Clayton Walker, Candidate convicted of falsifying petitions, threatening state employees, running for US Senate

From the Federal Elections Commission, Looks like we have a new candidate. Or maybe, a not so new one.  Clayton Walker appears to be back as a Independent Candidate for US Senate, filing a statement of organization at the end of December, 2019.

Clayton Walker Statement of Organization by Pat Powers on Scribd

If you’ve forgotten who Clayton was, he was the … “other” candidate that had some petition issues in 2014.

Walker, 33, was arrested Wednesday on three counts of threatening by electronic device after authorities say Walker made repeated calls to several state offices in which he threatened state employees, according to Jackley.


Walker was indicted in June on felony charges of perjury and filing false documents. Walker, an Independent candidate whose name will not appear on the November ballot, was arrested initially after his nominating petitions were successfully challenged on grounds that they included unregistered voters and had other discrepancies.

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And don’t forget this..

Walker has been fighting his case from several angles.

In January, he fought to keep his then court-appointed attorney from being able to withdraw from the case.

“My attorney only wants to wiggle out of my case because he found out how highly politicized this case is with election fraud by the state and a cover-up by a state university,” Walker said in a letter to the court earlier this year.

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I think we can already assume it’s going to be one of those years.