Constitutional Carry Bill to be signed tomorrow

From Governor Kristi Noem on Twitter:

15 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Bill to be signed tomorrow”

  1. I look forward to every man and woman being treated equally with no presumptions based on age, race, ethnicity, sex or income.

  2. The founding fathers also believed in separation of church and state but you stomped all over that as soon as you were in office.

    1. That has absolutely nothing to do with separation of Church and state. They intended to protect the Church from the Government not the other way around. Our Nation was founded on Christian values. Bear in mind the people who quoted ‘separation of church and state’ are the exact same people who put “In God we trust” on our money and ended our pledge with “one nation under GOD…” you idiot.

  3. Thought that state Law enforcement advised this should only apply to SD residents? Oh well I guess the Hell’s Angels, Bandidos and Sons of Silence at Sturgis will be really happy with the new Administration in Pierre. Good job.

    1. Right because there are SO many shootings every year and every MC member is going to be REAL concerned about concealed permit laws. Havent we established the fact that criminals dont follow laws?

      1. Typical shallow response. Those in the business know it’s about having the tools to deal with the out-of-state bad actors and not the number of “shootings”. That’s way too easy. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then stay on the sidelines. This business is too serious for amateurs or Pierre politics. The real players understand that.

  4. Very disappointed that the Governor would sign this. Now the gun lobby will continue to see how far they can push her.

    1. They dont have to push her. She loves the 2nd Amendment and the NRA and the NRA loves her. What do you think she’s going to do, ban background checks? You all love to pretend to know a damn thing a out the people in power but none of you do.

  5. Finally a Republican Governor who is actually a conservative, actually represents her constituents, and ignores the “feelings over facts” crowd who are hiding under the tree of ignorance waiting for the sky to fall. This is definitely a win for South Dakota and the 2A.

  6. From the South Dakota Constitution:

    §24. Right to bear arms.
    The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state
    shall not be denied.

    Looks pretty straight forward to me.

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