Dem ED abandons the sinking ship for Sutton Gubernatorial Campaign.

From the Argus, after helping lead the State Democrat party to new historic lows in the number of elected officials, Executive Director Suzanne Jones Pranger is apparently jumping off the titanic exiting the State Democrat Party in favor of a Statewide campaign for Democrat Billie Sutton:

The South Dakota Democratic Party’s executive director has resigned, leaving the party looking for new leadership as it prepares 2018 campaigns for U.S. House and the governor’s office. Suzanne Jones Pranger said in her resignation letter she was leaving to pursue “other professional opportunities working with a statewide campaign.”


Jones Pranger didn’t say whose campaign she would be working on, but signaled it would be for state Sen. Billie Sutton, D-Burke. (Sutton has not announced his 2018 plans.) “South Dakota Democrats have many great potential candidates like Senator Billie Sutton who, should they decide to run, would level the playing field for South Dakota’s working class,” Jones Pranger said in an email.

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Pranger must have seen the handwriting on the wall as she was beginning another two-year cycle under failed Democrat Chairwoman Ann Tornburg, and jumped at the first chance to get aboard something, anything other than the sinking ship that is the embattled South Dakota Democrat party.

12 thoughts on “Dem ED abandons the sinking ship for Sutton Gubernatorial Campaign.”

  1. Curious as to who will replace Suzanne Jones Pranger. Leave it open? Just eliminate it to help keep the lights on at the office?

    1. The rest of the story mentions that they have 3 other staff on the payroll. Not sure why they need 4 staff?

  2. Do we know that Billie is going to run for Gov? I know that’s the conventional wisdom, but has there been any talk on him running for House? Dems have generally had better luck at the federal level in SD and the historical trend says that Trump will lose seats in the midterms so that would seem to be a better opportunity for him to win. Just curious.

  3. Also, I assume we can expect a Sutton announcement at McGovern Day? Seems likely that she was told she can’t help Billie prepare for an announcement while also working to plan the Party event that he was going to do it at.

    1. I read Sutton has over 30k on hand so he can afford to pay her. Good for her. It’s an uphill battle but competition is good and SD politicians need it. Complete one party domination leads to arrogance and infighting.

      I always thought Sutton was interested in public lands over governor. But it really shouldn’t matter the dems need to win governor.

      If Sutton runs it puts Huether in a tighter spot.

      1. I have always thought Heuther would run for House… which is the easier race to get national money and become competitive quickly

        30k is a good start for Democrat and if they are smart (cough cough) there should not be a primary.

        If Sutton runs can Lee Qualm take the Senate seat? or does he prefer to stay in the House leadership….pickup opportunity for GOP!

  4. In other news, the Sioux Falls parks and recreation department is taking applications for summer employees.

  5. Billie Sutton is a prolife legislator and votes consistently that way. I hold him in the highest regard. He is certainly not some far lefty.

    1. I was just wondering. If a guy wanted to start an initiative process, let’s say to lower interest rates to 36% for instance, do you think you would have to ally yourself with “far lefties” to get the job done?

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