Congressman Dusty Johnson on new motion to vacate to oust speaker

42 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson on new motion to vacate to oust speaker”

    1. Good riddance. You can join Marjorie Taylor Greene on the shortbus fighting off jewish space lasers. God, you people are absolute turds.

        1. If winning an election means accepting the constant lies spouted by you, I guess it’s time to rebuild. It’s gonna suck, but you have completely lost the plot and I’m sick of it.

          1. Hey we might actually agree — I too am rooting for a speedy dissolution of the republic. The best Trump can do is delay that, but it’s inevitable. Our views are too divergent to share a country with one another anymore.

            1. You’re genuinely an idiot. Go outside and touch grass, talk to normal people, and quit watching the news. You’ll find that most people are normal.

    2. Only democrats would be happy to keep the current motion to vacate rules, gives them plenty of ammo to throw in swing districts.

    3. this is why i vote for you dusty. do what you have to do, don’t let the tantrum squad dictate your agenda.

  1. We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot. Or is it feet? We need to come together and focus on making America Great Again. Dusty is right on this being a waste of time!

  2. A few highlights from the Speaker’s resume:

    1) an omnibus that spends more than Pelosi’s highest year

    2) an expansion of the domestic warrantless surveillance program

    3) support for Schumer’s dream bill which contains $100 billion of foreign aid, mostly for war

    Meanwhile, the border remains open and the invasion continues apace.

    Dusty enables all of this. Truth be told he should go too.

    1. It now seems to be that the Republicans don’t want to fix anything during an election year; they want everything to go to hell while Biden is in office, so Trump can ride into Washington on a white horse next January and save the country.
      The problem with that is that while the Republicans are refusing to fix anything, the Democrats will try to fix the election.

        1. “fixed” as in getting the media to fawn over Biden and pretend he knows what he’s doing, and simultaneously making Republicans look like racist xenophobes, so that the voters will be ashamed to vote Republican

          1. Vote Trump. Telling you won’t say his name. You seem to acknowledge the election theft stuff isnt true, and Trump is THE guy pushing it. I will vote republican in the future because many have policy positions I believe are best for the nation’s future. I WON’T vote Trump ever again.

            1. Being older than dirt, I can remember how fast and tragically a presidential race can change.
              In 1963 we all assumed JFK would be the nominee in 1964, and then he was killed. In 1968 we assumed LBJ would seek re-election, and then at the end of March, he announced he wouldn’t. RFK became the front runner and then he was killed in June.

              The current front-runners are even older than I am, so we shouldn’t count on either of them. That’s just the way it is. Biden could fall over at any moment and Trump might be imprisoned and both conventions could be way more interesting than anybody is envisioning now.

  3. Finally some real intestinal fortitude and clear decision making. We,’ve had enough of Marjory Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, and that whole bunch of anarchists. Dusty has chosen to be a Leader and we should all support that decision. It will be good for South Dakota.

  4. So glad Doby Toeden was a bug on the windshield not even noticed by Dusty doing his job in Washington. Thank you Dusty! We need to support Ukraine!

  5. I think it’s pretty telling that an obvious “America First” Trump supporter in this thread excitedly claps for America to dissolve. Yeah, you all sure love America. So much so you openly and gleefully hope it fails. Nice mask off moment here on the DWC.

      1. the meeting between trump and johnson was a woodshed session. moscow marge was given permission to move ahead on the motion to vacate, obviously. she never gets out ahead of trump regardless of what her mouth indicates. the angry face – laser-eye glares and icy walk off after the press conference spoke volumes. johnson is finally going to either be his own man or double down on being trump‘s sock puppet. our mr johnson should fully support the former if it happens.
        ALSO agreed with Anonymous 10:30. we have no time to waste on dissent-sowing trolls and incendiary big-talk blather about “demolishing” the u.s.a.

  6. Dusty is a poppet of the administrative state. Mike Johnson has to go. He lied to the gop conference to get the speakership. Trillion dollar deficit, FISA with no citizen protection, 60 billion more for Ukraine with no USA border security and using democratic votes to get it,

  7. The national debt is currently 34.6 trillion dollars. The national debt goes up one trillion dollars every 100 days or so. The interest on this debt is 1.2 trillion dollars a year.
    Inspite of this all 3 representatives of SD voted yes on another 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill that does nothing to secure the southern border. This run away spending has to end.

    1. And let’s not forget about how dusty cuddled up to pelosi and voted with her and the dumocrats to negate the emergency declaration for the southern border when trump had this country on the right path.

      1. Right path to what? Destroying the middle class and creating one of the largest transfers of wealth to the top? It’s amazing how you bend over for billionaires under some impression that you will someday get there.

        1. I will never be a billionaire and never thought I would. But I can tell you that my financial health was a lot better off under President Trump than it is under Stumbles. But judging from your comment you are better off now than under Trump … what more can one expect from a society parasite such as yourself.

    2. We had one of the most conservative border bills ready to sign and it was tanked at Trump’s behest. Do you think we forgot that already?

      1. That bill did nothing to secure the border and keep the illegals out but did everything to increase the speed to process the illegals and keep them here. So please spare us your sanctimonious BS.

        1. Dude, that is a traight up lie. HR2 was a reinstatement of Trump era policies with an additional 10 billion dollars in grants solely for border states and their security. Do you think disagreeing allows you to just make stuff up?

          1. Dude, HR2 is still sitting in the Senate because Schumer won’t allow it to move forward. The bill you are praising was not HR2. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about.

    3. Mr Higgins, your generation has no room to talk. You created this. You took one of the most prosperous economies in the world and trickled it down your leg. Now, we are going to watch our taxes go through the roof to pay for the entitlement you all thought you deserved. Your elders made you into soft men who created tough times that the next generations will all have to pick up the pieces and repair.

      1. At least his generation know what men are as opposed to yours that can’t figure out the difference between a man and a woman. Now go cry to your mommy. She’s upstairs.

        1. His generation are parents to the one you hate so much. If you don’t like the way your generation’s kids are, WHO RAISED THEM?

          1. His kids and mine turned out just fine. I can’t say the sane for pieces of human debris such as yourself. So why don’t you answer your own question, who raised a worthless pile that you are…your parents. I can’t even imagine the screwed up mess your little preferred pronouns are.

            1. Oh, so it’s not “our generation” and you, aged, impotent little man, were just tossing insults into a void. Say hi to senility for me.

              1. I shouldn’t have stated “soyboy.” I didn’t respect your preferred pronoun. Sorry soythem or soythey.

      2. Well you seem to know my name, why don’t we know yours? I have the courage to put my name on posts here why don’t you? You attack someone for posting their opinion and then have to hide behind Anonymous, why? The answer to all of these questions is the same. You are a coward, and not worthy of anymore of my time.

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