Dem’s desperation shows through; campaigns using murder/suicide Investigation


We know Democrats are in dire straits when they promote non-partisan elections, advocating for a measure abandoning their party label. 

But today they went all in, and used the occasion of Marty Jackley’s explanation of the status of the westerhuis investigation – where children were tragically murdered – as fodder for a political press release:

During South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley’s November 3, 2015 press conference in Platte, the Attorney General refused to comment on the financial investigation into the scandal ridden $4.3 million annual GEAR UP grant previously administered by Mid Central Educational Cooperative.

Although the Attorney General, in spite of the many unanswered questions, refused to make any statement on the financial investigation into the GEAR UP program, it is apparent from what is already known that South Dakota’s Department of Education—much like the Governor’s Office of Economic Development with EB-5— has failed to properly exercise oversight and prevent the self-dealing and conflict of interest that is enabled by one party Republican rule.


House Minority Leader Spencer Hawley (D- District 07) added,

“South Dakota’s majority party dominance has resulted in a lack of government accountability that would come from a strong two party system. This degree of concentrated and absolute power in any party will create waste and inefficiencies, at best, and corruption and tragedy, at worst. It seems we’ve reached the latter in South Dakota.”

Read it here.

Again, wow. Democrats dancing on children’s graves. How shameless.

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  1. While Hickey ran away to another country, who will Corey get to fund and file a lawsuit to “expose the scandals”?

    1. It is a press release that one out today from Democrats. They didn’t have it up on their website at the time I wrote it

    2. Lora Hubbel has a copy of the complaint and affidavit that she sent to the SOS and AG. Who filed the complaint against Chad Haber over the 2 signatures?

  2. 1–Isn’t it the Democrats own fault that they do not have an appealing message, organization, etc to make them a viable second party? I mean do they seriously expect the majority to just fold??

    2-There is an on-going investigation I wouldn’t expect the AG or any member of law enforcement to give us all the details.

    3–Democrats just desperate for some attention.

    4– Do we have any good Republicans to send Rep. Hawley to retirement in district 7?

    1. Let’s see. EB-5 corruption led by Republicans and now corruption in the Gear Up program with Republicans in control and the Democrats at fault? Wow is right Pat

      1. Don’t look to the radioactive goofballs that have been the most vocal in the state Dem party. They have lost credibility with their wild off the wall conspiracy and fantasy theories. It’s a train wreck and others within the party are leaving.

        1. “They have lost credibility with their wild off the wall conspiracy and fantasy theories.”?– You guys are hilarious…

  3. I read the press release and I did not read anything referencing children. The only person making this about children is … you. Now that’s shameless.

  4. It is the fact that the Dem party has turned radical left that has caused them to almost disappear in SD. The moderate, sensible Dem party (of which my parents were proud members of, and of which I was a proud member of some years ago) has for the most part disappeared, and with it the Dem party of any consequence in SD. Look to your present leaders on all levels and start to heal thyself, Dems.

    1. Speaking of radicals is Lora Hubbel going to be announcing her run for office again Tara? Will she run as a Democrat or Libertarian?

  5. Pat, do you feel the lack of oversight on the various programs, as well as the unethical contracting that is putting decision makers as recipients of funds through private relationships should be addressed?

    Should the proper oversight be put in place? Should ethics standards with teeth for violators be put in place?

    This Republican wants to know if you think this shouldn’t be addressed, or is it just political fodder? I can assure you, I will be asking some tough questions of our leaders and if they aren’t willing to remove the dangling carrot that a few have bitten, it may be time to remove them. Mismanagement is one thing, but not addressing it is an entirely different story.

  6. I know a lot of Republicans that have had it with Jackley and his “investigations”. I hope you have a better candidate for Governor in mind.

  7. Wow.

    Marty Jackley is so done as an elected politician in South Dakota. It’s time for some ethics reform in this state, some real checks and balances.

    The Rounds and Daugaard Administration were proof positive that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    It’s time to open up the windows and let some fresh air in in Pierre. If it doesn’t happen in partisan elections, it will happen via the referendum and initiative process.

  8. “Dancing on children’s graves”? Where did you come up with that idea? Stop the smear tactics and focus on the issues.

  9. Quick quiz: which number is higher, South Dakotans dead from “suicide” from SD GOP corruption scandals, or Americans killed by ISIS?

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