Coming up, Democrats hosting worst fundraiser ever.

This sounds like the worst fundraiser ever. Although, it’s very telling why Cory doesn’t say anything bad about the Democratic Party apparatchiks anymore.


The First Annual Democratic Buffalo Round-Up Dinner in Rapid City, SD is only FIVE days away! Get your tickets while you still can! New additions to the program include:

  • a Mystery Journalist and Honorary Member of the Cowboy Caucus
  • VIP Reception Special Guest Speaker, Cory Heidelberger of Dakota Free Press

​Join Founder’s Club today, by making a monthly sustaining donation of any amount, to attend this special VIP Reception with Cory Heidelberger at Joe Lowe’s Reflections of South Dakota Art Gallery! Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Buy your tickets right away to ensure you have a spot, Saturday, September 26th’s event!

The South Dakota Democratic Party invites you to the
First Annual Democratic Buffalo Round-Up Dinner on Saturday, September 26in Rapid City, SD at the Historic Hotel Alex Johnson. 

Featured Speakers Include:

Rep. Paula Hawks (U.S. House Candidate),
Rep. Kevin Killer, & The Cowboy Caucus Sen. Billie Sutton & Mystery Journalist

VIP Reception | 6:00 pm MT
Featured Speaker: Dakota Free Press Blogger, Cory Heidelberger
For all Founder’s Club & Builder’s Club Members & those Joining at the Event
At Joe Lowe’s “Reflections of South Dakota” Art Gallery in Downtown, Rapid City

Dinner | 7:00 pm MT
 At the Historic Hotel Alex Johnson in Downtown, Rapid City.
We hope to see you there!

Suzanne Jones Pranger,
Executive Director

Maybe they’ll switch tactics, and instead of raising money, they’re planning to pay people to come?

Interestingly, I notice the new face of the Democrats is pushing an income tax today.  At least we know what their legislative agenda will be for 2016.

9 thoughts on “Coming up, Democrats hosting worst fundraiser ever.”

  1. Pat is absolutely right. I now rule the Democratic Party with an iron fist and will single-handedly compose the SDDP Legislative agenda. I am also in charge of vetting all candidates and have veto power over all central committee decisions. Carry on.

  2. Word on the street is that Timmy Williams, comedian from Watertown, is gearing up for a run in 2016. Maybe he’s the mystery speaker?

  3. Will Monarch American be at this fundraiser too? Krazy Larry? Will need to contact law enforcement.

  4. Hey one positive would be Kurtz bringing in a van full of goodies from Colorado……….zzzzzzzzzzzzZzzz

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