Beggin’ Billie Sutton looking for another 5k from donors

Nearly coinciding with the due date for his campaign finance report, Billie Sutton is continuing to try to fund… something.. and is asking donors to help fund whatever it is to the tune of an additional $5000 this month.


What advocacy opportunities is Sutton working on this session? Has he even been up to session this year?

Because it looks like that all he’s accomplishing is trying to raise money for some unspecified purpose.

7 thoughts on “Beggin’ Billie Sutton looking for another 5k from donors”

  1. This seems very odd, doesn’t it? People giving money for they-know-not-what!!! Sutton should at least let the givers know what they are giving for. It’s so odd. The cause may be genuine, but what is it???

  2. Career politician. Get him out. All this says is “I got a taste for power so please give me money so I can have MORRREEE” He doesn’t even state what he wants money for? Insane. Absolutely insane.

  3. He is pretty full of himself; are people just BEGGING him to run for something else? Doesn’t he have a day job?

    I’m sorry, but looking at the direction the national democrat party is going why would you align with that group, especially since you are Soooooooooo moderate and pro-life?

    Next go round he will say, “I like Kamala Harris’ ideas but I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren”. (That is only if his hero, the socialist Sanders is not running).

    I think whatever he runs for his opponent should have T-shirts made touting Billie’s socialist-loving ways.

  4. Hey, would you guys send me some money. My INTENTIONS are to run in Walworth or Minnehaha County.

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