Jim Entenman, Candidate for Sioux Falls Mayor puts massive 75K into campaign. It might not have helped.

Campaign finance filings were due into the City of Sioux Falls today, and arguably the most interesting report coming in is from Sioux Falls mayoral candidate Jim Entenman. Mainly because it seems he’s throwing money hand over fist into his campaign out of his own pocket.

20180305-Entenman-cfdr by Pat Powers on Scribd

Entenman hasn’t exactly been running a mean and lean campaign, choosing to go with the Gold-trimmed Cadillac option. With such silliness as wrapping his truck with his face and logo, he’s spent nearly $90,000 so far as he pursues the race for mayor.  While he’s raised some money, the kicker is that he has ‘loaned’ his campaign a massive $75,000 at this early stage of the race.   That’s a lot of cheddar to see your face on your truck.

Word is that Entenman has some of the same team in place that Mayor Mike Huether used to win the election, and from the looks of it, they aren’t coming cheap ($8500+ just for consulting according to the report).

The $75,000 is over twice as much as the person who is viewed as leading the race, Paul TenHaken, has raised:

20180305-TenHaken-cfdr by Pat Powers on Scribd

That cash infusion might prove to be a negative for Entenman, as after reports were filed, TenHaken has turned used the massive loan his opponent gave himself as a call to action for his own supporters to gear up, noting:

“Will you help send the message that elections can’t be bought?

A contribution to our campaign of $5, $10 or $25 dollars helps us get the message out about my vision for Sioux Falls. It also sends a message that we are not self-funding our way to City Hall but rather, have a thousands of supporters throughout our community.”

This could be an instance where having too much money might not be a good thing.

Stay tuned.

60 thoughts on “Jim Entenman, Candidate for Sioux Falls Mayor puts massive 75K into campaign. It might not have helped.”

  1. Do people care?

    I mean Trump spent $100 million of his own money and his voters were conservative republicans.

    It’s all about message.

    I’m not sure Tenhaken has a resonating message. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to Entenman and Jamison in a run off.

    1. In a way it tells me he’s invested in his own success. That’s a lot of money.

  2. So bottom line they both raised roughly $30,000 this period and have $70,000 on hand. I wonder with a lot more spent in advertising if Entenman has pre-paid some as $75k in advertising is a lot.

    It also made me reflect how much they are raising for a mayor’s race in Sioux Falls versus some of the statewide candidates raising hardly anything.

  3. I used to work with Kenny Anderson jr. before he got fired. He isn’t qualified to be the mayor of Schindler!

  4. I like Jim, but honestly have no idea what his platform is. If people see him as Huether rev 2.0, he’s doomed.

    1. Agreed. I have told Mr. Entemann, one-on-one, that he needs to be emphatic in his denial of any rumors that he’ll hire Mike Huether as his chief of staff or, more curiously, finance director, should he (Entemann) be elected mayor. Why finance director? Because, I’m told, the finance director is the successor to the sitting mayor should the sitting mayor resign or die. The fact that Entemann only served one term as a city councilor, declining to run for re-election so he could focus on his business(es) helps fuel the speculation that he isn’t really interested in being a full-time mayor.

          1. Not so much a rumor as it was South DaCola stated he had a “revelation” in a blog post from 01/19/18.
            “I know I have been speculating for awhile now that Huether may work for Entenman as his chief of staff if Jim became mayor. But I had a revelation today that Entenman may want to hire him as the Finance Director instead.”

  5. Jim Entenman is the Let’s Get Shwifty candidate of this mayoral field. Isn’t it obvious?

  6. As any one seen TenHaken’s commercial? In the commercial, his shirt and tie make it look like he is a member of the “The Cars.” I am not sure how that will play with the Staggers crowd, however…. And the Staggers voter is the one who will decide this race too….

    1. Nope, haven’t seen TenHaken’s commercial, but I’ve seen several residents in my neighborhood with his signs in their yard. I bet it’s going to come down to Jamison and TenHaken. I see SouthDacola is over the moon for the feminist Joe. She’s your pick as well;)

          1. Avid Anti-Republican Person event? Join AMAC instead if you want to support conservative values.

      1. I think it’s “Jo.” I would agree that TenHaken has a good shot of getting into the runoff, but I am not confident that Jamison will. I think it is a Entenman v. TenHaken race.

