader I see in this field and he has my support.

    I hope Jason will get your support as well.

    1. All these people on here that are supporting Ravnsborg, why are you hiding behind fake names?

      1. Who do you support? You don’t support Ravnsborg; let’s see, who is the looniest in the field?

  6. The Democrats sure would like to see Russell get the nomination. With a history of disciplinary action for abuse of power and paper shredder resulting in a promise to never practice as a prosecutor ever again, the Democrats would have no problem winning that seat.

    1. Since the Dems voted him out at their convention a few years ago, he wouldn’t register as a Democrat.

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