Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Update: Standing with our Allies

Standing with our Allies
By Rep. Dusty Johnson
April 19, 2024

BIG Update

Gas prices have increased more than 50% since President Biden took office. One way to combat the high prices is to allow more renewable fuel options at the pump. But without action from the EPA, South Dakotans can’t access E15 ethanol in the summer months due to a D.C. Circuit Court decision on the Clean Air Act in July of 2021.

I recently urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow drivers cleaner, cheaper E15 fuel during the summer driving season. I’m pleased to share the EPA heeded our request and announced its waiver for the sale of E15 during summer months (June 1 – September 15). This is great news for consumers and ethanol producers. This decision will also bolster America’s energy security by adding billions of gallons of ethanol to our fuel supply.

BIG Idea

This week, I was joined by many health care professionals from Avera, American College of Surgeons, South Dakota Association of Health Care Organizations, Home Care Association of America, and more. Many of the groups discussed the unfair Medicare physician fee schedule. We discussed policy solutions like the Strengthening Medicare for Patients and Providers Act to adjust the reimbursements for inflation.

Johnson and South Dakota Association of Health Care Organizations

BIG News

Last weekend, Iran launched its first direct attack on Israel. Hundreds of drones and missiles were shot towards Israel. Thankfully, Israel and its allies were able to intercept almost all projectiles, minimizing damage and saving countless lives. President Biden and his Administration have failed to take a strong stance in support of our ally Israel, and even told them not to strike back. In September 2023, Biden released $6 billion to Iran and just two months later, released another $10 billion in sanctions, fueling their ability to strike Israel at this capacity.

In stark contrast to the Administration’s actions, Congress passed 17 bills in support of Israel and condemning Iran this week. Iran and their leaders must be held accountable, and America must stand with our ally, Israel.


53 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson’s Weekly Update: Standing with our Allies”

  1. I agree with you 100% on the importance of standing with Israel and on the strategic mistakes made by the Biden Administration related to money made available to Iran.

    1. Hey Gen. Reisch. Used to be one of your soldiers. I’m seeing concerning stances being taken against support for Ukraine both within South Dakota and the US generally. It feels nuts to me because we are bleeding one of our largest global antagonists without the loss of US troops. What is your stance on aid to Ukraine? Why?

      1. And we the USA are being bleed out as well as Russia. Trillion dollar deficits and Dusty votes for all the spending bills.

        1. No, we are not being bled out. No deployed American troops and our spend is a FRACTION of what it costs Russia. Do you research any of your claims or just start talking and hope something reasonable comes out?

        2. Russian conventional forces have been severely degraded by the citizens of Ukraine and some Russians joining their cause. We need to fund resupply of Ukraine ASAP!

          1. Cost of Ukraine war goes way beyond military and political aid sent to Ukraine. The whole thing really got rolling when US backed or started the color revolution in Ukraine in 2014. The blood of innocent Ukrainians is not worth the harm done to Russia. Besides the war is already set, Ukraine will not win no matter how much more money is sent.

            1. “The blood of innocent Ukranians…”

              What do you think will happen to those Ukranians when Russia takes over? Are you intentionally being dense?

            2. When Russia takes over and moves on to the Baltic states whom they don’t even recognize and Poland for example being NATO countries guess what will happen? US troops will be involved. When the Russian military starts taking heavy losses due to the degraded state of their military to superior NATO forces guess what will most likely happen? Nukes fly and we start losing US cities. Russia is facing a demographic collapse. Since the fall of the Soviet Union their education system also collapsed. those refineries that were hit by innovative drones made in Ukraine? The Russians lack the expertise to put out fires much faster and repair these facilities. With sanctions that expertise from Western countries especially US corporations will not be there. We need to not only fully fund to resupply Ukraine but also our military.

            3. Hahahaha how stupid do you have to be to believe Russian propaganda that is almost as big of a farce as Bagdad Bobs? Russia is scraping near the bottom of the barrel. They’re deploying T-54s for gods sake, welding 23mm AA guns made in WWII to MTLBs, they’re about out of vehicles they can refurbish in Siberia because they’re all a bunch of alcoholics and sold whatever electronics and copper wires were on those vehicles for cheap booze or a dacha in Sochi. Not to mention the Black Sea fleet, the reason for them stealing Crimea in the first place, has been decimated and is arguably weaker than the Romanian Navy.

              Once we rearm Ukraine, they will regain artillery dominance, pick off Russian tubes one by one and then repeat the Kherson offensive.

              Stupid vatnik.

