Congresswoman Kristi Noem appointed to be first South Dakotan to serve on Powerful Ways & Means Committee

Noem Earns Seat on Powerful
Ways & Means Committee

Noem is first to represent South Dakota on the Committee

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem was confirmed today as a member of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax, trade, and economic growth policies.  Noem is the first South Dakota Member of Congress to serve on the Committee and will be one of only a few rural voices on Ways & Means this Congress.

“My family farm was impacted by the death tax, so I understand – in no uncertain terms – the heavy toll bad tax policies can take on hardworking South Dakotans,” said Noem.  “As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I look forward to working on solutions that save South Dakota families from the burdensome taxes that have made it more difficult for many to live the American Dream.”

The House Ways and Means Committee is expected to begin tackling a number of issues this Congress, including tax simplification, expanding trade, patient-centered reforms to the healthcare system, and IRS accountability measures.  Rep. Noem will serve on two of the Committee’s Subcommittees:  Human Resources and Oversight.

“I’m confident that I can have the greatest impact for South Dakota by serving on the Ways and Means Committee this Congress,” said Noem. “We have an aggressive Committee agenda slated for the next two years, which includes critical South Dakota priorities, such as simplifying the tax code, expanding trade opportunities, and holding the IRS accountable.  I’m optimistic that folks are ready to govern and prepared to take the tough votes necessary to move our country forward.”

The Committee on Ways and Means is the oldest committee of the U.S. Congress and serves as the chief tax-writing committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The Committee also has jurisdiction over trade agreements and legislation, Social Security, Medicare, foster care programs, and unemployment compensation programs, among other things.  For more information on committee jurisdiction, please click here.

“The Ways and Means Committee will take on numerous challenges during the 114th Congress, and Kristi Noem will play an important role as the Committee addresses important issues like reforming our broken tax code, implementing patient-centered health care reforms, and strengthening safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security,” said Rep. Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.  “Kristi does an exceptional job representing the people of South Dakota and I know she’ll be an outstanding addition to the Ways and Means Committee in the next session of Congress.”

Noem was first elected to Congress in 2010.  She previously served on the House Committees of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Education and Workforce, and Armed Services.


35 thoughts on “Congresswoman Kristi Noem appointed to be first South Dakotan to serve on Powerful Ways & Means Committee”

  1. This is good news. The Ways and Means Committee assignment is good for South Dakota’s influence in the House across a broad policy area.

    Congrats to Congresswoman Noem on the appointment. It speaks well for how she has carried herself since getting elected in 2010.

      1. Stace Nelson is no longer the conscious of the SDGOP. Blame someone else for speaking the ugly truths.

    1. My favorite quote from that story: ‘Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican who voted against Boehner, said, “If you cannot vote your conscience … then it’s clearly a dysfunctional system here.”

      Washington, DC, is broken and neither Republicans or Democrats can fix it.

      1. you air your conscience in the caucus, and you work with your party in the full chamber. this is how the world works and if mr king doesn’t know that he has wasted his time there.

    2. Agreed. she has a perfect record of voting by and for the establishment….. always!

      She does make a very good follower though…..

      1. i want to be there when you scrape together enough balls to say that right to her. really.

        1. Yeah… I am terrified…. I would be a bit more diplomatic, but it is, what it is!

          Rep. Kristi Noem SOUTH DAKOTA (R) Grade F
          Liberty Score™ 50%

          Not much of an improvement over Stephanie Herseth. At least Stephanie voted the right way on the big votes. Noem assumes that she gets a pass because she is Republican in a conservative state.

          I am still trying to think of a hard vote that she has taken….. I think it is safe to assume under the current leadership in the GOP that Obamacare, executive amnesty, and large deficits are here to stay! Let me know when ANY of these promises are kept…..

          I know, they were just campaign “promises”! (/S)

          1. if gordon howie or someone like him concocted the “liberty score,” then i’m glad she fails it.

