Daughter on way to Pierre to serve as legislative page!

On a personal note, on this Superbowl Sunday, my overachiever Daughter #4, Sydney, just departed the family domicile post-haste to drive to Pierre to serve as a legislative page in the State Senate during the third paging term, sponsored by our State Senator Larry Tidemann.

My #2 daughter Meredith, who had previously served as a page in the House, offered her a bit of advice for her time in Pierre. She suggested that Sydney have a card printed as follows that she can hand out:

Probably a bit too constraining, but indicative of the cross my daughters bear in relation to me.

Right now for Sydney, based on scholarships and an early offer of law school (if she completes an honor’s degree and maintains a certain GPA) it’s looking like she’s leaning towards USD. She’s made early noise about a degree in political science, which she can get at either school, but unless SDSU gets on the stick and ponies up on some scholarship offers, I’m going to lose another child to the state’s lesser University.

And that could permanently damage her standings in the contest for favorite child of her father’s.

Seriously though, I’m proud of my daughter, and excited for her and the opportunity to see how our legislative process works in Pierre.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be Governor someday.

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  1. Congrats! My daughter was both a page and later a legislative intern and greatly enjoyed both experiences, learned a lot, and made lifelong friends.

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