Congressman Dusty Johnson coming out against proposed IRS regs to report any transaction over $600

From Facebook, Congressman Dusty Johnson is coming out against proposed IRS regs to report any transaction over $600.

Considering how long it took them to process my taxes this year, I don’t think they can handle the load of adding every transaction over $600. Nevermind it’s a massive intrusion of privacy.

13 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson coming out against proposed IRS regs to report any transaction over $600”

  1. Yet we aren’t dealing with bitcoin transactions? The only way this makes sense is the criminals, drug dealers, and sex traffickers want us to think they are doing something to track their money while in reality they are running free some where. Classic waiving a shining coin in one hand while they pick your pocket.

    1. Or he can respond to an issue that’s actually been out there for months. It’s not some goofy right-wing conspiracy, the groups he’s mentioned have been on this issue for quite a while.

  2. Commie Joe and the Dems are in full fascist mode; they want to know everything you do and then control and manipulate your life to what they think it should be; SDDP should be ashamed that they are still affiliating themselves with this evil entity.

    1. While I agree with the tact Dusty has taken, posts like yours are totally unhelpful. Communist. Fascist. Any other buzzwords you’d like to throw out here that have little to nothing to do with the critique that Rep. Johnson is effectively levying here? We could try “hates freedom!” Maybe “hates America” too for good measure?

  3. Is there a link to this proposed rule change? How long would a rule like this take to change? Is there anything we can do about it?

    I dislike these agencies just making rules like this with little to no oversight

  4. Dusty is essentially another one of those I’m here representatives. He does not make headlines and does not really lead. He takes the safe route and won’t make waves. He votes the right way but if anything needs to get done, it is not going to happen with Dusty. He reminds me of Larry Pressler when he was in office. Didn’t do much, but didn’t really cause any harm. Not effective, but will do in a pinch. In my contacts with him, he says the safe thing, but then does nothing about the issue.

    1. maybe he should wear a white off-the-shoulder evening gown with “no more taxes” painted in red on the back. Would that meet your criteria of leadership?

    2. Dugger, the data and his colleagues disagree with you. He was named the most effective Republican (out of more than 200) on ag issues. His Republican colleagues made him ranking member on the livestock subcommittee. He was named the outstanding freshman representative (out of almost 200).

      1. Dusty is a dynamo. The fact that he doesn’t perform magic tricks for you to see and enjoy, is a non issue.

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