          2. The USA has limited resources and they need to be spent on priorities like stopping the invasion from our southern border and removing illegal aliens. They are a drain on our economy, culture, as well as an internal threat. China is a bigger threat by far than Russia. Our infrastructure, economy, agriculture system, and health care systems are very vulnerable to China. When China takes over Taiwan that will eliminate our major source of computer chips and everything will grind to a halt. Example: Dr Fauci’s collaboration and funding of China gave us COVID which destroyed a booming economy. Like in Vietnam there is no plan in Ukraine. The Europeans need to step up and protect their own area we need to put America first now or there will not be an America in short order. What happens if Ukraine falls is speculative our troubles with China and aliens are real and happening now. Eastern Ukrainians consider them selves Russia and speak Russian if we had not disenfranchised them in 2014 with a color revolution the civil war and the Russian war may not of happened.

            1. I too remember when the Ukranian legislature passed a bill to join NATO and Yanakovych vetoed out. Keep in mind this is after Yanukovych reverted the Ukranian constitution. Also telling you completely ignore the Ukranian court’s findings about the vast amount of fraud in the election in support of Victor Y. But they are probably just liars since thry dont have their own stupid blog on the internet like I suspect much of your “research” includes. What gives, comrade?

              1. Why is it Americas responsibility to interfere with a countries politics? USA interference in Ukraine since at least 2014 has seen massive corruption and devastation of Ukraine. In WW2 we defeated the evil German and Japanese empires, that is good however then we gave eastern Europe to Stalin Russia and China to the communist Both of these replacements were/are as bad or worst than Hitler. Now the communist Chinese are our biggest adversary we have ever had. We need to focus on them and if we have a country after that address Russia. With our mistakes in Ukraine we have driven the Russians to the Chinese as allies. Them and others are in the process of removing the US dollar as the reserve currency. This with excessive US government spending is driving the purchasing value of the dollar down. In the last ten years the value of the dollar has decrease 40%. We are having trouble selling and servicing our debt.

                  1. Please explain what of it is not true? I am not pro-Russian I am pro-American.We used Stalin in WW2 against Hitler and we should have used Putin against Communist China.

                    1. stalin was a worse butcher than hitler, truth be told and he played us more than we played him. putin is no friend of this country either. our traditional allies are where our interests reside.

                    2. Enquirer is right ” putin is no friend of this country either. our traditional allies are where our interests reside.” The problem is as in WW2 is our allies are not strong enough (by choice) to help us.

  2. Glad to see that the vital aid to Ukraine is en route! Can’t wait to hear the Russian Shills and bootlickers cry about it!

  3. 112 Republicans in the House followed Marjory Taylor Green and voted against vital aid to Ukraine. 100 Republicans and Dusty voted for it. That says all that needs to be said about the state of the Republican Party and its’ decline under the MAGA Leadership. We were once the Party that embodied the phrase, “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.” As a Party we have become cowering, whimpering, proponents of our own selfish, self interest.

    1. if the republican party ever comes back from this, there needs to be a big debate over why parties even should exist, and america’s role as a resource for the fight for freedom all over the planet. the vision has been utterly lost in the scripted reality-fake trump tv show that is MAGA.

        1. quoting:
          “Anonymous says:
          April 21, 2024 at 6:50 am
          It is the TRUMP party now.”

          obviously that is the case now. as they used to say on Mythbusters – “well THERE’S your problem.”

    2. The US backed color revolution in 2014 in Ukraine was not about freedom. It was about corruption and US projection of power at the border of Russia. Example money brought back to the Biden family by Hunter. The Ukrainian bio labs funded by the US are an example of the shady going ons. I suspect it is similar to the bio-lab in china funded by Fauci that with the help of US technology resulted in COVID. Fauci was funding research off shore that was forbidden in the US. How about the “Arab Spring” that did not result in any freedom in middle east.. I believe in supporting freedom causes but the US administrative state that has been in charge of these programs need to be replaced by people that believe in freedom.

      1. What a croc of Russian Shit. The color revolution took place because Ukrainians were tired of being tied to Russia and wanted closer ties to the EU.

        If the average Ukrainian wanted to be with Russia, why did they by the thousands ambush and destroy Russian troops on the first weeks of the invasion? Plenty of videos of Ukrainians pulling drive us with Molotov cocktails at unsuspecting invaders. Plenty of Ukrainian farmers made a good harvest of Russian steal hauling and capturing tanks, AA systems, and BMPs out of their fields. Ukrainians know what will happen to them if they surrender, look at the Russian savagery that took place in Bucha.

        Russian solders deserve no quarter, no peace until they leave Ukrainian soil.

        1. It is sad to see extreme right wingers fall for Russian propaganda and there are some that praise Putin because of the culture war he wages. They do not know or seem to want to know what happens to those who challenge him politically, express their opposition since there is no free speech there or populations targeted in their culture wars.

