District 3 Update: Katie Washnok for Senate posts new video to social media, Carl Perry speaks at coffee.

Lots of new stuff on social media from the District 3 State Senate Candidates.

First, Katie Washnok has a new video up on social media giving information on her background and telling her story why she’s the best choice to be D3’s new State Senator:

On the other hand, Rep. Carl Perry has posted photos from the recent candidate meet & greet he was part of.

I believe there’s 2 people there who aren’t candidates. Who are probably wondering why they can’t have their coffee in peace.

Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “District 3 Update: Katie Washnok for Senate posts new video to social media, Carl Perry speaks at coffee.”

  1. Carl is a legislative dynamo. You young people underestimate his appeal. He will go far with that soft voice, steeled spine and curious mind. Aberdeen, Mansfield and South Dakota are lucky to have him.

    1. Steeled spine? He is the definition of ” flipper.” Does not want people upset with the poor old man so he talks softly and nice to their face, votes the other way, I’VE SEEN IT 100 TIMES !!!!

    2. Steel spine?! Carl’s practically a jelly fish! He’s never taken a stance, much less a hard one on an issue until after the vote!

  2. I see Katie Washnok signs and billboards everywhere with being backed by big moneyed interests. Both have years of volunteerism and being active in the community. Carl Perry will have more due to age. The Dumpsterfire endorsement will hurt him. It should be an interesting race to watch.

    1. How do you know Washnok is backed by big money interests? I’m genuinely asking how you know with FEC filings still being a month out…
      That’s a pretty bold speculation to be basing accusation upon.

      1. The day Casey Crabtree and Lee Schoenbeck showed up in aberdeen with her was the day the people said no to her.

        1. Carl needs to put that on a mailing. She also was cozying up to Breitling at the last Cracker Barrel in Aberdeen.

  3. If elected Katie will do as she is told by the likes of Casey Crabtree. She’s running to serve herself, not district 3.

    1. That is kind of a bold statement in defense of a candidate who claims he is switching chambers solely because another legislator asked them to.

  4. Mr. Novstrup, the elder, is a steel spined beast of the north-east. This is why he runs that town, instead of that young unibomer-looking fellow, Mr. H.

  5. Was at the primary candidate forum yesterday and Katie did a great job being focused with concise answers. Carl rambled a lot and did not answer one of the questions asked. What a difference! Given the support she has I’d be surprised if Carl wins this. Curious what the spread will be. Doubt it will be a blow out but who knows?

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