Crabtree Confident on South Dakota Fiscal Strength

Crabtree Confident on South Dakota Fiscal Strength
Senate GOP committed to fiscal responsibility, balanced budget

PIERRE–South Dakota Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree today echoed Gov. Kristi Noem’s confidence in South Dakota’s economy and the state’s financial health as the Legislature prepares to set the 2024 Fiscal Year Budget in the upcoming Legislative Session.

“South Dakota has a proud tradition of fiscal responsibility, and South Dakotans can expect the Senate GOP caucus to advance a budget that spends their tax dollars wisely,” Crabtree said. “The Governor’s proposal is a good starting point for our appropriators as we collaborate with the House to take care of South Dakota with a balanced budget. I’m confident we can reach consensus on what is best for our citizens.”

Sen. Crabtree especially looks forward to working with the governor on supporting South Dakota veterans with 100 percent reimbursement of state university and technical college tuition. Additionally, helping vulnerable populations by reaching 90 percent of the reimbursement rate for nursing homes, community support providers and other providers is greatly needed for these essential services. Lastly, increasing wages for state employees and teachers to keep up with inflation caused by the reckless policies by President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

“South Dakota’s fiscal strength is thanks to economic freedoms in a low tax, low regulation state. In South Dakota, state government does what’s best for its citizens. We collect what we need and spend it efficiently on essential services, all while keeping our budget balanced,” added Crabtree. “The GOP-led Senate is dedicated to making sure our residents are taxed fairly and that South Dakota remains fiscally sustainable in the long term.”

The 98th South Dakota Legislative Session begins Jan. 9, 2023.


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  1. South Dakota has been fiscally strong for more than 50 years thanks to our good old fashion small town way of life, and the way we think as people. The state keeps our reserves at a minimum, allowing us to remain strong fiscally, and the state carries hardly any debt thanks to how we crafted our constitution, it can barely take out a loan, let alone two at one time. South Dakota has $115 million surplus but in reality only 40% of that is due to our savvy, thrifty spending habbits, the rest is due from COVID dollars, and ARPA Fans. Democrats are mad cause we choose NOT to spend it, We can really stick it to the DEMOCRATS by not spending any of our tax dollars on Medicaid Expansion, sticking 100% of the bill on the FEDS forcing them to honor their promise. Watch the DEMS get mad then….

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