          The you have these far right extremist knuckle heads from Canada and the USA that move with their families to Russia to escape woke whatever that is. It would not surprise me that there are some Christian Nationalists in South Dakota that would want to move to Russia.

          1. I say, let’s help them move and they can find out how great it is there. When they take all of your assets and you start to complain, you can enjoy the gulags. Watching those families who left democratic countries for Russia is hilarious. They are rotting in their own stupidity.

        2. Eastern Ukrainians are not the same as the western. In WW2 west fought with Germans eastern Ukrainians were actually part of Russia. Eastern Ukraine given to Ukrainian at the end of WW2 by USSR.

          1. Jesus how much Russian garbage do you swallow? Ukraine was on the path to independence in 1919, but then the Communists in Moscow invaded and subjugated them until the USSR rotted away.

      2. Man, I didn’t think someone could be this dumb, but here we are. Trump really emboldened these idiots.

  4. Russian propaganda has infiltrated the magats. We all should be for helping Ukraine and one of the only reasons these magats don’t support it, much like everything else, is because they don’t want to hand Biden a win. They are barely receiving any cash and a majority of what they do receive is our dated equipment that would otherwise be sitting in a desert in NM or NV to rot away. We send them our old junk and the money goes to our weapons manufacturers to restock our military with new equipment. Screw Russia and these commie sympathizers begging to drop to their knees and support a fascist dictator. Their incessant hard ons for watching the division in the US just so they can own the libs is about as unpatriotic as it gets. I’ll buy one way tickets for all you commie sympathizers. Maybe Trump will bring you with when he flees the country to avoid jail time.

    1. You wrongly conflate not being involved in Ukraine and Vietnam with being pro-communist. If you manipulate the communist to be against the communist and you do not let china take our jobs and infiltrate everything in the US things would not cost 40% more than they did 10 years ago.

  5. Country Acres is a youtube of one knucklehead far righty family that moved to Russia. Assets were frozen by a Russian bank and will probably be drafted to fight in Ukraine and be promised some shady deal.

  6. I wished there was as much interest in stopping the invasion of the US and take over by china as there is to liberate Ukraine.

    1. if we were talking about real estate instead of global security – “I wish there was as much interest in landscaping or new siding as there is in putting out this raging house fire.”

        1. Do you not know how an allegory works? Maybe they didn’t cover this in your English lessons tovarisch?

  7. Thinking “Ukrainians” are a homogeneous group of like mined people looking for autonomy does not accurately portray history. Many times through history this areas occupants have been divided and fought for different entities. Ukrainians and Russians both claim Kievan Rus as their cultural ancestors which dates back to the 9th century. It is fascinating to read about at below link.

  8. See Mitch McConnel’s latest remarks, blaming Fox News and Donald Trump for the delay of critical military aid to Ukraine. Old Mitch is going to let it all hang out before he shuffles off into the sunset.

    1. I do not think Mitch McConnell is a reliable source. As minority leader in senate he has help fund Nancy Pelosi’s budget for years after her losing the speaker-ship and majority in the house. Democrats are fully funded with Mitch and his group of senators. The war in Ukraine has been lost for awhile now. Another 60 some billion dollars thrown away.

      1. He also secured the Supreme Court. Fun to watch you ignore what the man has accomplished. I guess I should expect the dishonesty at this point.

        1. So you are supportive of McConnell, Thune, and Rounds full funding of Biden administration and democratic agenda since 2020. This is even with a republican house of representatives majority (Dusty’s as guilty as Thune and Rounds).

              1. Trump printed more money than Biden and compounded the supply chain issues with his trade wars. Trump triggered the largest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in American history. Care to explain that?

  9. Ukraine has gone a long way in destroying the Russian military. Putin has to beg China and North Korea for armaments. He’s now using his last reliable reserves, recalling them from the Chinese border. Young Russian men resist the draft and refuse to fight. The Russian economy is crumbling. The Ukrainians, though devastated themselves, continue to fight valiantly. saving democracy in the world does not come cheap.

    1. I sounds like all under 40 years old are buying their way out of Ukrainian military or fleeing the country. Take the lesson from the WW2 Russian story. The Russians absorbed huge losses as Germans moved east through Ukraine and Russia and then took massive losses to push Germans back across Ukraine and to Berlin. Lesson : do not under estimate Russia’s ability to endue pain in a conventional war. Ukraine is done and now Ukraine president reveals Biden is promising 10 years of rebuilding funding.

      1. putin likes to think so, but he doesn’t have the iron grip on the country that stalin did. stalin had real war happening, while putin has teams of hackers pushing propaganda and disinformation, as well as bigger problems than he anticipated.

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