Congressional Candidate Shantel Krebs posts Kris Kobach endorsement commerical

Congressional hopeful Shantel Krebs posted a commercial today featuring her endorsement from Kris Kobach of Kansas, as she portrays herself as the favored Trump Candidate:

10 thoughts on “Congressional Candidate Shantel Krebs posts Kris Kobach endorsement commerical”

  1. It’s a good ad from Kobach and his words carry weight on the subject of immigration and Trump considering he’s a Trump guy.

    The more candidates who embrace Trump the better in my opinion.

    Tapio does not have a monopoly on a president 200,000 SD voters supported. Johnson, Krebs and Tapio, Jackley and Noem should all embrace him.

  2. Kris Kobach endorsement could be a liability but will wait and see. Very controversial figure but now it seems to be who is closest to President Trump “Trade Wars can be won”

  3. I have noticed that Dusty has recently replaced elevators with parking lots. So I am waiting for his parking lot response to this ad.

    Oh, and when Kobach was running Trump’s “election integrity commission” wasn’t it Krebs, along with other SOSs, that decline to help Kobach with his requested info for his “election investigation?” They must have made up over muslims, huh?

    1. I should hope every candidate for office in South Dakota would think that a person should be a citizen of the USA to vote in an election.

      That goes for everyone. I bet every candidate for AG and SOS in SD supports citizenship requirements to vote even if the federal government doesn’t allow it.

  4. Interesting article…Kobach is also running for governor of Kansas.

    The judge in the case is a Bush appointee and was nominated Sept 10, 2001, the day before the tragedy.

  5. It’s all good but what impressed me the most was how she tossed that bale of hay over the fence

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