        1. Genius – My mistake, I stopped paying attention to her when she started talking about how women don’t have the same rights as men. I disagree on Entenman. As Wyland stated, there’s been talk for sometime now of him being Huether’s BFF which doesn’t settle very well. TenHaken focuses on millennials and I don’t think there are enough interested to make a difference when it comes time to vote. SDacola had a soft piece on Jamison and that made me rethink my vote for him.

          1. SDacola has always liked Jamison, but I think Jamison suffers from what Trump would call a “low energy candidacy.” I would agree that the millennial strategy for TenHaken is a mistake. I am not so sure if the average Staggers voter even knows what a “Millennial” is. I am eager to see a poll on this race, then I will make my final predictions….

            1. Do you think any candidate has potential to allow SF to become a sanctuary city? Or would you consider that is already happening?

              I’m impressed, we’ve had a decent dialogue;) Polls are interesting so are yard signs, but I’m more focused of candidates plans for the future and Jamison has a voting record I’ve been researching.

              1. Well, I think some of the candidates would be more than willing to give cover to companies coming into Sioux Falls who plan to under pay their new workers. Is that the type of “sanctuary” you were talking about?…… 😉

                I am sorry, but I think Jamison is a candidate in search of some Geritol. I really think it will come down to an Entenman v. TenHaken race,

                1. We can go with that…companies like meat packing plants in SF, Aberdeen and Huron? I think the problem you mention already exists. I wonder, do you support merit-based pay or everyone receives the same pay because EQUALITY…

                  I’m talking about illegal aliens finding sanctuary in SF by the blessing of a potential mayor, similar to Oakland, CA. Being a genius, I know you already knew what type of sanctuary I was getting at.

                  No need to apologize, one day we may all need some Geritol;)

        2. Hey, genius, did you see the unscientific poll for mayor and other issues available at KSFY online? Looks like I may be right about a Jamison vs TenHaken race;)

  7. I don’t care how many Hakens are running. I like the Harley Davidson guy. Jim Entenman has a large constituency of people who actually know him and like him. He’s the kind of guy who will drink a beer with you. Ten Haken doesn’t strike me as a man of the people. He comes off more as an overly packaged climber who wants to use the mayor position as a stepping stone. Jamison’s running, in a low-energy sort of way, because his dad also ran, in a low-energy sort of way. I can’t see any good reason for anyone to vote for Jamison.

    1. Umm…excuse me, Sage, if you are not a resident of SF you do not get to speak on this matter.

      Do I sound like a Leftist? I’m attempting to;)

    2. Sage you seem all over the place on candidates in races? you like a man of the people

  8. This is a three horse race. Jo, Jim, Paul. Jo is in the runoff. Tossup between Jim and Paul as to who she will beat in the runoff.

    1. Care to elaborate? From what I’ve heard she doesn’t sit very well with many Republican and authentic Liberal women. You know the whole gender pay gap, Women’s March and abortion thing…we’re not really into that.

      1. I don’t know much about her, but if she is into the Women’s March and abortion I wouldn’t listen to her poison; what you support says a lot about you, and those are two things that are as far left as you can get: the liberal’s precious, precious right to abort babies and a march to say how America is a bad place and everywhere else is much better. No, Jo, please just go! No, Jo, please just go! and so forth.

  9. KM, last I heard SF is not exactly a republican stronghold. At the last forum Vernon Brown asked for a grade on Donald Trump. Anderson and Entenman gave the politically correct answer of C. Jo gave the correct grade of F. Your boy, ten whatever gave gim a grade of B. B? For a complete failure as a president? Jo gave the only honest answer.

    1. Sure, it’s a honest answer from your perspective. Not mine and not many other people who can recognize when the POTUS is being productive and successful for the American people. I didn’t say SF was a republican stronghold, did you see I mentioned authentic Liberal women as well? Stay in your bubble, I bet it’s really comfy there with puppies and coloring books and counselors available to talk with.

      1. complete failure, I think NOT—seems like the economy is doing great to me; Islamic state is destroyed…we didnt pay off N Korea this time, got a great supreme court justice TRUMP is doing great to me!

        1. Well, if you’re a SF resident then we know you won’t be voting for the mayoral candidate who gave our President an F.

          NO ON JO…I snatched that line from above, it’s catchy.