              1. Thanks for sharing that website. Makes me want to take a closer look at both Kristi and John.

                1. Anyone can make a scorecard that says anything. Why are we going to take what 3 DC operatives have to say about our Members of Congress as gospel?

                  1. it’s a positive feedback echo chamber. i don’t like the conservative scorecard crap just for that reason.

    3. I agree that she should have voted against Boehner, and this is clearly a payoff for her “Yes” vote. I don’t think there is any question about it.

      1. Quote from Raul Labrador, who also voted for Boehner:
        “I think it is unwise to marginalize yourself when there is no chance of victory, which was the case today.”

    1. This whole Boehner revolt noise was about as serious and effective as the Stace/Howie noise. All previously mentioned efforts were soundly defeated and ignored by the public at large.

      1. but wait! sixty percent of all republicans everywhere wanted boehner to be ousted. didn’t you get the osmosis-gram on that?

      2. So it was a revolt to try to get rid of Boehner? That seems to indicate that he is a king for life and heaven forbid someone try to usurp his authority!

  2. This is big news. Ways & Means is the top committee in the House and tax reform and trade policy will be the issues on top of the agenda the next two years.

  3. Congratulations! I trust you will do well there.

    To Anonymous who wrote this, “you air your conscience in the caucus, and you work with your party in the full chamber. this is how the world works and if mr king doesn’t know that he has wasted his time there.” In every party there are several smaller parties, such as progressive republicans, tea-party republicans, conservative republicans and so forth. They all have different ideas, values, and principles. You are saying that these individuals should all put up and shut up to the ruling elite of the republican caucus. That’s foolish. What the 25 did today was to send a message to Boehner and his cronies. They spoke on principle and values. At least they had fortitude to do so. Boehner and everyone else will always do whatever it takes to get re-elected. They will blow their principles and values aside just to stay in DC. And to say that is how its done is absolutely wrong. Why?! Why does it have to be this way. Politicians have been corrupted by the power they hold. Boehner uses his power to stay in power. Go against him and you lose special privileges and seats like Webster from FL.

    Its unfortunate that we have come to this, fighting amongst each other, but its time that the ruling class of the GOP gets tossed. May God be with us over the next 2 years, we’ll need all the help we can get.

    1. I absolutely agree with you that some Members of Congress act in self-interest and only seek to get reelected. But I also believe that there are Members who truly want to get something accomplished during their time in DC and act the way they do because they believe they’re furthering those goals. To blanket everyone who voted for Boehner as doing whatever it takes to get reelected is misguided.

  4. Boehner kept his position by one vote. ONE VOTE. If Kristi had voted against him we’d have a different Speaker tonight.

    1. No he didn’t. Only 29 republicans voted against him, and he won on the first ballot. This was an avalanche.

      1. One more vote would have forced a second round of nominations. Most pundits agree Boehner’s support would have collapsed at that point.

      2. Um what stories are you guys reading? 25 Republicans voted for either someone else or voted present. Boehner got 216 of the 408 votes that were cast. That means at least 12 more people would have to have voted against him to force a second ballot. Plus over 100 Republicans pledged to never vote for anyone other than Boehner meaning even on subsequent ballots no one else could have gotten enough votes to oust Boehner.

        There’s a reason the guys leading this effort are referred to as the Kamikaze Caucus. They embarked on a quest that had zero chance of succeeding. And they want us to trust them to develop our party’s strategy to take on the President? Ha no thanks.

  5. It is a marvelous testament to the work she does out of the public eye. Kristi learned quickly that it is not the public grandstanding that gets you a head (maybe with Fox and Friends viewers), but the work beneath the covers that gets you a head. So, like her, or not, you have to respect what she has done to get to this position of power. She clearly knows which way the wind blows, and she blows right along with it. Well done, and well suited for a long term position in Washington D.C. as our esteemed Representative.

    1. I’m as disgusted as anyone with Kristi’s self-serving behavior, but there is no reason to insinuate she uses sex to get ahead.

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