    2. F in your mind. Tump is doing better than the woman running would be doing right now. I guess we know how far left you are. You can complain all you want about Trump, but the country is better off for him than if Hillary had gotten in; she is as dishonest as they come, or isn’t it dishonest to collude with Russians if it’s done to defeat a Republican? Yeah, I thought so.

      Ten Haken; pay a bit of attention. Jo will be a complete failure as a candidate. What is her appeal? She is a nutso left-winger who supports abortion and hates the country? Boy, how appealing. (I mean, appalling)

    3. TenHaken spoke at SF Midtown Sertoma today and mentioned the Vernon Brown question. He said he answered “B” for accomplishment and “D” for leadership style.

  10. Still appears most likely to be Entenman and TenHaken in the runoff. Jolene is charging pretty hard at the same time Jamison appears to be stagnant. Anderson’s relevance is whom he pulls the most votes away from.

  11. Trump a success? In your bubble my friends. Who left the whitehouse today? Who is leaving tomorrow? Total chaos.

    1. Have you received your tax returns? We have…#Winning.

      That’s what you call chaos? I call that draining the swamp. Chaos, from my perspective, is the current state of the DNC and the SD Democratic party, Obama’s DOJ, Antifa, BLM, oh and let’s not forget how collected the FBI is.

      Your twitter feed says Fake News all the way through, so who lives in a bubble again? We actually get out and interact with other SF residents, you seem to stick to your computer for feedback. Would you consider that a bubble?

      1. Did Antifa hitchhike their way or ride their high bikes to South Dakota? Is BLM here too?

        1. According to some people commenting about the ‘Free Speech’ bill there’s a professor who supports BLM and may be expressing their support in the classroom. We can go back and read the thread, but I think this was reported from the USD campus?

          Give it time, they’ll eventually show up and I’m betting they’ve made some connections with students on our campuses.

    2. Get a clue Phear-monger. If the Democrats had any integrity they would be working with him, but they are a bunch of whiners who only want to hold onto power, not make the country better. Hillary would have gutted the military even more than Obummer had, and she would be raising taxes, not lowering them, and she would be sending hundreds of millions in aid to North Korea. I can’t believe the mindset that thinks that giving up the country would be a good thing, but then I guess I like America and want it to be strong and actually have borders.

  12. Jim is the poster child of a RINO, and the liberals running his campaign behind the scenes is good evidence. The scary thing is he doesn’t seem to want the job and his best buddy Huether has pretty much announced his bid for mayor in 2022.

    1. We are electing a mayor, a non-political office. Entenman is right for the job. Tenhaken is way too phony.

        1. I agree with Troy …anyone not thinking Heuther is non-political has their head in the sand

  13. Draining the swamp? Wow. What a bubble you all live in here. 34 people have left trumps administration in just over a year. All either quit or were forced out by public humiliation. Gary Cohn quit yesterday. One of the few who actually knew what was going on. BTW, hows that stock market working out today on your prez’s tariff actions. Gary Cohn’s replacement? Let’s see: Scott Baio, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, or Stormy Daniels? I’d go with Stormy…she seems to be the smartest one.

    1. hahaha. Drain the Swamp and now we have Swamp rats “Trade Wars Can be Won!” Ag is going to get hammered. 🙁

    2. Gary Cohn wanted us to stay in the Paris Agreement and didn’t want to pull out of TPP which I recall had a major impact on Hilary’s campaign. I’m not sad he’s gone, he’s replaceable as are all the others. There are choices Trump makes I disagree with, but I can acknowledge when he’s working for Americans and he acknowledges that my family included with millions of others are American Dreamers too.

      The stock market goes up and down it did in all previous administrations, and I’m not really sure how the President ‘controls’ the market, but I’ll let you use it. We can keep going back and forth if you want… how about Monica Lewinsky, would she be an appropriate replacement for Cohn? She too seemed to be focused on policy that benefited America.

      This thread is about the SF mayoral race and I suggested that Jo is not a contender, you disagree and then take a hard left to expose your TDS. Please, do continue;)

  14. I was saying more than it being a non political. Entenman competent is a joke or that Ten Haken is phony.

    I have only made one decision- Not Entenman.

  15. We are actually fortunate to have so many competent candidates who will run our city well.

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